From gold bracelet to GoldStar during VIP Club Mega Month

teampro-thumb.JPGThere will be a new World Champion this year at the WSOP Main Event! Unfortunately I was not able to successfully defend my title this summer. If you think this will affect my confidence or my will to win, you are absolutely wrong!

Late May, departure for Vegas. I only have one thing in mind. Play as many events as possible at the World Series of Poker during the next six weeks in order to get as many good scores as possible and to try and win a second bracelet. Six weeks later, I don't have my second bracelet. I played in 25 events and my best score was a fifteenth place. It's not necessarily bad, but certainly well under my expectations.

My World Series have been over for a few weeks and I have had time to reflect and think about my summer. I really think I played my best poker of my lifetime! I was clearly a superior player as compared to last year and I had to chance to try a few different varieties of poker, besides no limit Hold'em, such as Omaha8, Stud, etc. Sometimes luck is not on your side and it becomes impossible to win then.

At the main Event, I was knocked out on Day 2, about 2 000th/7 000. Very, very far from last year's result but I'm convinced I made no major mistake all through the tournament. I played solid poker but unfortunately Lady Luck was not on my side this year!


Despite the so-so results of my last World Series Of Poker, my confidence level is at an all-time high. My game is more complete and I have a lot more experience than last year. I have played bigger tournaments this summer and thus played against better players. I now know I can maintain a level of play as high as these players, who are the world's elite.

I now have a new challenge: mastering other games than Texas Hold'em. I am now finishing a completely crazy year, one in which I traveled the globe and met tons of people I would never have met otherwise. I have lived a dream: that of living a year with the World Champion title. My next year will be identical, but without the world champ title. Just as the one ending, my next year shall be as full, especially on the travelling side. All through the next year I will be travelling to every part of the planet, playing the biggest tournaments in the world. For me it's a dream, that of living my passion fully, continuing on this marvelous road.

I'm currently "on vacation" since three weeks ago. By vacations I mean being in Quebec, at home. Still I have not stopped yet. I have a ton of projects under way. Notably, I'm currently finalizing the writing of a poker book, talking, of course, about poker strategies. It's directed toward beginners as well as more experienced players. The book will be out in a few weeks and I should soon be able to also announce a few other projects.

Also, I can finally spend some time playing online, which I could not do for the last few months. I have played a lot of tournaments on PokerStar and some cash games to make sure I'll be ready when the time comes to go back on the road.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you about a great promotion PokerStars offers during this month, that is absolutely crazy for the players. PokerStars gives as always, points to its players for every raked hand played as for every real money tournament. But in August PokerStars is letting players earn points ten times faster than normal by reducing the SiverStar, GoldStar, and PlatinumStar levels to 10% of what thy usually are.. Thus, you can climb up the ladder much quicker and get rewards much faster! These points can be redeemed for cash, tournament entries or special gifts.

Although I'm always on the road all across the globe, thus unable to play as much as I'd like on the internet, I'm already a GoldStar member because I could play a bit in August and my points literally exploded!

I'm flying to Barcelona in about ten days to play in the second leg of the PokerStars European Poker Tour. I will be in Europe for the two months, stopping in many countries to play in different tournaments but I promise you a short blog before I leave with my complete itinerary.

One thing is for sure: I can't wait! Being away from competition for so long is hard, even if I love being at home. I have a huge desire to win and I can't wait to go and play the biggest tournaments in the world, representing PokerStars.

As usual you can follow my updates live when I'm playing tournaments by following me on Twitter @jonathanduhamel or on Facebook.

Be well and thanks for reading me!

Jonathan Duhamel
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