Celina's City: Macau

PS Women logo.jpgShanghai born, Melbourne raised, and currently living in Macau, it's no wonder that Celina Lin has a love affair with travel, cultural fusion, and food. It's also fortunate that her role as Team PokerStars Pro allows the opportunity to combine these passions into a way of life. We chatted with Celina, fresh off a plane from London where she played the IFP World Championship. After the 15-hour flight and sleep deprivation, she was grinding six tables online at PokerStars at the time. It was the Sunday majors after all.

Lin has an unwavering dedication to the game and a fierce competitiveness that has earned her respect and a bevy of results at the table. Back in her home city of Macau, the Vegas of the East, is where her presence is most felt. She gives us an insider's look into what makes Macau so magical and why she loves to call it home.

What's your favourite thing about living in Macau?
The city offers all that is glamorous, but at the same all the cultural and historic landmarks are also amazing to check out. It offers the best of both worlds!

Authentic Macanese experience?
Lining up for some delicious pork chop buns if you get a chance, they come straight out of the oven at 3pm sharp. Don't be surprised if you see hundreds of people lining up for it.


Celina Lin

Favourite thing to do away from the felt?
Food! There are so many amazing types of cuisine in Macau from all over the world, all made with the freshest ingredients and by the best chefs in the world.

Hidden favourite restaurants?
That's a secret! OK, I'll share one, but the others you just have to come and experience for yourself! Fernando's on Black Sand Beach offers some of the best Portuguese cuisine in Macau--very hearty meals.

Where should the ladies go to hit up a good cocktail lounge?
There are a few lounges that offer great live music with a friendly atmosphere such as Lion's Bar at MGM and the Bellini Bar at Venetian.

Best Portuguese Egg Tarts?
Right across the road from Grand Lisboa where the APPT is held, called Margaret's Egg Tarts.

Any good tips for shopping?
New road is a great place for the local stores. The Venetian with endless brand name stores is there for self-indulgence.

Are there many women playing poker in Macau?
There are actually a lot of female players in Macau now, and Asia in general. A lot of them started as dealers in Maid casinos in Japan, or girlfriends of poker players. They are playing well and learning the game very quickly.

Best place for a pampering and/or hair wash and blow dry?
I go to a place in Zhuhai across the border which is worth checking out if you have a day to spare, I got mine done for $1.50 USD! But there is a beauty street just behind Grand Lisboa that offer a wash and blow dry for about $10 USD.

PokerStars APPT Macau marks the peak of a strong fifth season of tournament poker in the region. The Main Event runs at Casino Grand Lisboa from November 23 through 27.

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