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Getting a look at the Turbo Takedown car

ps_news_thn.jpgThe Turbo Takedown (may it rest in peace) lived a long and fruitful life on PokerStars. A fixture at the end of every month, the tournament let players buy in with Frequent Player Points for a shot at a $750,000 prize pool. To the winner went a brand new Audi TT.

Though the tournament ran for a long time, none of us here at the PokerStars Blog were ever offered a ride in one of the new cars. It was more than a little disappointing. However, now that the Turbo Takedown has shuffled off its mortal coil, we have at least gotten our first look at one of the winning cars.

Back in February, Slovenia's Arvaj23 won the Turbo Takedown for $60,000 and the Audi TT.

"When I won Turbo Takedown tournament, I was in shock," she said. "That turned into huge joy and happiness. I celebrated my success with my family and friends."

She also celebrated by requesting the car in a way no one expected.

See, winners of the Turbo Takedown had their choice of colors and such when picking out their Audi TT. Arvaj23 had a special request. To help her remember how she got the car, she requested it come outfitted with a special PokerStars flair.

Here's what she ended up with.

Audi TT1.JPG

Audi TT2.JPG

Now, of course, the Turbo Takedown is just a happy memory, and this might be the last we'll see of PokerStars cars on the streets.

Or, maybe not. We're hearing word of some new and cool FPP tournament coming at the end of the summer. Like you, well be keeping our eyes on the PokerStars current promotions page for more details.

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