December 2011

30 December

Introducing the PokerStars VIP Club Blast Off

We know many of you will start the New Year with new goals and renewed vigour. To help you get off to the best possible start, PokerStars today announced a selection of special VIP Club offers that will reward all players, but especially those who play regularly at the tables....more

2011 PokerStars Year in Review

In all the years I've been writing the PokerStars Year in Review, I have never seen a year quite like 2011. Anyone with a true love for the game has spent the past twelve months on a roller coaster ride the likes of which we had never before experienced. Like...more

Cards-up webcasts for PCA High Roller, Main Event finals

The popular PokerStars online webcasts are back for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, with both the High Roller and the Main Event finals being aired. Better still, the webcasts will be cards-up, meaning viewers can follow all the action knowing what cards a player holds. The broadcasts will be on a...more

28 December

PCA 2012: Last days to qualify

Well, this is it, folks. We've been telling you this day would come. We've been telling you to hurry. We've been telling you that there would come a time when qualifying satellites to the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure would come to an end. That time is nearly here. Today and...more

More tournaments and more cash for 2012 Women's League

If you've played in the Women's Poker League or read the PokerStars Women blog, you're probably aware that PokerStars is the leader in offering online tournaments for women. But being the biggest and the best is never enough for PokerStars. Continued innovation and responding to suggestions from players is at...more

Watch the new PokerStars ad campaign


PokerStars launches We Are Poker campaign

It's not often that I, as a consumer, get excited by television ad campaigns. Injury compensation ads leave me cold; price-comparison website ads get super annoying after a short while; many ads for stores or cars do not inspire me to rush out and buy. Every now and again, however,...more

Super Tuesday 12/27 - OBVAMENTS wins over $78,000, obv

The final Super Tuesday for 2011 ends an interesting year for PokerStars this evening. The 404-player strong field created a $404,000 prize pool with 45 players making the money with the winner expecting a holiday reward of over $78,000 expected with the tournament's conclusion sometime early Wednesday. If you're...more

27 December

What makes the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure a premiere destination?

Every January since 2005, the poker world has made a pilgrimage to the Bahamas to attend the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure at the Atlantis Casino and Resort on Paradise Island. The series, which traditionally runs for more than a week and features a full schedule of tournaments, has proven to be...more

Christmas for PokerStars Women

The $55 Women's Sunday on Christmas Day attracted just under the 200 needed to meet the $10,000 guaranteed prize fund, creating the following payout details: Total players: 191 Prize pool: $10000.00 Paid finishers: 36 The 191 merry poker players were effectively playing at a reduced rake. The bubble popped...more

26 December

PokerStars Sunday majors results (12-25-11)

After the weekend of December 18th in which records ended up broken, players won millions, and PokerStars celebrated its 10th anniversary, there was no way--zero, nada, zilch--this past weekend was going to compete. Add to the fact this was a holiday weekend, and it was certain it was going to...more

25 December

Sunday Million: Turkey's ||Burkeeee! wins final Sunday Million of 2011

Is tonight's Sunday Million going to come close to last week's? No. We may need to wait until next year's World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) or another surprise Sunday Million with $10 million guaranteed like last week before seeing the poker crowds flock to these tables and create the...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Safe river card for crossthervr equals $85K victory

The final Sunday Warm-Up to conclude 2011 had a hammer-rific 2,700 entries as the crowd from last week's near million-dollar prize pool were off celebrating the holidays. But, for those diehards looking to take home a Christmas or Hanukkah gift in the form of a Sunday Major win, the depleted...more

23 December

Believe in Santa Claus this weekend

At some point in the next couple of days, there is a very good chance you could be approached by a right jolly old elf, a bumbling laughing man with red checks, soot on his suit, and a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly. He'll have a...more

Jonathan Duhamel robbed, attacked

Editor's note: If you are not yet aware, Team PokerStars Pro and 2010 World Series of Poker champion Jonathan Duhamel was attacked in his home this week by men who beat and robbed him. We are respecting Duhamel's desire to begin his necessary recovery in private. During that time, he...more

PokerStars unwraps three further EPT stops

If the 10th Anniversary celebrations were not enough, and maybe the announcement of TCOOP didn't do it for you, today we have yet more good news from PokerStars that should help the food and drink go down even better during your holiday festivities: The European Poker Tour has just unwrapped...more

22 December

Nanonoko to shoot for world record at PCA

Poker players and poker fans flocking to the Caribbean in January 2012 will have the chance to witness the making of poker history. PokerStars Team Online member Randy "nanonoko" Lew has announced that he will be attempting to set or break a Guinness World Record: number of hands played in...more

TCOOP: I'm in!

I was very excited when I heard about TCOOP. Turbos are some of my favorite tournaments to play. There is a lot of action and decision-making involved. They also don't take all day, which I find very pleasant. The cool thing about a turbo tournament series is also that you...more

21 December

Travel Diary: EPT Prague

I was really excited to touch down in Prague because I had heard only good things about the magical city. The Christmas markets were supposed to come alive with everyone sipping (or guzzling) on mulled wine, live bands playing and children excited and dancing around the huge illuminated Christmas tree....more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: See a man win a million

How many chances in your life do you get to watch a guy win a million bucks? Those people who were awake early Monday morning got to see Kyle "First-Eagle" Weir do it in the PokerStars 10th Anniversary Sunday Million. Now, those who weren't awake now have their chance to...more

Watch the PokerStars $10 Million Sunday Million


KaptianKush navigates huge field to 12/20/11 Super Tuesday win; Lodden fourth

The Super Tuesday just keeps getting more and more super. As in super-sized. The field of 442 players for the 12/20/11 edition of the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament marked the largest Super Tuesday field since February 8th when 475 played. It also represented the third straight week there has...more

20 December

PCA 2012: Count the millionaires!

Quick quiz. How many people have left the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure with an extra million bucks or more in their pocket? This answer should be right on the tip of my fingers. I've been at all but the first PCA, and I've seen every PCA millionaire win his purse. Still,...more

Talonchick getting another close-up

There is just something about Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome. Maybe it's that she's the girl next door. Maybe it's that she can eviscerate unsuspecting poker opponents in the blink of an eye. Whatever it is, the people with the cameras can't get enough of her. First, Rowsome was the subject of...more

Santa Baby or Santa Elf, either way it's the PCA

A convertible, a yacht, a house . . . not much to ask for back in 1953 if you're Eartha Kitt it appears. These goodies are just a few of the hints on her Christmas list that year in the Christmas classic song "Santa Baby." And let's not forget "some...more

Liv Boeree stars on University Challenge, now you take the quiz

"Someone who has used a degree in astrophysics to good effect and has now become one of the UK's most successful card players." This was waspish television presenter Jeremy Paxman introducing Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree on a special Christmas edition of the BBC's University Challenge, the quiz show for...more

19 December

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Weekend wrap-up

Everyone knew the final weekend of the PokerStars 10th Anniversary celebration was going to be big. It would be a party befitting the world's largest online poker site. It would be rich. It would be glamorous. It would be everything everyone expected it to be. But who could've predicted how...more

Michael Gathy wins Belgian Poker Series Grand Final

After a full week of tournament play that saw four day one flights, two day 2 flights, and a marathon session to make ti down to the final table, Belgium's Michael Gathy has won the Belgian Poker Series Grand Final. Gathy was one of nearly 600 players who signed up...more

Lee Jones' Journal: Cut the Deck Right in Half

Now some people say that you shouldn't tempt fate And for them I cannot disagree. But I never learned nothing from playing it safe I say fate should not tempt me. -- Mary Chapin Carpenter, "I Take My Chances" A couple of days ago, all of us in the PokerStars...more

PokerStars announces TCOOP

You can't trade it on the stock exchange. You can't pay for your Big Macs with it. You can't even use it to pay off those golfing losses. Time is a commodity you can't buy. Now, however, PokerStars is going to allow you to become a real online champion at...more

PokerStars 10th anniversary: From unemployed to millionaire

In Toronto, Canada, Kyle Weir sat unemployed. He was 24 years old and paying the bills by playing poker. Meanwhile, he had college loans hanging over his head It was a life, but not necessarily a rich one. "I've always played cards to scrape together money," Weir said. A lot...more

Women's Sunday: GirlsRulez' trip eights earn trip to the Bahamas

Exactly a week before Christmas, PokerStars played the role of Santa at the December 18th Women's Sunday. The victor of the $10,000 guaranteed weekly tournament would also earn a package worth $3250 to the PCA Ladies Event in the Bahamas. The prize pool smashed the guarantee: Total players: 389 Prize...more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: First-Eagle wins largest-ever Sunday Million

After playing host to a decade's worth of life-changing moments on the felt, it was only fitting that PokerStars celebrated their tenth anniversary by dealing out an embarrassment of riches to its players. First, there was the world record shattering tournament that drew 200,000 players and made one man $40,000...more

Joey "jcl87" Lawrence Wins 10th Anniversary $10K High Roller, $402K

Helping to put a big exclamation point on the 10th Anniversary festivities here at PokerStars, a special $10,300 High Roller tourney was added to the schedule on Sunday, and as expected the event drew many of online poker's biggest names. Combine that tough field with deep starting stacks (10,000 chips)...more

18 December

Sunday Warm-up: RenRad01 ropes in harif1988 to win $154K

Big, very big, bigger, and biggest. Everything about this final weekend of the PokerStars' 10th Anniversary celebration has grown in size. Big: tonight's Sunday Warm-up setting the tone for the night of huge prizepools and player fields. After averaging just under 3,600 players a week for the past four...more

17 December

Race to the finish: Who'll be the biggest winner of 2011

Lex Veldhuis versus Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. Phil Hellmuth versus Ben Lamb. Pius Heinz versus Martin Staszko. These are just a few of the matchups made famous in 2011, each for very different circumstances. The first was an entertaining kickboxing match, the second a heated race in the 2011 World Series...more

16 December

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Final weekend checklist

This is it. The final weekend of the PokerStars 10th Anniversary celebration has arrived. I hope you have prepared in advance for this, because this could easily end up being the biggest weekend of your year, if not your entire life. Somebody is going to win at least $2 million...more

Knock out that Christmas list with your FPPs

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and if you're anything like us, the magnetic strip on your credit card is wearing a bit thin. Fortunately, PokerStars makes it easy to cash in your FPPs to knock some of those Secret Santas off your list. Whether you're shopping for...more

Belgian Poker Series Grand Final players in the money

It took four Day 1 flights. Four! Then it took two Day 2 flights. Finally, the Belgian Poker Series has reached Day 3, and more importantly to the players involved, the money. When the tournament got underway a week ago, it started building a field 538-people strong. The top 80...more

PCA 2012: Team Online Scavenger Hunt

Imagine this scene: Shane "shaniac" Schelger walks into Atlantis' Coral Lobby bar area. He's looking for the restroom (it's around the corner to your right, Shane) before heading up to his room to get some rest before the main event starts. Someone near the bar whispers, "I think that's shaniac."...more

PokerStars establishes player trust fund

PokerStars today unveiled a plan to extend its industry-leading approach to protecting player funds into the newly regulated markets, and called upon Europe's gaming industry to follow suit. PokerStars' approach provides a third-party, fully independent trustee being appointed to oversee player funds in France. The Trustee will be a UK...more

15 December

PCA 2012: Live around the world again

Dust off your computer monitor, grab some popcorn, and get ready for the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Even if you can't be there yourself, will get you as close as you can be. Once again, the PCA and are going to broadcast the final table of the PCA...more

Team PokerStars Pro: All I want for Christmas . . .

All I want for Christmas is pocket rockets served with a rainbow flop. Winning the 10th Anniversary Sunday Million or a ticket to the PCA. Have the PokerStars Team Pro ladies been naughty or nice? And what do they want for Christmas and for the New Year? It's that time...more

14 December

Greeks in charge as Belgian Poker Series enters Day 2

Earlier in 2011, a few Greek men decided to challenge each other to a year-long contest to determine who was the king of the Greeks. The Greece Poker Challenge pitted Stavros 'IDOLLS' Kalfas, George 'gkap13' Kapalas and Alexis 'J0hnny_Dr@m@' Zervos against each other. Now it appears the Belgian Poker Series...more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Big money in final days

After more than a month of celebration parties, giveaways, and excitement, it seems hard to believe the PokerStars 10th Anniversary celebration is getting ready to come to a close. When a party goes on for a so long, it starts to feel like the road goes on forever. But this...more

Jorge Limon makes ESPN magazine

Hi everyone! This time I am not going to tell you about my rallying adventures. Instead I´ll talk about my recent appearance in ESPN magazine. A few weeks ago I went to México City for the photo shoot. I met with Angel Guillen and Christian de Leon, the PokerStars Team...more

LAPT announces Grand Final...during Carnival!

The Latin American Poker Tour is an exciting circuit already. There is passion on nearly every flop. There are very few places in the world where one can witness such poker insanity on such a professional level. After nearly four full seasons of running around the region, it seemed impossible...more

13 December

PCA 2012: Prize pool swelling

For all those people prone to respond to such things with, "It was my understanding that there would be no math," please be aware the following post about the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure qualifying requires some addition. It's worth it, however, to explain how the PCA prize pool is getting...more

Vanessa Selbst: Another million-dollar year

In any given year, the people who make $1 million playing tournament poker is very small. If you look at live tournament results alone over the past couple of years, it's usually sixty or so people who crest that seven-figure mark in a calendar year. It's an elite group by...more

PokerStars 10th anniversary: $10 million guaranteed Sunday Million looms

It's mesmerizing. It's almost zen-like. Open your PokerStars tournament lobby and watch the 10th Anniversary $10 million Sunday Million registration number climb. As of this moment, it's 4,783. I've been watching it go up for the past 24 hours. I've not quite seen anything like it. This event is unlike...more

12/13/11 Super Tuesday: Gurbe1 grooves a victory for $71,654

The holidays loomed closer in this week's Super Tuesday, as you can now start working on "The Twelve Days of Christmas". The field of 413 created a prize pool of $413,000, giving 54 players more than their money back. Tonight's winner could win nearly $80,000, which would buy quite...more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Back in the day with PokerStars Women

PokerStars Women is only a bit over a year old, so in terms of 10th anniversary history, we are newcomers to this dance. At most, we were a vague idea in someone's head ten years ago. But after over a year of hosting a stellar series of women's tournaments around...more

12 December

Belgian Poker Series finishes third Day 1

The Belgian Poker Series has finished the third of its Day 1 flights. The tournament has seen big crowds, familiar faces, and lots of action in its first three days in play. Day 1C saw many familiar names, including 2009 winner Antonio Guida, Tobias Peters, Bart Verbanck, Pierre Neuville, Jorg...more

Online Poker Show December 11


APPT adds Seoul to Season 5 schedule

Oh, it looked like the APPT's fifth season had come to an end. The year 2011 drew to a close, Shaq Lin won the Asia Player of the Year Award, and the APPT schedule had no more dates listed for its fifth season. Oh, yes, it looked like it had...more

PokerStars Sunday majors results (12-11-11)

Unless you spent you weekend in the woods hunting the elusive snipe, unless you have eschewed all technology in favor of studying water-power grist mills, unless you simply just don't give a diddly-darn about poker, it seems very unlikely you missed this weekend at PokerStars. It was a monster. Where...more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: I'm playing the $10m Sunday Million!

On December 18th PokerStars will be holding an absolutely amazing event. For its 10th Anniversary, they will boost the Sunday Million guarantee to an incredible $10 Million prize pool. What this means is that there will most likely be 50,000+ players all paying just $200 for a chance to win...more

11 December

Sunday Million: JJ@mess sweeps up $176k after three-way chop

As days go, it was a good one to be Czech. Only hours after Kozlicek_x pocketed $24,300 for winning PokerStars' 72 billionth hand, his countryman emaestrodobi finished fifth out of 116,400 players in the Sunday Storm 10th Anniversary Special, earning $32,650 off his $11 investment. And by the time dawn...more

chrjs2k thunders through field of 116,400, wins 10th Anniversary Sunday Storm

When the "Sunday Storm" debuted on PokerStars earlier this year, the $11 buy-in tournament swiftly became one of the more popular tourneys on the weekly calendar. Typically the Storm has little trouble smashing its usual $200K guarantee -- for example, last week 39,815 came out, creating a prize pool...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Zimmy86 zips up $87K win after four-way chop

A few hours ago a PokerStars player named Kozlicek_x snagged over $24,000 at the micro-stakes six-max table as part of the PokerStars 10th Anniversary celebration. 72,000,000,000th hand, if each hand was a mile long (and some tales of these hands could tell would make them seem a mile long) laid...more

Arty_the_Cat claws her way to victory in Dec. 11 Women's Sunday

The month of December is filled with holiday cheer as the PokerStars 10th Anniversary celebration continues. The excitement is everywhere, from tournament promotions to satellites to the upcoming PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. And this week was no different, as the Women's Sunday offered another amazing opportunity. Players who participated in this...more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Holy goat! It's the 72 billionth hand

Kozlicek_x hails from the Czech Republic, a fact which will become important later in this story. But at the tale's beginning, he was just a very small gear in a record-breaking PokerStars Sunday prime time engine. At the peak of the day, more than 410,000 people were playing on PokerStars...more

Another day at the office, another $700k for Mercier

There's no being Jason Mercier unless you actually are Jason Mercier. I know this, because I've tried. I've stopped shaving for a few days, worn a Miami Heat jersey, and stayed up for days at a time playing poker. I am not a rich man. Meanwhile, Jason Mercier, as near...more

Belgian Poker Series Grand Final underway

The first day of the Belgian Poker Series Grand Final is over with Christopher Buzzo in the lead. Day 1a began with a lot of familiar faces in hw crowd, including Kevin Thomas, Fried Meulders, Filip Verboven, Laurens De Smet, and more. Many of them made it tot he end...more

10 December

Three for Germany as Martin Finger bags EPT Prague crown

When the European Poker Tour first came to Prague four years ago the final table was played in what felt like a coliseum, three banks of supporters surrounding a single table where Frenchman Arnaud Mattern earned himself the title amid an electric atmosphere. There was no repeat win for...more

EPT8 Prague: Final table, level 30-32 updates (80,000-160,000)

8.15pm: Martin Finger wins EPT Prague, Boyaciyan a well earned runner-up David Boyaciyan opened to 380,000 and was three-bet to 875,000. Boyaciyan came back over the top for 2,000,000 - we believe the first four-bet of the entire heads up - and Finger moved in. Call, Boyaciyan's 5,400,000 went...more

EPT8 Prague: Final table, level 27 (cont.) - 29 (40,000-80,000, 10,000)

3.50pm: Usero out, three remain And then there were three. Guillem Usero open shoved four roughtly 1,400,000 and Martin Finger called immediately, turning over K♥K♠ and looking quite pleased with himself. Usero showed A♥8♦. Finger came to life, even smiling, as Nicolas Levi watched a hand that to him...more

9 December

Finger and Levi share lead going into EPT Prague final

The European Poker Tour main event heads to the final table tomorrow with Martin Finger of Germany holding just a two big blind lead over nearest rival Nicolas Levi with eight players remaining. Ironically, as play entered its ninth hour, Finger seemed like the player most in need of...more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Special milestone hand on the way

So, you might have noted yesterday that people started winning lots of money on PokerStars just for being dealt into special hands. This might have seemed like a flashback to the recent coverage of the 70 billionth hand promotion. You might have thought we were just re-hashing our blog posts...more

PokerStars 10th anniversary: $1 million Sunday Storm this weekend

Your umbrella is not going to be able to handle this weekend. Don't try holding a newspaper over your head. If you choose to go to shelter, it better be one that has some good reinforcement. This weekend's Sunday Storm is going to be a big one. As part of...more

PokerStars 10th anniversary: From toe-dipping to Team Online

I'd been playing online poker for over a year before I made a deposit on PokerStars. When I finally did, it was like a breath of fresh air. The client was sleek and fast. There were good games going all the time. Best of all, the customer service team was...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 4, level 24-27 updates (25,000-50,000, ante 5,000)

9pm: Two Finger hands set up final table Martin Finger won two pots in-a-row take a very big stack into tomorrow's final table. He left Mads Wissing with eight big blinds when he called the Dane's raise and two bets on the flop and turn. The final board read...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 4, level 22 & 23 updates (10,000-20,000, ante 3,000)

3.06pm: Break time It's about time we all took a breather for 15 minutes. 3.05pm: Get thee behind me Ainsworth "Six on the river again," said Jude Ainsworth, who'd just seen his pocket sixes out do the pocket nines 8♣8♠ of Ignat Liviu. It's the second time, leading some...more

8 December

EPT8 Prague: Renkers takes big lead into penultimate day

Poker is a cruel game. If you didn't already know this from personal experience just ask Anton Wigg. He was one of the last of the 104 players eliminated today to make their way to the rail, the consolation of €15,000 in prize money for 33rd place scant when...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 3, level 19-21 updates (6,000-12,000, 1,000 ante)

12.035pm: Play ends, orange army leading Bagging has finished and Patrick Renkers is still way out in front with 2,423,000. Plenty of players in the chasing pack including Nicolas Levi, Jude Ainsworth and Mads Wissing, all of whom are on close to one million. Full wrap of the day's...more

Ten years of Donald

Ten years have passed since I registered my account on PokerStars. I remember surfing the internet, and reading about this new poker site. PokerStars immediately appealed to me, and I could already see myself playing for hours every day. I decided to take some time to choose my screen name...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 3, level 17 & 18 updates (3,000-6,000, 500 ante)

6.15pm: Swingy Moorman, break Chris Moorman has had some level. It looked as if the wheels were coming off his tournament but he just knocked out Konstantin Streletskiy to get his stack, and probably his mind back on track. It was Vojtech Ruzicka, again, that took large chunk off...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 3, level 15 & 16 updates (2,000-4,000, 500 ante)

3.05pm: Thousands of Dollars rest upon this day For the second time in recent history (although none of us can remember when), the bubble has burst while most players were out of the room on a break. When Mads Amot raised to 9,000 on the button it looked like...more

7 December

EPT8 Prague: Garri Tevosov bursts straight to the top

Finding the story of Day 2 at EPT Prague requires a quick mind, an agile grasp of figures that change from one minute to the next, and an ability to be in several places at once. By a cruel twist of fate the blog team have none of these...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 2, level 13 & 14 updates (1,200-2,400, 300 ante)

9pm: Play ends Play has come to an end for Day 2. After that huge pot with Kevin MacPhee, Garri Tevosov is the end of day chip leader with 764,000. Full counts and a wrap of the day's play will be up for reading shortly. -- MC 8.48pm: Last...more

PokerStars 10th anniversary: Milestones hitting now!

Do not be alarmed. Do not rush for the exits. Remain calm. All is well. Relaxed? Okay. Now, peep this: the PokerStars 10th Anniversary Road to 100 Billion special is hitting like crazy right now. As we told you a few days back, as part of the on-going 10th anniversary...more

PCA 2012: Pack your guts and gamble for PLO

Don't let this worry you. I couldn't have you being worried less than a month away from the best poker vacation of the year. Nonetheless, I would be remiss if I didn't mention a certain packing necessity for a subset of PCA players. Though modern day international flying restrictions are...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 2, level 11 & 12 updates (800-1,600, 200 ante)

5.57pm: Break time That's the end of the level. Players are on a 15 minute break. 5.56pm: Wigg trapped Anton Wigg was just trapped by Italian Marco Leonzio (fourth place finisher here last season) but you can't help but think he could have got so much more. Wigg opened...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 2, level 9 & 10 updates (500-1,000, 100 ante)

3pm: Table with no cheer A tell-tale sign of Andrey Saenko's invincibility may well just have been demonstrated, at the expense of Vladimir Geshkenbein. Geshkenbein was all in for around 70,000, as was the appropriately named Michel Betting. The only thing they were waiting for was Saenko to pass...more

6 December

EPT8 Prague: Andrey Saenko gets that certain feeling

Yesterday we said the main story had been the anticipation of today. Today the story was how we were right yesterday. It's another record for the European Poker Tour. When the doors were finally closed on registration for the main event this afternoon the field had risen to 722,...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 1B, level 7 & 8 updates (300-600, ante 75)

9.20pm: Day 1B in the books That's the end of play for today. Andrey Saenko seems to be the combined end of day one chip leader with 200,800. The full counts and a wrap of all today's action will be up soon. -- MC 9.05pm: Monster pot pushes Wissing...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 1B, level 5 & 6 updates (200-400, ante 50)

6.55pm: Killer level ends Around 50 players were eliminated in that level, which is quite extraordinary. Some of those finished with EPT main events for this calendar year include: Mateusz Moolhuizen, Ondrej Vinklarek, Björne Lindberg, Simeon Naydenov, Tomeu Gomila, Erich Kollman, Kevin Iacofano, Igor Ladoshkin, Michal Medved, Antonios Koukouras,...more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Battle of the Planets double prizes

There have been so many exciting announcements as part of the PokerStars 10th Anniversary celebrations that it's quite hard to keep up. Thank goodness for the handy 10th Anniversary page which has everything in one place. Visitors there today will have noticed the last block of promotions has now been...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 1B, level 3 & 4 updates (100-200, 25 ante)

4.40pm: Break time That's the halfway point of the day. Join us in a new post in 15 minutes. 4.38pm: The man that got away Rumour has it that Dario Minieri got a bit ambitious with a mediocre hand and suffered for it. "Perhaps he over played eight-high," proffered...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 1B, level 1 & 2 updates (75-150)

2.15pm: Three more eliminated Team PokerStars Pro Ivan Demidov looked half asleep at the table today. If he needs sleep that much he can now do so all afternoon as he has been eliminated. Jan Bendik, who made the EPT San Remo final table, has departed as well and...more

Getting to know Team PokerStars Online's Björn 'Bjoerni89' Schneider

Two years ago, a German student named Björn 'Bjoerni89' Schneider started his raid on the online poker world. As a newcomer to the game, Schneider got his feet wet by playing $5 nine-man sit-and-gos on PokerStars. His competitive drive helped him find immediate success, which led to an unusual and...more

5 December

EPT8 Prague: Beslan in starring role after opening night

When it comes to summing up the opening day of EPT Prague it's rather like judging the early rehearsals of a play. We spotted a few interesting characters in the mix, with 234 turning up for the auditions. After seeing them all, 133 will be invited back for further...more

EPT Prague: Day 1A, level 7 & 8 updates (300-600, ante 75)

9pm: Play concludes Day 1A has come to an end. It seems as if Vedzizhev Beslan is the chip leader, just, with 132,200. The full counts a wrap of the day's play will be up shortly. -- MC 8.47pm: Last three hands Three more hands will be played before...more

EPT Prague: Day 1A, level 5 & 6 updates (200-400, ante 50)

6.45pm: Break Last break of the day. The players will be back in 15 minutes for the final two one-hour levels. 6.40pm: Schwartz encouraging the gamble Luke Schwartz has been trying to get his table to put in 2,000 apiece and check it down to the river. Unsurprisingly he's...more

Win a PCA package with Ukash

Fancy winning your way to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, simply by depositing on PokerStars? Now you can, so long as you are a Canadian resident and use a Ukash voucher to load your PokerStars account. The PCA in the Bahamas, which runs January 5th to 14th, is one of the...more

EPT Prague and the World Record


Corporate Blog: How PokerStars protects players' funds

Welcome to the PokerStars corporate blog. Here you'll find regular updates, news and views that help you get to know the company and our employees better and where we will share our views on our business, the industry and issues affecting both. Going forward, you'll hear from a range of...more

EPT Prague: Day 1A, level 3 & 4 updates (100-200, ante 25)

4.26pm: Break time We're at the halfway point of the day and a 15 minute break. More importantly it means that Marc Convey can nip off to do a coffee run. Join us in a new post in 15 minutes by hitting refresh and clicking on the next button...more

APPT Macau: Travel diary

Macau has been in the poker spotlight for quite some time now. It's always been a pivotal stop on the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, attracting hundreds of players and awarding millions of Hong Kong Dollars, every year. In recent times it became even more marked on the map thanks...more

EPT8 Prague: Day 1A, level 1 & 2 updates (75-150)

2.12pm: Break We have a 15 minute break coming up. Join us in the new post when you can. 2.10pm: Gerbi gets there Raffaele Gerbi has joined the lively table two and took little time in making it livelier. He got all his chips in when behind versus Eoghan...more

4 December

Traxxart makes comeback to take down December 4 Sunday Million title

Every now and then, the Sunday Million tops itself. Sure, it's already the biggest weekly online poker tournament with its $1 million guarantee, so no improvements are really needed. But as a bonus for PokerStars players, it occasionally does something that wows the poker world even more than usual. December...more

Relentless raulbcn wins December 4 Sunday Warm-Up

Every week, the Sunday Warm-Up offers players the chance to get in on some early online poker action before events like the Sunday Million require their presence. Warm-Up seems a bit of a misnomer, though, when the $215 buy-in tournament offers a whopping $500K guarantee! Big stakes, prestigious title, more...more

sokoluk1991 bests field of 200,000 in World Record tourney, wins $40K for $1

We've been spending a lot of time these last few weeks looking back and marveling at the 10-year history of PokerStars, online poker's biggest site. Part of that time has been occupied leafing through the nifty PokerStars 10th Anniversary e-magazine in which the story of the site's first decade is...more

Victory and $3K for ProXimaVez of Austria in Women's Sunday

We've said it before. The Women's Sunday continues to grow. And as we enter the last month of 2011, the women of PokerStars came out in great numbers to smash the weekly guarantee and show their ever-increasing force as part of the online poker world. Meanwhile, the promotions from PokerStars...more

PokerStars breaks world record for largest tournament

It became very clear many days ago that PokerStars would be making history today. Our previous Guinness World Record for the largest poker tournament was 149,196 players, and we zoomed passed that figure in early registrations so fast that the 200,000 cap was reached well before kick-off today. So a...more

Anas Tadini wins FPS Sunfest Mazagan

Anas Tadini had been chip leader after Day 1 of the PokerStars France Poker Series Sunfest Mazagan event in Morocco. He had been chip leader at the end of Day 2 as well. So it was no great surprise to learn that he had maintained his momentum and picked up...more

3 December

UKIPT Champion of Champions: Season 2, Level 9-13: (blinds 1,200-2,400)

7.20pm: Richard Sinclair is the UKIPT Champion of Champions Richard Sinclair today won the UKIPT Champion of Champions event at Dusk Till Dawn and the prize of buy-ins and hotel to all regular UKIPT Season 3 stops. The Scotsman had won his seat to this star-studded sit-and-go by winning...more

UKIPT Champion of Champions: Season 2, Level 5-8: (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

4.24pm: Break time The six remaining players are now on a 20 minute break, join me in a new post for level 9 updates. 4.21pm: Gareth Walker eliminated in seventh place From under-the-gun Gareth Walker moved all-in for 5,800 with pocket sevens and next to act Sam Razavi isolated him...more

UKIPT Champion of Champions: Season 2, Levels 1-4: (blinds 100-200)

2.50pm: Break time That's four levels in the books and a 10 minute break. Join me in a new post for level 5 updates. 2.45pm: McDerra continues to hold Hex on Abou Risk Matthew McDerra is seemingly winning every pot he plays, mostly at the expense of Nick Abou Risk....more

Anas Tadini leads FPS Sunfest Mazagan in Morocco

Of the 305 players who made ​​up the original field of the France Poker Series Mazagan Sunfest, only 106 made it back for Day 2. Play then continued for ten hours before the field was slashed down to just 11 survivors, who will play to a winner later today. The...more

2 December

FPS Sunfest Mazagan streamed live

Good news for those of you who enjoy a bit of live streaming. The PokerStars France Poker Series event in Morocco, Sunfest Mazagan, is being streamed live from now right through to the final table. This is the first tournament of season two, and they are on Day 2 of...more

Women's Poker League: November Winners and KleopatraRTS as Featured Player

As the year winds down, the competition gets tougher each month in the two divisions of the PokerStars Women's Poker League. Of course, there are monthly cash prizes to be won that can help any bankroll and boost a player's confidence for further competition. But moreover, there are big monthly...more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Road to 100 Billion special

The showers of free 10th Anniversary cash from PokerStars HQ to computers around the world continues with yet another significant promotional announcement today. You'll likely know that in the lead up to our 100 Billionth Hand, we're giving away loads of money. Normally, we reserve the fun for the period...more

1 December

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: The magazine

Throughout the whole of November, we published a huge series of articles that, when taken together, pretty much covered the whole history of PokerStars. As a further bonus to your undoubted reading pleasure, all answers needed to enter the special 10th Anniversary $0.10 Trivia Tourneys (running in the Lobby now)...more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Radio show back with prizes

PokerStars Radio is back. Following its popular run during this year's WCOOP series, the show returns for a one-off broadcast to coincide with this Sunday's World Record Tournament on PokerStars. PokerStars is always giving you something extra, and this show is no different. With prize giveaways, phone-ins, special guests and...more