What you're missing on PokerStars.tv

ps_news_thn.jpgHere at the PokerStars Blog, we pride ourselves on accurate, comprehensive, entertaining reports. We travel the globe in search of the greatest poker stories and record them in overzealous, blathering (but heartfelt!) prose the likes of which you won't find many other places. But, hey, we can only be so many places at once, and there is a lot that goes on in the poker world.

Fortunately, our partners over at PokerStars.tv are simply blowing up with action. Whether it's poker you missed on TV or behind-the-scenes fun that you won't see anywhere else, PokerStars.tv has got it.

It's a little quiet on the live tournament front today, so we've had a few minutes to wander through the PokerStars.tv archives and found some gems. For instance, here's a clip from the PokerStars Big Game in which the infamous Tony G practices an expert bit of needling on Phil Hellmuth that will inspire villains worldwide. It also contains more than a few instances of a particular four-letter word, and hence, didn't make the TV cut.

If that is a little too blue for you (or you find the Villain-On-Villain action to be gratuitous), then check out the always-pleasant stylings of the UKIPT On Tour's Nick Wealthall.

If you haven't had the chance to check out the show yet, it really is an inspiration in terms of poker features and tour reports. It has life, beer, people, and, most importantly, Wealthall.

That is a long way of saying, there aren't many places you can hear a presenter begin his show with an excited, "Now, let's meet your host...ME! Now come on you big sillies, get on tour!"

Here's the latest episode, which you can also watch on PokerStars.tv.

Finally, if you're like us, you've seen a lot of poker television in your day. But, have you seen how it's actually made?

All of those hole card cameras go somewhere, and PokerStars.tv has seen the inner sanctum.

As we prepare to go to the 2011 PCA, here's a look from PokerStars.tv of how the 2010 PCA TV show was made.

See, that's what you're missing over at PokerStars.tv.

Now, get yourself over there!


Brad Willis
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