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Game of Your Life goes to brave-83

ps_news_thn.jpgA piece of advice: if you happen to be friends with a man from Greece who answers to the name "brave-83," today might be a good day to ask him out to lunch. Better yet, bring him dinner and a bottle of ouzo. Better yet, make him lunch, help him move, and drive him to the airport whenever he asks. That is a long way of saying, you want this guy to think of you as a friend. A good friend. The kind of friend he would, say, like to take to a game. The game of his life.

Sunday night, Greece's brave-83 outlasted more than 20,000 people to win PokerStars Game of Your Life promotion. While there was some money on the line, the top prize was all that really mattered.

For his win, brave-83 will get to sit front row at any sporting events in the world and take as many friends as he wants. The travel and hotels are free. The tickets are free. Everything up to $100,000 is free. And brave-83 gets to choose where he's going and who he's taking.

To make it happen, brave-83 had to survive a series of qualifiers that eventually put him in the Grand Final on Sunday afternoon with 20,126 players from around the world. Now, all that remains is picking the game and which friends he likes enough to take.

We've got a message out brave-83 to see if he'll tell us what's he's picking. In the meantime, I suggest you find out what he wants for dinner.


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