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Double Vision: Two Sunday Warm-Ups, two Sunday Millions

ps_news_thn.jpgDo not adjust your TV sets. Do not consult an optometrist. Do not stop drinking (well, actually, do...it's Monday and you should be responsible for a few days). Your vision is not as impaired as you think. It's just the PokerStars promotions team getting jiggy with it again.

Coming up this Sunday, PokerStars is throwing a little party fit for all you folks who spend your weekends seeing double. On Sunday October 16, PokerStars will host not one, but two Sunday Warm-Ups and Sunday Millions.

Now, the skeptics and tee-totallers among you might greet this news with a healthy dose of, "Yeah, but what are the guarantees?" I'm happy to report, not only will the tournaments run twice, but so will the guarantees. The first Sunday Million will have a guarantee of a million bucks. The second Sunday Million will have a guarantee of...indeed, a million bucks.

The first Sunday Million starts at the normal time of 14:30 ET. Thirty minutes later at 15:00 ET, the bonus Million will kick off.


Here's to staying single and seeing double on the PokerStars Sunday Million

As if that wasn't enough, the ol' double vision trick will be happening in the Sunday Warm-Up as well. The first one starts at 11:00 ET. The bonus Warm-Up will start rocking at 11:30 ET. Both events will have a $500,000 guarantee.

In all, the Double Vision Sunday has $3 million in guarantees. As always, PokerStars is running sweet satellites to the $215 events, so get to work and get ready for a doubly fun weekend.

It's all the double vision without any of the hangover!

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