Why I'll only play one event at the WSOP, by Peter Eastgate

Peter_Eastgate_COP6_Day2_thumb.jpgby Peter Eastgate

The World Series of Poker may have already started in Las Vegas, but while you are reading this, I am to be found in my apartment in London - fully focused on enjoying the sport, like the recent French tennis open. I have booked my flight to Las Vegas, but first I'll be going to South Africa for the football World Cup. I'll be there after the quarter-finals and then enjoy the games before going to Vegas.

I'll be at the WSOP in time for day 1D of the Main Event. At first I was meant to play the $25,000 tournament (6-max) on June 30, which would suit me well because of its buy-in, format and challenge. Under normal circumstances I would have played it, but there are several reasons to why I have postponed my departure.

First and foremost, there's the World Cup - an event I look forward to very much, especially to see all the big teams play great football. Of course I support Denmark, and hope they'll do well, but it's just not as thrilling as it once was. Honestly, I don't think they play that well for the moment.

Secondly, I prefer the summer in Europe rather than the one in Nevada where temperatures can reach up to 50 C degrees during the day.

Finally, I don't have the motivation to play all the small events at the WSOP. That would be a waste of money. To me it's not that important to win bracelet number two. I'm sure if they didn't have huge bracelet bets going on that many of the other big poker names would feel the same.

I see no reason to enter into such bets (like the ones involving Tom 'durrrr' Dwan) as I'm primarily a hold'em player. If you're to enter bracelet-bets, you have to play all the events and I have never had a flair for mixed games.

So it suits me perfectly to be home in London at the moment and leave all the attention to the defending World Champion Joe Cada. On the other hand, I'll make sure to be motivated to play a good Main Event when I arrive in Vegas in July!

Have a nice early summer!


Simon Young
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