September 2011

30 September

EPT London: Lukasz Golzyt takes early lead

The short version is that play has ended on the first eight levels of play at the European Poker Tour main event in London. Frankly, the long version doesn't really have much more to add to it. There was no defining moment in the day's action at the London...more

EPT London: Day 1A, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

8.55pm: Play ends for the day The last three hands passed and all the players are bagging up their chips. The overnight chip leader seems to be Lukasz Golzyt on 211,600 and around 170 players made it through to Day 2. A wrap of the day's play will be...more

WCOOP Woman of the Series winner: Kathy Row

Some people celebrate a big tournament win with a happy dance, some with a bottle of champagne, and then there's Kathy Row, winner of the PokerStars WCOOP Woman of the Series award. She celebrated her biggest cash--$74,000 in event #18 ($320 NL)--with a celebratory walk. After approximately ten hours of...more

EPT London: Day 1A, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

6.35pm: Break time That's the end of the level. Players are now on the last break of the day. -- SB 6.30pm: More for Greenstein Barry Greenstein opened for 1,025 in the hijack with the action folded to Phillippe Ktorza in the small blind who called for a flop...more

EPT London: Day 1A, level 3 & 4 updates (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

4.20pm: "Unbelievable" That was the word that used by Souhail Mansour to describe his exit hand. He looked flummoxed to be going out, surely he had the nuts when he got his 90 big blinds (18,125) into the middle. No, top pair was the problem. Three players were pretty...more

PokerStars Team Online says bring it on...for free!

Randy "nanonoko" Lew might just be the fastest poker player in the world. Anders "Donald" Berg is one the legends of the World Championship of Online Poker. Shane "shaniac" Schleger is a fan favorite and poker's king of social media. They are among the top names in online poker and...more

EPT London: Day 1A, level 1 & 2 updates (blinds 75-150)

2.05pm: Break Join us in a new post shortly (if the internet, which continues to be problematic, obliges). -- RD 2pm: Duthie finds it unpleasant For some players EPT London will be one of their first events they've ever played and it shows: serious faces, stiff backs, sunglasses masking...more

Shamballa Jewels and EPT now joined at the wrist

Since its beginnings in 2004, every EPT championship has come with a pile of cash, a nice trophy, and worldwide bragging rights. The EPT's many champions travel the world with tales of their win, but how many of them travel with their trophy in their carry-on? It's just not convenient....more

Blogging On The European Poker Tour

Poker bloggers, you have until 11pm on Sunday (BST) to enter our EPT London Guest Blogger contest. Despite having never played a single tournament at it, the PokerStars European Poker Tour London will always have a special place in my heart. Why? Because it was where I had my very...more

29 September

2012 PCA: Here comes the schedule!

If this news wasn't so hot off the press, I'd take the time to look up the psychological studies that confirm what I'm sure is true: we humans have a psychological dependence on anticipation. We need something to look forward to. The, if you will, antici...........pation gets us through every...more

An Ode to WCOOP

Editor's note: Nearly everyone we've encountered in the past few days is dealing with the World Championship of Online Poker hangover in a different way. Some people are taking a break from poker. Others are diving headlong back into the fray. Some people are eating a lot of junk food...more

28 September

WCOOP 2011: Naked ambition and 2FLY2TILT's Player of the Series award

A chore as simple as taking out the garbage could've forever changed the course of history for the 2011 World Championship of Online Poker. Joel Adam Gordon (by now most know him as 2FLY2TILT) was getting ready to start registering for WCOOP events one morning from his flat in Barcelona,...more

EPT London: Willy Wonka and the poker factory

So, you're in London and curled up in your hotel room with your entire extended family. You're eating broth and trying to find two pounds to rub together. It's a hard-knock life but one you've come to accept (even the part where you sleep foot-to-foot with an old man who...more

WCOOP 2011 Main Event: Watch Thomas 'Kallllle' Pedersen win

So, you've read our final table report of Thomas 'Kallllle' Pedersen's PokerStars WCOOP 2011 Main Event victory. You then enjoyed Brad Willis' interview with the Dane, a new millionaire and a man who always wants to be the last man standing. Now you can watch our video of his powerful...more

WCOOP 2011: $5,200 Main Event


27 September

jonwayne69 rustles up 2nd Super Tuesday win in 2 mos., chops with eisenhower1 (9/27/11)

One might think that with the World Championship of Online Poker having concluded the day before, this week's PokerStars Super Tuesday might see a few folks take a day off. Would be perfectly reasonable, what with 62 events, 119,832 buy-ins, and $47,120,800 worth of prize money up for grabs over...more

WCOOP 2011: Thomas "Kallllle" Pedersen, last man standing...always

Imagine Thomas Pedersen out for a night on the town. The beer is flowing. The music is pumping. The world is spinning. The clock won't stop moving toward morning. Pedersen may be exhausted. He may simply be running on fumes. But he won't leave. Pedersen will be the last man...more

EPT London: 10 packages guaranteed in last chance satellite

In less than four days, the UK's biggest poker event of the year will kick off. If you don't have your seat, you've really waited until the last minute. So, I'll just assume you're planning to put up the £5,250 buy-in or you've been waiting with bated breath for this...more

Special deepstack event added to EPT Prague

Those of you with a keen eye might have noticed that PokerStars was looking into the possibility of adding Romania as a Eureka Poker Tour stop this season. Unfortunately, owing to player taxation issues, this is now out of the question. While that may be a disappointment, the good people...more

Planning for EPT London

One of the most exciting events on the PokerStars Women calendar is just a week away, the London stop of the European Poker Tour! In order to get significantly better at poker, it's important to play consistently. So while looking forward to the PokerStars Women Live Event on October 2nd,...more

26 September

WCOOP 2011: Kallllle crushes final table en route to Main Event win

Back when Chris Moneymaker was still an accountant, Joe Hachem was a chiropractor, and the World Series of Poker still fit in Benny's Bullpen, the WCOOP was born. There were only nine events, the Main Event buy-in was $1,000, and most of this year's field was still in middle...more

WCOOP 2011: Front of the line for X-Front, winner of Event 60 ($215 NLHE)

As the 2011 World Championship of Online Poker came to an end, there were several events on the schedule that allowed players their last chances at the WCOOP gold bracelets. Sure, there was the $5,200 Main Event, and there was a $10,300 8-Game High Roller tournament, but there were nearly...more

Lee Nelson writes new chapter with ANZPT Melbourne victory

It was one of the most gruelling tournaments that we've ever seen in three seasons of the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour. A big field, talented players and very long days, not to mention the minefield of bad beats that lay in between. It was always going to prove to...more

WCOOP 2011: Ostrov outstanding in $10K 8-game Event #61, Katchalov 2nd, Negreanu 5th

The big big one -- the $5,200 buy-in no-limit hold'em Main Event -- was grabbing the lion's share of the poker world's attention on Sunday. Meanwhile, another pretty big one on the online poker calendar rolled along right beside it. Or should we say, high-rolled -- the $10,300 buy-in 8-game...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 3: Level 26 (blinds 25,000-50,000, ante 5,000)

Congratulations to Lee Nelson, winner of the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event! It was a final table that ebbed and flowed, but in the end the last man standing was Australian Hall of Famer Lee "Final Table" Nelson. Nelson used all of his experience, skill and instinct to overcome a field...more

Join us at LAPT Colombia

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing fine. I write to you from Mexico City to talk a little bit about the LAPT. For Season 4 of LAPT, it has been announced that Colombia will be its next stop, this time to host the Colombia National Poker Championship. In a...more

As the Stars Tweet: WCOOP Week 3

The three-week marathon that is the tenth annual PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is winding down to its finish. Sunday of last week marked the two-thirds point of the series and another big day on the felt for the Team PokerStars Pros. They had just one more week to...more

WCOOP 2011: NUTZBOT leads Day 1, 176 remain in Event #62 ($5,200 NLHE Main Event)

What would you do for a million dollars? Live on a deserted island with 18 backstabbing strangers and a television crew? Make like Demi Moore in the film Indecent Proposal? Go vegan for a year? Leave Anytown, USA behind for a grind crib in Mexico? You'd be amazed, especially when...more

WCOOP 2011: Event 54 $2,100 PLO (6-max)


ANZPT Melbourne Day 3: Levels 24 & 25 (blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000)

8:15pm: One-hour dinner break The players are now taking a one-hour dinner break. Play will resume at 9:15pm local time. Chip counts at the dinner break: Lee Nelson - 3,200,000 Nick Georgoulas - 1,260,000 Danny Chevalier - 960,000 Karan Punjabi - 440,000 8:10pm: Phil Willcocks eliminated in 5th place Phil...more

25 September

ANZPT Melbourne Day 3: Levels 22 & 23 (blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000)

6:05pm: Ten-minute break In one of the more exciting moments of this final table, Nick Georgoulas questioned whether the dealer had cut the cards prior to the clock ticking over to the break. As the other players walked away, a rather comical mini-argument ensued with floor staff before Georgoulas conceded...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 3: Levels 21-22 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

3:55pm: Ten-minute break The wind back of the clock seems to have slowed the pace of this tournament with the short stacks enjoying the breathing room and the tight players sitting back to pick their spots. Tom Wing and Phil Willcocks remain the most aggressive players on the table and...more

ANZPT Melbourne Final Day Player Profiles

After another long and grueling day, the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event has reached the final lucky eleven. Two players will miss out on the official final table, but we thought we'd profile them all for you anyway! Here's your final eleven: Tom Wing (Melbourne, Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 1,027,000...more

Repeat for Rapuncel<3 of Russia with 2nd Women's Sunday win

The last Sunday in September brings other "lasts" with it. It is the last weekend of WCOOP, and today was the last chance to win one of the many £1,500 PS Women Live prize packages to EPT London. But all of that will lead to firsts. Next weekend will be...more

Battle of the Planets: jorjorreal is for real, takes down September triple shootout

As the World Championship of Online Poker winds down with the $5 million guarantee Main Event (with a final prize pool of $8,135,000.00) some folks not in the Main Event choose to do so even if they had the bankroll to pony up the $5,200 buy-in. Tonight those players will...more

WCOOP 2011: P3rc4 prevails over 2 Team Pros at Event 59 final table ($2,100 HORSE)

PokerStars has proven time and time again that it knows how to end a tournament series with a grand finale of events. The European Poker Tour is a prime example of that. And WCOOP is no exception to that tradition, as the last few days of the World Championship of...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Gosk defeats Spanish armada to claim the title and €92,100

The Estrellas Ibiza main event came to a conclusion today and Grzegorz Gosk took down the title in about fours hours - and with it a trophy and a cheque for €92,100. The Polish PokerStars qualifier had a bookend of a tournament, in that he led the field at...more

Wing flying high at ANZPT Melbourne

There's always been a lot of debate as to whether poker is considered a sport or not. Is it just a silly game of cards or is it more than just that? Sure, players do just sit around on their backsides all take and everyone of all physical shapes and...more

WCOOP 2011: MiPwnYa pwns 'em again, takes 2nd bracelet in Event #58 ($530 PLO Heads-Up)

Pot-limit Omaha is already an action game. Many prefer short-handed PLO, in which one often sees even more flops and thus more rapidly satisfies that action fix. Make the game heads-up and you might as well forget that brake pedal is even there. Such nonstop action was certainly on display...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 2: Levels 20-21 (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

1:50am: We're last! It took a good 14 hours, but we're finally done for Day 2 as 113 players have been reduced to our lucky eleven. Tom Wing has snatched the chip lead late in the day as the only player over one million in chips, with Danny Chevalier...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Final table, Level 25 cont. - 28 (blinds 30,000-60,000)

7.25pm: Congratulations to Grzegorz Gosk. Estrellas Ibiza champion (€92,100) Grzegorz Gosk has been crowned the last winner of this hugely successful Estrellas Poker Tour Season 2. He defeated a valiant opponent in Alvaro Santamaria. The final hand played out with a 130,000 button raise from Santamaria before Gosk moved...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 2: Levels 18 & 19 (blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000)

11:40pm: Ten-minute break 11:30pm: Lady luck goes against Gilholme Ben Gilholme had been aggressively moving his stack all-in with some regularity, so when he looked down at K♣K♥ it looked like a perfect spot to take advantage of a loose image. Phil Willcocks opened to 20,000 from under the gun...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 2: Levels 16 & 17 (blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500)

9:30pm: Ten-minute break 9:25pm: Matusik doubles through Apostolidis ANZPT Gold Coast champ Peter Matusik has just doubled up at the expense of John Apostolidis to leave the dream of multiple ANZPT titles well and truly alive. Apostolidis opened to 16,000 from under the gun before Matusik re-raised to 35,000 in...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 2: Level 14 & 15 (blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400)

6:30pm: One-hour dinner break The 38 remaining players are now heading out for a one-hour dinner break. We'll be back at 7:30pm local time. 6:15pm: Colman out Julius Colman has been eliminated just prior to the dinner break as Stephen Eliesen continues his giant-killing run in this tournament. Colman moved...more

24 September

ANZPT Melbourne Day 2: Levels 12 & 13 (blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 300)

4:20pm: Ten-minute break 4:15pm: Skender dents McKenzie Benn Skender seems to save his best poker until just prior to the break as he's just taken a nice pot off Jesse McKenzie. Skender opened to 5,000 from the hijack position and picked up four callers to see a flop of K♣Q♣Q♦....more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 2: Levels 10 & 11 (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

2:10pm: Ten-minute break 2:05pm: Skender survives three barrels from Grigg We have a new chip leader as Benn "risk2dupside" Skender has won a massive pot from Tom Grigg just before the break. Skender recalled to us the details just as he went off to the break. With a raise from...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Soros soars as Pastor bubbles final table

An action-packed start to the day awaited us today when we returned a little bleary eyed after the awesome PokerStars party at Privilege last night. The players found renewed energy and aggression and players busted in rapid fashion in the early levels of the day. From there it was a...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Day 3, Level 19 - 25 (blinds 15,000-30,000, 3,000 ante)

2.05pm: Play ends as Pastor bubbles the final table Juan Manuel Pastor needed to find one more double-up to make the final table but he couldn't win the latest race the way he won so many during the day. The action folded to him in the cut-off and he...more

Nothing wrong for Hong at ANZPT Melbourne

The Crown Poker Room was a hub of activity this afternoon as the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event kicked off with a healthy field of 310 entrants. There were a host of locals, nearly 100 PokerStars online qualifiers and a sprinkling of International flavour with Hong Kong's David Steicke, the...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 2 Seating Draw

17 1 ZELEVAROV, Tony 25600 17 2 PIRPINIAS, David J 44100 17 3 PEEL, Scott J 44500 17 4 FERNANDO, Naween T 74700 17 5 PUTT, Graeme Howard 21400 17 6 PAINO, Antonio 52000 17 7 KHOO, Peng H 107200 17 8 KASELIAS, Nali Y 78300 18 1 ELIESEN, Stephen...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Day 3, Level 16 cont. - 18 (blinds 3,000-6,000, 500 ante)

7pm: Break it up The remaining 23 players are on another 15-minute break. Make that 22 players as Juan Carlos Sanchez's stack has just been pushed over to Carlos Simon. 6.55pm: Aspas out of gas Alvaro Aspas is the latest faller. He raised from the cut-off and then four-bet...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 1: Level 9 (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

10:30pm: That's a wrap The final three hands have come and gone with John Apostolidis slipping back to the pack as PokerStars qualifier Ryan Hong emerged as a late chip leader when the players bagged and tagged. Hong ended the day with 178,800 with Apostolidis likely to be next best...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 1: Levels 7 & 8 (blinds 400-800, ante 75)

9:20pm: Ten-minute break 9:15pm: Boxell misses the world but stays alive Leo Boxell is in danger of missing out on valuable ANZ Player of the Year points after the APPT Melbourne champion was severely dented in a recent hand. Boxell got his chips in with Q♥8♥ on a flop of...more

23 September

ANZPT Melbourne Day 1: Levels 5 & 6 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

6:35pm: 45-minute dinner break Approximately 180 players are heading off to dinner with the big stacks including Brett Watson, Tom Grigg, Phil Willcocks and Jarred Graham. We'll be back at 7:20pm local time. 6:15pm: Benton breaking even Aaron Benton's table just broke and as he was racking up his chips...more

WCOOP 2011: HR_Dub clubs all comers, claims Event #55 ($530 NLHE [1R1A])

Buy-in. Re-buy. Add-on. As with the popular "Sunday Cubed" tourneys on PokerStars, the WCOOP version of the format gives players three bullets -- if they desire to use them -- only with a larger price to load up on that ammo. A total of 831 players joined the fun...more

WCOOP 2011: Joe "ender555" Ebanks earns Limit Six-Max bracelet

Event 56 of the PokerStars WCOOP tournament series featured a six-max limit hold'em tournament with a $1,050 buy-in. A field of 284 players created a $284,000 prize pool, continuing the tradition of going over the listed guarantee. The final 36 runners make the money as a $62,000 payday will...more

WCOOP 2011: nemisoi negotiates field, nabs Event #57 ($215 NL Omaha H/L)

It's a game the popularity of which is growing fast. Not least because, well, it's a fast game. No-limit Omaha Hi/Lo brings out the gamblers, for sure. And throw in 10-minute levels and you're guaranteed to see a lot of all-ins in relatively rapid order. That said, it can be...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 1: Levels 3 & 4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

4:25pm: Ten-minute break 4:20pm: Coolers on 47 Just prior to the break we lost two more players from Table 47 as Josh Barrett and Alex Lee have been sent crashing to the rail as the coolers continue. First it was Barrett who moved his short stack in preflop with pocket...more

ANZPT Melbourne Day 1: Levels 1 & 2 (blinds 75-150)

2:15pm: Ten-minute break 2:10pm: One for Nelson Lee Nelson will be heading to the break with a little momentum after raking in some chips on the final hand of the level. We caught the action from the turn with Nelson's chips in the middle on a board of T♠2♦2♠A♦. Nelson's...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Martinez marches to big lead as burts bubble ends play

Only the final table on Sunday will end in a more dramatic way than today. Play continued into an unscheduled eighth level of the day as we were only two off the money and it would've been unfair to expect the players to go off and party with bubble...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Day 2, Level 13 - 16

12.15am: Play ends as the bubble bursts It only took one hand to burst the bubble and end play for the day and the unfortunate player was Petrus Cornelius Martinus from Holland. He was up against Neil Raine and all the chips went in on a 5♠K♦Q♠ flop. Martinus...more

EPT London mega satellite promises 20 packages this weekend

I have no prediction on how much first place for EPT London will be worth. I could form some sort of estimate, but just as sure as I do, I'll be wildly off and somebody will get mad. Or, I'll hit it exactly and have to start doing the rounds...more

WCOOP Radio pays off big for freeroll player

September 19 started like any other day for sporty_2311 from Canada, with a cup of coffee and playing on PokerStars. An admitted low stakes player who prefers to be identified only by her screen name, she logged into a couple of $8 tournaments and waited for them to fill up....more

The cream is ready to rise in Melbourne

There's an old saying that the cream always rises to the top. During times of intense pressure, when the game is there to be won and everything is on the line, the best will not only survive, but thrive. Tonight we find ourselves in the city of Melbourne and the...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Day 2, Levels 9 - 12 (blinds 800-1,600, 200 ante)

8.20pm: Break time Players are on their second 15-minute break of the day. When we come back the action will be in a new post. 8.15pm:Some big stacks Apart from Raul Paez these are the three of the biggest stacks around the room: Viktor Celikovsky -- 230,000 David Miguel...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Day 2 seat draw

Full name Country Table Seat Vincent Bigeon Spain 1 1 Buss Walter Belgium 1 2 Sjef Leenaerts Netherlands 1 3 ivan Muro Lacasa Spain 1 4 Marco Boschetti Switzerland 1 5 Mickael Catalan France 1 6 Alberto Blasi Llado Spain 1 7 David Neil Rawnsley United Kingdom 1 8...more

WCOOP 2011: Event 48 $1,050 NLHE


22 September

WCOOP 2011: Vinkyy vaporizes field in Event #53 NL $530+R

At the 2006 World Series of Poker, Daniel Negreanu dug into his pockets during the $1,000 buy-in NL event for a total of 46 re-buys and a double add-on. That adds up to 48 re-buys. Yes, 48. Kid Poker invested nearly $50,000 in that WSOP event, and the sad part...more

WCOOP 2011: EPT now WCOOP champ Nicolas "niccc" Chouity wins Event 54 PLO 6-max

It's finals week at the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker with the $5 million guaranteed Main Event in just a few days. Those that have been skipping class are showing up with their hall passes ready to play when the stakes are higher. Tonight's field of 418 players is...more

WCOOP 2011: Demokritos09 draws the win in Event #52 ($320 NLHE)

West-coast Canadians got up at 3:00am for this one. Costa Ricans rose at five. The Brazilians got to wait until seven and most of Europe got to sleep until noon...the poker players, at least. The 2011 PokerStars WCOOP is in its home stretch and with only four more NLHE events...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Centurion Calahorra dominates in the sun

We were back for more of the same action today at Day 1B of the Estellas Poker Tour from the beautiful Balearic isle of Ibiza. The clock was wound all the way back to level one and 211 players descended on the casino in search of gold. Carlos Calahorra...more

WCOOP 2011: Meet the new champs

In the whiz-bang, always-moving, four-events-per-day realm of the World Championship of Online Poker, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of how big an accomplishment winning a PokerStars WCOOP bracelet really is. These people, some 50 of them so far this year, are defeating giant fields made up of some...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Day 1B, Level 5-8 (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

2am: Play concludes Play has ended for Day 1B. Around 100 players made it through the day and of those who survive Carlos Calahorra is top of the lot with 116,400. That is also good for the overall lead coming into tomorrow. Until 4pm tomorrow it's good night from PokerStars...more

WCOOP 2011: Of snoozing and final tables

Wednesday morning my alarm goes off (at 3:30am)....and like every other morning I somehow manage to hit snooze without actually regaining consciousness. I am a proficient sleeper. I eventually half-waken to my boyfriend asking me what time it is. 4:45am. Shit. I have been getting blinded out for 45 minutes....more

WCOOP 2011: Player of Series race coming out of turn four

After more than two weeks and 51 events of World Championship of Online Poker action, the planet's biggest online poker tournament series is turning into the home stretch. Only twelve events remain over the next four days. It's time--but precious little of it--for the contenders on the Player of the...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Day 1B, levels 1-4

8.18pm: Break down We're half way though the day and another break is the order of the day. You'll find all the new updates in a new post. 8.15pm: Twin doubles Team PokerStars Pro Mattias De Meulder is up to around 20,000 after catching a river card to double-up. The...more

WCOOP 2011: jdtjpoker bulldozes final table en route to Event #48 win ($1,050 NLHE)

There was a certain inevitability to jdtjpoker's WCOOP victory tonight. He entered the final table with a dominating chip lead. He snapped off aces with queens and flopped sets like it was nothing. That delicious combination of running well and playing well is the key to most tournament victories and...more

21 September

WCOOP 2011: mnstrkll hates aces, loves cash winning Event #51 PLO8

"Seems like everyone at this table is trying to win, that's no fun!" exclaimed Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu near the sixth hour of play and holding a sizable stack going towards the money bubble of 117 places paid. Indeed PLO8 is not for the faint of heart nor timid betting if...more

WCOOP 2011: PjotrNL Comes Up Big in Event #50 Big Antes

Whenever I think of expressions that start with "big", a couple of popular terms come to mind: Big Foot, Big Bird, big shot, big time, big picture, big show, big sky, big Kahuna, big pimpin', Big Gulp, and the fast food staple, the Big Mac, or as it's called in...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Gosk glides to Day 1A chip lead

The final event of the Estrellas Poker Tour descended on Ibiza for the first time this week to see out Season 2 in style. A total of 215 players crammed into the Casino Ibiza and by the end of the eight levels of play, 104 players remained. Grzegorz Gosk...more

WCOOP 2011: CASlNO ROYAL holds off tbac1 for Event #49 title ($215 NLHE 1r+1a)

The re-buy period of a re-buy tourney is fun for some and costly for some if not most. It is a chance for players to build up their stacks so that when they are not able to re-buy anymore they can use that stack to put their opponents in difficult...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Day 1A, Level 5,6,7 & 8 (blinds 300-600, 75 ante)

Play concludes for the night A full eight levels of poker are in the bag and that's all you get for Day 1A. Grzegorz Gosk from Poland is the end of day chip leader on an impressive 118,600. A full wrap will be up shortly. 2.02am: Last Four hands...more

WCOOP 2011: Dan Kelly, not in the news business

Dan "djk123" Kelly could probably do anything he wanted with his life, but he will almost certainly never be a news man. "There's not a whole lot to tell, really," Kelly said this week when asked about what's been going on in his life. In his defense, Kelly is as...more

UK poker bloggers: So, you wanna blog at EPT London...

Over the seven years I've served as a blogger for PokerStars, I've lost count of the number of times people have asked, "How can I get a job doing what you're doing?" I've employed a variety of answers, including, "First you have to kill me," "Do you know anything about...more

Estrellas Ibiza: Day 1A, Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4(blinds 100-200)

8.35: Break it down There went another two levels. We'll be back in 15 minutes and in a new post. 8.25pm: Instant Karma Steve Enríquez was ruing his luck, momentarily, when a dealer mistake meant a pot was awarded to an opponent before a flop was seen. He raised...more

WCOOP 2011: Event 42 $1,050 NLHE


20 September

WCOOP 2011: Win for marroca5, 2nd place for Anders Berg in Event 47 ($530 Stud H/L)

It was just an ordinary Tuesday. Not much happening, really. It's almost mid-week, long enough from the next weekend to leave most wondering what to do with themselves. But during WCOOP, the answer to any such question is easy... Play a WCOOP tournament! Event 47 wasn't for everyone, though. Stud...more

WCOOP 2011: Pay the Tim Piper; Brit wins Event #46 $320 Mixed PLHE/PLO

Those all-in shoves weren't quite so frequent on Tuesday. The 46th event of the 2011 edition of the World Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars featured a rotation of Pot-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha. The pot limit form of big bet poker certainly necessitates a different skill set than...more

WCOOP 2011: The young and the professional

One doesn't have to look very far back to see how the face of poker used to look. It had wrinkles at its eyes, a mushy cigar in its mouth, and yellowed fingers propping up a weathered cheekbone. The orbits of the eyes were hollow, receptacles for whatever tells they...more

Supernova Elite from the Land of the Rising Sun

At the end of August, Japan won its division for the PokerStars World Cup of Poker, advancing to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure final. The first three players showed impressive results, placing 2nd, 2nd and 3rd. However, Indonesia gave Japan a run for their money, taking two first places in these...more

A night out with Norm MacDonald

About a month ago, I missed a phone call from an unknown number but noticed that the caller had left a voicemail in my inbox. I figured that it was either a wrong number or a sales call but was pleasantly surprised upon discovering that neither of my initial assumptions...more

WCOOP 2011: From rust to gold

At the end of my second week back playing online poker, I won WCOOP event #34, the 2-7 Triple Draw tournament. It paid $21k, but it was also a symbolic highpoint for my move to Vancouver and a huge overall morale boost. Under the best of circumstances, it can be...more

19 September

WCOOP 2011: MunchenHB outlast joejoe1337 to win Event #42 title ($1,050 NLHE 2-Day)

Going from rags to riches is the dream for most of the poker players in the world. Event #42, a $1,050 No Limit Hold'em event, included a player with such a dream, hoping to turn his PokerStars depositor's freeroll into a decent cash so that he did not have to...more

WCOOP 2011: To be honest, HonestPete wins Event 43 ($320+R PLO 6-Max)

What's better than Pot Limit Omaha Action? PLO with rebuys might do it. That's what Event 43 of this PokerStars WCOOP series had to offer as one of its September 19th tournaments, and players were plenty happy about it. The guarantee for Event 43 was cautiously set at $350,000, but...more

WCOOP 2011: Event 41 - $10,300 NLHE Heads-Up


WCOOP 2011: What's your sign? z0di@c takes Event #44 $320 NLHE 2X Chance

Large attendance? Check. A star-studded field? Check. A prize pool approaching seven figures? Most definitely check. Event #44 of PokerStars WCOOP 2011 attracted more than 2,000 players. This $320 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em tournament guaranteed a prize pool of $400,000, but those entries plus 625 rebuys created a whopping pot...more

WCOOP Event 45: ChernyAV KO's final table, earns six-figure bounty

Blink and you'll miss it. That's what PokerStars WCOOP Event #45 was about, a $265 no-limit hold'em turbo tournament. Throw in a $50 bounty on every player you knock out and you're not going to see a lot of timid play. A field of 3,436 entrants created a prize...more

WCOOP 2011: Daut44 comes close, z81ima wins in Event #40, $215 NLHE

The first day of WCOOP Event #40 fielded a truly massive turnout of 8,332 players, crushing the $1 million guarantee with a $1,666,400 prize pool. The schedule called for 1,080 players to be paid, with $349.94 going to the first casher and a whopping $249,964.40 to the last man (or...more

Travel Guide: London

In less than two weeks, the European Poker Tour returns to one of the biggest, and most popular destinations on the season schedule -- London, England. Whether it's recalling all of the hotels that you wanted to buy on Mayfair and Park Lane in your earlier years playing Monopoly, watching...more

WCOOP 2011: Sensitive skin, solid core

There is a man in Sweden who knows exactly how many minutes it takes to drive from his home to places all over town. He's a businessman with no time to spare. He runs two companies and has several other financial interests in play. He has more meetings to take...more

From Ibiza to 2011 WCOOP victory

After a great party week on Ibiza, the best island in the world, I finally returned home to get back to business and play the PokerStars WCOOP. The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker has always been a very exciting tournament series for me, one I look forward to a...more

18 September

WCOOP 2011: pistons87 engineers High-Roller HU win; Negreanu makes semis (Event #41, $10,300 NLHE)

The second of three "High Roller" tourneys on this year's World Championship of Online Poker schedule, the $10,300 buy-in no-limit hold'em heads-up event, unsurprisingly attracted an elite field to battle for one of the more coveted bracelets on offer at the WCOOP. Capped at 32 entrants, the prize pool...more

No calamity for Kalamit_Jane, winner of $2,331.30 and Women's Sunday title

WCOOP has been an exciting ride thus far, though there is still more than a week's worth of tournaments left on the schedule. There is still plenty of time to satellite into any WCOOP event via the multiple qualifiers running around the clock. And there is extra incentive for women...more

WCOOP 2011: bajskorven87 scores for Sweden in Event #38, $530 Heads-Up NLHE

For just the second time this WCOOP, players had a chance to exercise their heads-up skills for cash and a coveted bracelet in Event 38. And with the exception of those who had the bankroll to swing today's other heads-up event - the $10,300 High Roller event - it would...more

17 September

WCOOP 2011: gboro780 earns straight As claiming Event #39 H.O.R.S.E. title

College. We remember the keg parties, rushing fraternities, and living off ramen noodles and Spam with a tight budget. Besides waking up at 11am having a dozen week old donuts for breakfast, college was all about taking courses outside of your comfort zone in order to grab that degree after...more

16 September

WCOOP 2011: Dan "djk123" Kelly wins his third WCOOP title

What hasn't already been said about Dan "djk123" Kelly? The kid is "so sick" in the parlance of our post-modern poker world. He almost made two final tables in a single day. And you know what? That's not the first time he achieved that stupendous feat. In 2009, djk123 won...more

WCOOP 2011: More than the rest Mortholmes wins Event #36 LO8, Boeken finishes 6th

"O-68" called the former gas company meter reader turned Friday night bingo ball caller. Bob Underton looked down at his bingo card in disgust again, waiting patiently for B-14 to be called for the past seven numbers after nailing the first three for a shot at four number bingo...more

WCOOP 2011: iwonthurtyou brings the pain in Event #35 $215 NLHE w/ rebuys

A large field ready to gamble assured a six-figure payday for our champion in the 35th event of the 2011 World Championship of Online Poker, a $215 No-Limit Hold'em tournament with rebuys. The final table was marked by montjeu8 dominating the action up until heads up play, when roles...more

WCOOP 2011: The coach and the uncoached

There was a period of time in the not so distant past in which the phrase "poker coach" didn't exist as more than a joke or very niche pastime of a guy who hung out at Binions Gambling Hall too much. Since the advent of online poker, that's changed. People...more

Bubblin' in Dublin

Okay I didn't bubble at UKIPT Dublin but someone did and I figured the catchy headline would make that person feel better. UKIPT Dublin Season 2 is in the bag and with it the last regional stop on tour with the big London EPT finale to come in October. For...more

Vivian Im joins Team PokerStars Pro

She wanted to be a dancer. She was lithe, poised, and a floating work of art. Vivan Im defined a certain sort of grace that only a few people can carry. She studied it, performed it, and taught in Seoul. Like dance, life has a way of surprising people. For...more

WCOOP second can still be sweet--if you get mad

You know that tournament advice you always hear about thinking positively and channeling good thoughts the day of a tournament? That's all well and good, but what really seems to work for Adriena Nutt is to get mad as hell. She told PokerStars Women that she woke up the morning...more

WCOOP 2011: A hat trick (+1) for Poland as sosickPL ships Event #32 ($320 NLHE 6-max)

Up until a week ago, a Polish player had yet to win a WCOOP title. It wasn't for a lack of deep runs. Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki came oh-so-close in Event #5, finishing in fourth place. _Akun333_ did him one better in Event #8, coming in third in the...more

As the Stars Tweet: WCOOP Week 2

The tenth annual World Championship of Online Poker is in full swing now. It has passed the halfway post and is charging down the backstretch. While the big boys and girls lay their bankrolls on the line, the spectating poker community sits back and watches the action go by. The...more

WCOOP 2011: Event 28, $1,050 NLHE


15 September

WCOOP 2011: Shane "shaniac" Schleger wins bracelet for Team Online in Event #34 ($320 2-7 Triple Draw)

Back when the poker boom happened the big game became No Limit Hold'em. Since then players have been moving towards the mixed games format. Over the past year the mixed games have moved to a full mix of low-ball games, one of which is Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball. Event...more

WCOOP 2011: e1mdopp runner-up no more wins Event #33 PLO (1r1a), Pro Chad Brown 8th

Are you tired yet? 32 events down at the 2011 WCOOP and there are still another 31 to go, including today's Event #33 $320 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha 6-max with one rebuy and one add-on tournament. So far the players have crushed the guarantees offered by PokerStars. But, don't...more

WCOOP 2011: Olorionek shoots for the stars and wins Event 30 ($530 NLHE Triple Shootout)

Shootouts are the new craze in poker. Players seem to love the idea of winning one table to advance and winning three tables to win an entire tournament. But that sounds much easier than it is. Event 30 was set up in Triple Shootout format. The first set of 10-handed...more

WCOOP 2011: Line of champions forming

Quentin Lae is 24 years old. He lives in Rio, an ocean away from his small hometown in France. He plays medium stakes cash games and rarely ventures into the world of poker tournaments. He makes his living playing cash. It's his job, but it's not his life. "Poker is...more

EPT London: Admitted bias notwithstanding...

Of course I'm going to favour London as a venue for both the UKIPT and the EPT; it's my adopted hometown. I don't feel that I'm betraying my roots by flying the flag for this festival (I'll always be a Yorkshire man at heart), but it's where the EPT was...more

WCOOP 2011: Austria goes one-two as Schildy1984 defeats TheFan83 for Event #28 title ($1,050 NLHE)

When online pros say they live for WCOOP season, most of them are talking about events like this one-- deep-stacked, slow-structured and more than a million bucks in the prizepool. Busting through its $600k guarantee, the second $1,050 buy-in NLHE event of this year's WCOOP drew 1,146 grinders to their...more

14 September

WCOOP 2011: Victory for Vingtcent in Event 31 ($320 8-Game)

Some players like to mix up their poker tournament experiences. Mixed hold'em is a good example of putting together limit and no-limit with alternating levels. Other games like HOSE and HORSE are even more challenging, as they incorporate poker variations like Omaha and Stud into the action, forcing players to...more

WCOOP 2011: Struggle between good and evil over, Horns_Halos wins Event 29 NLO8 title

It is a precious time in a young couple's life when bringing home their first child. The new nursery, the perfectly crafted crib with airplanes playing a lullaby while flying gently over little Johnny's head, and of course the little bundle of joy wrapped tightly while cooing softly all...more

WCOOP 2011: One heckuva signup bonus for Tat0chka

PokerStars players could be forgiven if they saw the screen name "Tat0chka" as the winner of WCOOP Event #14 and said, "Wait. Who?" After all the young lady behind the account started playing on PokerStars less than two weeks ago. "I wanted to take part in WCOOP," she said. So,...more

WCOOP 2011: Another close call

If you are a poker player living in any corner of the world I'm sure you are aware that PokerStars 2011 WCOOP is in full swing. In case you are not aware let me help you get into the loop. The WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) is the richest...more

As WCOOP rages, Twitter Poker League rolls on

With the WCOOP action heating up this weekend at the tables, with the marquee $200 and $500 NLHE events - you might think that the Twitter Poker League was overshadowed or forgotten about. You'd be wrong though, as another solid field of 765 players was had this week. Generating a...more

WCOOP 2011: Event 22, $530 NLHE


WCOOP Event 27: Ah, Leah! GoLeafsGoEh best in badugi

Badugi is a game that's usually favored by the high-stakes poker community in their rotation of mixed games. To some, badugi is considered a game of pure gambling, with the three rounds of drawing to its namesake, four unpaired cards of different suits. Tonight's event drew a field of...more

13 September

WCOOP 2011: Team Pro Noah Boeken scores Exclusive win in Event 26 ($320 Mixed HE 6-Max)

For players seeking hold'em action in WCOOP today, they had only one choice, and that was Event 26. And it was an equal mix of limit and no-limit hold'em, alternating with 10-minute levels. If that wasn't enough, the tournament was set up as the ever-popular six-max format. Not a bad...more

WCOOP 2011: Zinger for z_balata, winner of $77,349 in Event 23 ($215 NLHE 4-Max)

Let's state the obvious about 4-max tournaments: It is smack dab in between heads-up play and 6-max poker. Players often specialize in certain types of play, such as the more common aforementioned variations, but 4-max is a different beast and requires a unique strategy for short-handed play. (This writer won't...more

WCOOP 2011: Ankle bracelet for Berg?

Anders Berg was one of just a handful of people who needed both wrists to hold his World Championship of Online Poker bling. The member of PokerStars' Team Online had two bracelets to his name and was an odds-on favorite to be only the second person in history to win...more

Travel Diary: EPT Barcelona

When we touched down in Barcelona, I was well and truly ready to get away from the rain in the UK, so to feel the warm breeze across my face as the plane doors opened was just what I needed. As I drove in the taxi to the hotel, night...more

WCOOP 2011: Flying Smile soars to the top in Event #22 ($530 NLHE)

Remember those days not too long ago when WCOOP events lasted a single day? Had this one played straight through, it would have lasted 23 hours and 37 minutes. Excellent for 19 year-old Scandis listening to trace music while hooked up to caffeine IVs, a disaster for mere mortals. Rather...more

12 September

WCOOP Event 24: Big_Nemo a stud late to claim WCOOP bracelet, over $19,000

If your favorite game is seven card stud, Event #24 of the PokerStars WCOOP - $320 Stud, was your chance to get your fix without it being part of a mixed game format. A field of 337 players plunked down $320 in an attempt to win a coveted WCOOP...more

WCOOP 2011: MiPwnYa pwns the field in Event #25 $215 PLO

Mix turbo and Pot-Limit Omaha and you are bound to get one fast and furious tournament. That proved true on Monday as 1,086 entrants in Event #25 of the 2011 WCOOP, a $215 buy-in PLO tournament with one rebuy and one add-on, were narrowed to a final table of...more

Double Dutch at UKIPT Dublin, Joeri Zandvliet wins second title and €83,500

Joeri Zandvliet tonight won UKIPT Dublin to claim his second tour title and €83,500. The Dutchman topped a 718 player field to stop Max Silver from successfully defending his crown, breaking Irish and Hungarian hearts in the process. And Zandvliet did it all, as ever, with a smile on...more

UKIPT Dublin: Final table, level 31 updates (blinds 60,000-120,000, ante 15,000)

10.55pm: That's a wrap (almost) A full wrap of today's action is on the way and will be available on the blog shortly. But that's it from the last regular stop of the second season of the UKIPT. What started in Galway on December 2nd has finished in Dublin on...more

Liv Boeree scoops $40,448 in WCOOP $100 second chance tourney

Liv Boeree's win today in the WCOOP $100 Second Chance Tournament scored a cash for the women and another notch on the list of tournament wins for the young Brit. Today's $40,448 payday is in addition to her huge win at last year's EPT San Remo Main Event (€1,250,000) and...more

UKIPT Dublin: Final table, level 29 & 30 updates (blinds 50,000-100,000, ante 10,000)

8.20pm: Dinner break The three remaining players are now on a one hour dinner break. The chip counts are as follows: Joeri Zandvliet, 5,240,000 Robert Csire, 2,915,000 Chuck Fabian, 2,585,000 Blind will be 60,000 - 120,000 ante 15,000 when they return. -- NW 8.15pm: Fabian puts Csire to the test...more

WCOOP: gregor7878 translates a win for Poland

Poker is truly an international game with many languages spoken/understood by its players. That couldn't be more apparent than on the final table of the WCOOP Event #21, a $215 No Limit Hold'em two day event with a $1.25 million dollar guarantee, that had to have a special translator...more

WCOOP 2011: 2FLY2TILT leads Player of the Series race

Anybody can set a goal. Fewer people have the discipline to see that goal to its end. Even fewer people have both the discipline and the ability. Joel Adam Gordon sits among that small subset of people who have the foresight, drive, and knowhow to get it all done. As...more

PokerStars Team Online signs Mickey 'mement_mori' Petersen

There are people who know how to play online poker tournaments very well. And then there is Mickey 'mement_mori' Petersen. Petersen is the top-ranked multi-table tournament player in his native Denmark. During his career, he's won more than $4 million in online cash alone. In 2010, he cashed 16 times...more

UKIPT Dublin: Final table, level 27 & 28 updates (30,000-60,000, ante 5,000)

5.58pm: Csire feeling the pressure, Zandvliet turning the screw "They're some really professional players," Robert Csire said to our photographer Mickey May as that last hand went on. This final table is a major deal for Csire and he's wearing that pressure on his face. The Hungarian is now...more

Oleg Prokhorov wins RPS Kiev for $182,000

Oleg Prokhorov has won the PokerStars Russian Poker Series event in Kiev, Ukraine for $182,482. He overcame a tough field of 322 players, and tough final table that included Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko. Kravchenko went in sixth place when he moved all-in from the button with Q♣J♣ and got...more

UKIPT Dublin: Final table, level 25 & 26 updates (blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000)

3.26pm: Break time Players are now on a 20 minute break, we'll get 100% accurate counts during the recess. You'll find level 27 updates here. -- NW Noel O'Brien - second in chips 3.25pm: More for Zandvliet The Dutchman is flying right now, it passed to him on the button...more

WCOOP 2011: Twitter feeds hunger for Team Pro news

On Sunday of last week, the PokerStars tables came alive for the most exciting time of the year -- WCOOP. The epic series of events kicked off very early in the morning with Event 1, the $215 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Max. A great crowd of 7,500 came to seek their part...more

11 September

UKIPT Dublin: Tompkins leads as Silver takes title defence to the final table

The final table of UKIPT Dublin is set to be a classic. Hyper aggressive big stack Jason Tompkins takes the chip lead into the eight-handed final table with two players looking to win their second UKIPT title, including reigning Dublin champion Max Silver. Tompkins' lead is strong and he'll...more

Look! LucTuli takes down the Women's Sunday for $2,402.98

The second Sunday of September rounds out the first week of WCOOP, and the excitement surrounding the annual online poker series is continually growing. The first 20 events are already in the books, which means 20 gold bracelets have been awarded, and many millions of dollars have been paid out...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 3, level 23, 24 & 25 updates (blinds 15,000-30,000, ante 3,000)

12.50am: End of day chip counts and re-draw Here's how the final eight will stack up when the final table starts at 1pm tomorrow. Seat One: Jason Tompkins, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 2, 388,000 Seat Two: Max Silver, United Kingdom, 699,000 Seat Three: Rory Curtis, United Kingdom, 725,000 Seat Four: Charles...more

WCOOP 2011: Event 16 - $215 PLO [6-Max]


UKIPT Dublin: Day 3, level 21 & 22 updates (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)

8.42pm: Dinner break It's a one hour dinner break. Seventeen players remain, nine more players to lose before the final table is set. -- RD 8.40pm: Docherty takes one from Silver With a finished board of 4♣J♦5♥6♣Q♦ on the felt and around 180,000 in the pot, David Docherty bet...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 3, level 19 & 20 updates (blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000)

6.15pm: Exits The last three exits were: 27th: Billy Ngo, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, €1,750 28th: Nik Kamal, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, €1,530 29th: Adam Kallenberg, Sweden, €1,530 6.10pm: Break time The 26 remaining players are now on a 20 minute break. You'll find level 21 updates in a new post....more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 3, level 17 & 18 updates (blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500)

3.46pm: Break That's the end of the level and a 20-minute break. Full chip counts to come. -- RD 3.45pm: Big hands for Kamal and Fabian "They're dropping like flies," said big stack Callum Smith. They have been, but not over these last two hands. Players at risk Nik...more

WCOOP 2011: erickie tops five-figure field for six-figure win in Event #19 ($109 NLHE)

Defeat a field larger than most small towns, win enough to buy a house. Its that sort of promise of fortune that draws all of us to the PokerStars weekend MTT grind and led 11,741 players to enter Event #19, a $109 no-limit hold'em freezeout that some players speculated would...more

10 September

WCOOP 2011: RiskStar manages a win for Norway in Event #20, $215 FL Hold'em

No-limit hold'em is the biggest game in town these days, and it has been for years now, but there was a time when limit hold'em was the king of poker. If you started playing in the 80s or 90s and didn't learn to play stud first, you almost assuredly cut...more

WCOOP 2011: Event 16 - $215 PLO [6-Max]


UKIPT Dublin: Mullin the main man as bubble bursts, 56 remain

A poker tournament is like a hit thriller, you don't know exactly how it's going to end but you can sit back safe in the knowledge that it's going to be one hell of ride. Explosions, double crossings and fatal mistakes will abound but one thing is for certain,...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 2, level 17 updates (blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500)

11.35pm: That's a wrap Play is done for the day and a full wrap of today's six and a half levels of play is on the way. They'll be a redraw overnight which will be available before play starts tomorrow. Fully accurate chip counts will be available here very shortly....more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 2, level 15 & 16 updates (blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 400)

9.15pm: Dinner beak That's the dinner break. We'll be back in 75 minutes where the final 67 players will play down to 54 players. -- RD 9.12pm: Bust outs We've got the first swathe of bust outs confirmed for you and they are as follows. There are less than...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 2, level 13 & 14 updates (blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 300)

6.25pm: Break time Players are now on a 15 minute break. Rebecca McAdam just dropped a chunk, down to around 200,000. -- NW 6.18pm: Exits Mick Graydon, Martin Blom, Kevin Williams and Nicky Power are all out. A total of around 110 players remain, the bubble (91st) is now clearly...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 2, level 11 & 12 updates (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

4pm: Break It's a 20-minute break. Join us in a new post at around 4.20pm. See you there. -- RD 3.55pm: McAdam moving on up Rebecca McAdam is up into pole position with a large 183,000 stack. It's one of those that looks slightly unassuming until you realize there's...more

9 September

WCOOP 2011: N4kai becomes first Polish WCOOP winner in Event #18, $320 NLHE (10-minute levels)

Today's event featured the most popular game in all of poker, no-limit hold'em, played with a twist: each blind level only lasted 10 minutes. That's not quite a turbo, where the levels go by in five minutes and entire tournaments filled with thousand of poker players can fly by in...more

WCOOP 2011: Brryann outlasts PearlJammer, 2FLY2TILT, ElkY, takes Event #17 ($215 2-7 NL Draw)

Something about draw. Draws 'em in, that's for sure. Last year's version of the WCOOP's $215 Deuce-to-Seven No-Limit Single Draw event saw an impressive field of 367 enter, with cal42688 coming out on top. And this year's version outdrew that one, with 390 registering. That group created a prize...more

UKIPT Dublin: Silver shines in sterling title defence

Reigning champion Max Silver has made an incredible start to his title defence by bagging up a Day 1 chip lead of 195,600 at UKIPT Dublin, a healthy few steps ahead of Kevin Williams in second with 167,800. Silver sits atop of the chip counts with 205 players remaining...more

WCOOP Event #16: Team Online Anders "Donald" Berg wins third WCOOP Bracelet

712 players lined up at the 10:00am CST starting gun for WCOOP Event #16 $215 buy-in PLO (6-max). And at 10:01am mtvdeuem of Slovenia decided ship the entire 5,000 chip starting stack to papillon of Malta exiting the tournament before most had even taken their seats. Quite the contrast...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 1B, level 9 & 10 updates (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

2.30am: Play has ended It looks as if Max Silver with 195,600 is chip leader, with Kevin Williams (167,800) his nearest challenger. Around 140 players made it through today. A full wrap of today's play is on the way. -- NW 2.10am: Maudlin wins monster Dave Maudlin is now up...more

WCOOP 2011 Event #9 $1,050 NLHE



"I like to think of a tennis player who can play well on all surfaces and compare it to poker." -- Joel Adam Gordon, aka 2FLY2TILT, 2009 Joel Adam Gordon didn't start playing WCOOP events until 2009. He didn't play any at all in 2010 because he was so...more

WCOOP 2011: Tat0chka triumphs in Event #14 ($265 NLHE 6-Max Knockout)

Only three shows in, WCOOP Radio has not only proven to be entertaining, but apparently it also guarantees its guests some serious run-good. During today's Engligh-language show, Lex Veldhuis caught lucky to double up in the NL 2-7 event live on the air, shortly after admitting he had virtually no...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 1B, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

12.12am: Break time Players are now on a 15 minute break whilst tournament staff race off the 25 denomination chips. 12.08am: Dutch Master Back in season one Joeri Zandvliet won UKIPT Manchester and finished fourth in Edinburgh. He's not played that many events in season two because his studies have...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 1B, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 150-300 ante 25)

8.45pm: Staggered dinner break Half the field are now on dinner break whilst the other half of the 280 who remain play level seven, you'll find level seven updates in a new post. -- NW 8.40pm: News in brief All this from the upper room who are about to go...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 1B, level 3 & 4 updates (blinds 100-200)

6.25pm: End of the level That's the end of level four, players are on a 15 minute break, you'll find level five updates in new post. -- NW 6.18pm: Abou Risk Nick Abou Risk has doubled up ("Of course, he did," said Nick Wright) after getting queens in against ace-king...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 1B, level 1 & 2 updates (blinds 50-100)

4.02pm: Break That's the first break of the day and a 20-minute rest for all. They'll need, there's another eight one-hour levels left to play today. Join us in a new post around 4.20pm. -- RD 3.56pm: Vamplew and Brammer out Two players won full UKIPT passport last season...more

WCOOP 2011: Fred_Brink binks Event #15 ($215 Razz)

Ah, razz. Hurts so good. Even the name of the game sounds like the kind of thing that probably should be washed and disinfected. It's the game everyone loves to hate. But really, the WCOOP schedule would be lacking something without it. And so once again, those with a...more

8 September

UKIPT Dublin: Kamal nicks the chip lead at the end of Day 1A

Dublin is the Las Vegas of Europe. There, we said it. Okay, it might not have the bright flashing lights and Nevada sunsets but when it comes to partying and risking it all on the turn of a card the Irish are a hard act to top. It's a...more

WCOOP 2011: Pandochat claims another bracelet for the UK in Event 13, $215 6-max PL Omaha/8 (1R1A)

Of all the poker variants be played in this year's World Championship of online poker, few owe their popularity to the online game as much as Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo. The game was rarely if ever spread before the advent of online poker, but now it has become enough of...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 1A, level 9 & 10 updates (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

2.15am: Play done for the day That's the end of the day, a full wrap of the day's play is on its way. -- NW 2am: Last seven hands Just in case these ten one-hour levels had'nt been long enough for the 90 players remaining it's just been announced that...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 1A, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600 ante 75)

11.50pm: Break That's the end of play for level eight. Two more levels to go. Find the next post here. -- RD 11.48pm: Three streets with eight-high Edvinas Urbonas showed no doubt shoving in his final 12,000 into the A♣J♥9♣5♥3♥ board. Would his opponent call? Let's look at the...more

WCOOP 2011: Ugnis Victorious in Ante Up

If you're seeking advanced strategy insight into "Ante Up" events to complete your poker education, then I'm here to break the bad news -- there isn't much literature on the ins and outs of Ante Up tournaments. I heard a half-baked rumor that the subject might be addressed in Super...more

WCOOP 2011: rickv17 locks up Event #12 $215 NL Heads-Up

The 12th event of the 2011 edition of the World Championship of Online Poker was the true mano y mano format, with players squaring off in a series of heads-up matches to narrow the 2,224-player field down to a single champion. After play on Wednesday, the field was whittled...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 1A, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

8.40pm: Staggered dinner break Half the field, those in the upstairs tournament room, have now gone on dinner break whilst the other half play level seven (updates in a new post). Here's the chip leaders from the portion now enjoying their dinner: Filip Dahlin has (84,000, chip leader), Callum Smith...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 1A, level 3 & 4 updates (100-200)

6.20pm: Break We've just had the day's numbers confirmed as the play ends for the end of level four. A grand ol' total of 285 players bought/satellited/nipped their way into this €500 main event. Good luck to them all, even the ones that have been knocked out. -- RD...more

The women of the Big Game

When Cari Bershell stepped onto the set of The Big Game she was hoping to see two people: Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu. She wanted to play with Phil because "he always doubles up the loose cannons," while she thought Negreanu would be a ball to play with. The Big...more

UKIPT Dublin: Day 1A, level 1 & 2 updates (50-100)

4.05pm: Break time Players are now on a 15 minute break, you'll find level three updates in a new post which you can find by clicking here. -- NW 4.03pm: Chip counts Here are some chip counts from the upstairs room: Dan Williams (23,000), Chris Dowling (25,500), Alex Scott (27,000),...more

WCOOP 2011: Radio WCOOP on air

So you've read the industry-leading PokerStars Blog WCOOP reports, you've watched the innovative WCOOP final table videos, but you're still hungry for more. Luckily for you, PokerStars has launched yet another medium to satisfy your WCOOP appetite. Last night, Radio WCOOP aired its debut show. Hosted by dynamic duo Joe...more

7 September

WCOOP2011: extasyman rolls over final table in Event #9, Pezzin third ($1,050 NLHE)

Pat Pezzin's day on the felt had an inauspicious start. He entered WCOOP Events 10 and 11, but busted quickly from both. His last bullet in the gun for today was Event #9, where he'd made Day 2 along with 64 others. "3 hours till restart of event 9..hope i...more

WCOOP 2011: Oikku Says Knock You Out; Wins Event #10 $265 PLO (Knockout)

Knockout tournaments give players extra incentive to take out an opponent. Pot-limit Omaha is brutal enough of a game, but making it a Knockout tournament creates an even riskier and ruthless environment. The assassin element adds more pressure because on any given hand you might be hunted down by multiple...more

2011 WCOOP Event #3: $215 NL Hold'em


6 September

WCOOP 2011: 2FLY2TILT triumphs in Triple Stud, wins second WCOOP title

The fraternity of players who have won more than one WCOOP event is so small its members can still be counted on both hands. It includes online legends Anders "Donald" Berg, Shaun Deeb, Dan "djk123" Kelly, and a man "sooo seeek" he only needs one name-- ElkY. Two years ago,...more

WCOOP 2011: Russia's ranayr Rallies to Victory in PL Draw

Before Rounders hit the big screen in 1998, whenever the word "poker" was mentioned, most people conjured up images of cowboys playing five-card draw poker. Hollywood popularized draw poker in many of their films and television programs, which was the medium how many in the general public had been introduced...more

Travel Guide: UKIPT Dublin

Less than a week from now, the UKIPT is heading back to Dublin, Ireland, for the last preliminary stop on the Season 2 circuit. This year's UKIPT Dublin Main Event runs from September 8 through 12 at the Ballsbridge Inn, and the buy-in is the same €500+€60 as last year....more

Team PokerStars Pros clean up at British Poker Awards

While we're a bit biased around these parts, we've always sort of thought Team PokerStars Pro contained some of the best and brightest people poker has to offer. This weekend, the British Poker Awards agreed. Among the many BPA winners this weekend were Team Pros Jason Mercier, Vicky Coren, John...more

EPT London mega satellite this weekend

In just a little more than three weeks, the European Poker Tour London Festival of Poker will kick off for the UK's biggest event of the year. The main event buy-in is £5,250, but if you're one of the top finishers in this weekend's mega satellite, you could win a...more

Danny Latten wins Belgian Poker Series Blankenberge

The PokerStars Belgian Poker Series main event in Blankenberge has been won by Dutchman Danny Latten, who collected €70,000 for his first major title. Victory came on a flop of J♠[10h]3♥, when Latten moved all-in and Christiaan Vanzieleghem, with few chips behind, made the call. Vanzielghem had 4♣3♠ for a...more

Oleksii Kovalchuk wins IPT Nova Gorica for €150,000

The PokerStars Italian Poker Tour continues to attract impressive fields, and this Nova Gorica event was loaded with talent that generated a very healthy €556,780 prize pool. After it was all said and done, Oleksii Kovalchuk from the Ukraine took down the title and banked the €150,000 first prize. Kovalchuk...more

WCOOP 2011: Mossop7 sweeps Event #5 shootout, Horecki fourth ($320 NLHE 6-max.)

"#WCOOP-05 6-Max NHLE Shootout is about to sell out, don't say I didn't warn you!" So tweeted Dale "Daleroxxu" Philip of PokerStars Team Online about an hour before the start of today's Event #5, the $320 buy-in no-limit hold'em six-handed shootout event. Capped at 1,256, Philip's prediction came true...more

5 September

WCOOP 2011: Chip and a chair good for MONSTER_DONG in Event 6, $215+Rebuys Turbo NLHE

Some people aren't big fans of turbo tournaments. They prefer long levels and slow structures, giving themselves a chance to let their skill triumph over the vagaries of variance. It's hard to blame them for their point of view, really. When you play with your own money you find the...more

WCOOP 2011: K_0_S_T_Y_A conquers colossal field to claim Event #3 ($215 NLHE)

Ten thousand players. How often comes the chance to play a poker tournament with that many runners? And with seven-figure prize pools? Well, the World Championship of Online Poker offers several. In fact, just last year, there were no less than four occasions among the 62 events on offer during...more

WCOOP 2011: The Brat Pack Makes a Comeback in PLO

The fourth event of the 2011 edition of the World Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars, a $320 Pot-Limit Omaha tournament, drew 1,697 players. The resulting $509,100 prize pool nearly doubled the guarantee of $300,000. Of this field, 216 players earned some dough. While such Team PokerStars notables as...more

2011 WCOOP Event #2: $10,300 NLHE High Roller


WCOOP 2011: LOL_U_21 does it for the lulz in Event 1, $215 6-max NLHE

Though the High Rollers were the first to be awarded a bracelet last night, the 10th running of the PokerStars World Championship of Poker officially kicked off yesterday with Event 1, a $215 6-max No-Limit Hold'em tournament with a $1 million guaranteed prize pool. The field drew 7,500 players and...more

WCOOP 2011: Turn your radio on

It's possible that radios don't even exist anymore, at least in the form I know them. Younger readers may not have lived in a time in which tuning in a radio station was done manually, without the help of digital technology, in which Rock 99 was actually 98.7 on the...more

Qualify now for PokerStars Women Live London

Now is the time to make sure you have your passport in order with the upcoming PokerStars Women Live event in London just around the corner. The tournament takes place on October 2 at the world-famous Victoria Casino as part of the upcoming European Poker Tour London Poker Festival. You...more

IPT Nova Gorica: Final table set, Minakov leads

Eight players will today sit down at the final table for the Italian Poker Tour event in Nova Gorica. As has become customary for PokerStars IPT events, the first prize is substantial: €150,000 goes to the winner from a €556,780 prize pool. Day 3 finished late on Sunday, when 32...more

WCOOP 2011: DYBYDX derives a win in Event 2, $10,300 NLHE (High Roller)

There's no question that the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is the premiere event in the online poker world today. So what better way to get things started than by having the world's best players duke it out in a high-stakes event? Event 2, the $10,300 No-Limit Hold'em tournament,...more

4 September

Holla_d_wf84 holds lead from start to finish in Women's Sunday

There can be no doubt that PokerStars knows how to wave hello to September in a big way. The first Sunday of the month is also the first day of the 2011 World Championship of Online Poker, and it launches with three massive tournaments with many more and millions of...more

2 September

WCOOP 2011: 48-hour countdown

Enough joking around. Enough silliness. This is it. In just 48 hours, the 2011 PokerStars Championship of Online Poker will be underway. Thousands of people all over the world will be fighting for at least $30 million in prize money over the next three weeks. Try to find many other...more

PokerStars Women's Poker League: August Winners and Featured Player o0ONoraO0o

Playing a month's worth of tournaments is going to have its ups and downs. Players may have a good run at the beginning of the month and lose momentum, while others can have a rough start and leap into the top ten in a week or two. This is what...more

WCOOP 2011: Moving day

It's that time of year again, the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) is back! I'm sure a lot of you are wondering as to why I would be so excited about the WCOOP since I currently live in the USA. Well the reason is because I'm going to be...more

Travel Journal: Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand. What a place. I had no idea I lived just a three-hour flight away from such a paradise on Earth. Last week, 127 poker players took their seats in the SKYCITY Queenstown Casino for the biggest poker tournament this little slice of heaven has ever seen. The...more

1 September

Martin Schleich wins EPT Barcelona and €850,000

The European Poker Tour has a new champion tonight, with Martin Schleich, from Germany, winning the title, the trophy and a first prize of €850,000 after what has been a record-setting event in Spain. After an epic day, Schleich's ace-nine proved enough to undo the last of the resistance,...more

EPT Barcelona: Final table, level 31-34 updates (120,000-240,000)

3.22am: Martin Schleich wins EPT Barcelona and €850,000 Dragan Kostic out in 2nd for €532,000 And finally, it's all over. After a marathon final table, Martin Schleich has beaten Dragan Kostic in heads-up play. Schleich had raised to 525,000 and, for the second time in a matter of five...more

EPT announces new Season 8 stop: Loutraki, Greece

You might have noticed something about the European Poker Tour in recent weeks. You might have gotten this feeling that something was up, that the people behind the scenes had more than an ace up their sleeve. First, there was the announcement of new president Edgar Stuchly. Next came the...more

WCOOP seats and a PCA package for pennies

Like most women, I know a good bargain when I see it, and I'm certainly not alone in my financial finesse. When it comes to finding a good bargain, I think it's safe to say that women know their stuff. Not that men don't too of course, but when it...more

WCOOP: Poker in my pajamas

In the poker world, August is one of my least favorite months. It can often be a struggle for me to get back to the reality of a day job after the WSOP. This year, the WCOOP is on the horizon with the promise of 62 events and at least...more

EPT Barcelona: Final table, level 27-30 (50,000-100,000, ante 10,000)

9.02pm: It's a break Join us in a new post shortly where we'll post the new chip counts. -- RD 9pm: Check, bet, fold Eugene Katchalov opened from the hijack and was called by Martin Schleich who check-folded a T♦7♠T♠ flop. Schleich had executed the same routine on the...more