Greek Poker Cup: FIrst ever poker tournament in Greece kicks off

ps_news_thn.jpg"Better late than never" is a very well-known proverb that suits perfectly the beginning of the Greek Poker Cup , the very first poker tournament that takes, officially, place on Greek Soil.

For years, all the Greek fans of poker have been eager to take part in a big poker event in Greece. Many of them decided to travel abroad in the past and take part in some of the numerous poker tournaments across the globe. Today, Pokerstars gave them the chance to take part in another great Poker event - this time, very close to their own home!

Day 1a of the Greek Poker Cup saw 136 poker players taking their seats at the poker room of Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, in search of becoming the first Greek Poker Cup champion. This task was bound to be difficult, however, from the very beginning : the playing field included some of the most fearful Greek Poker Players, known for their online or offline successful results . And, may I remind you - this is only Day 1a!


Club Hotel Casino Loutraki Poker Room filled to capacity

Greece is proud to have three "Challengers" for a place in Team Pokerstars. One of them, Georgios Kapalas, could be found in one of the tables of the Greek Poker Cup today. His experience , unquestionable. Having already participated in one WSOP Final table and one EPT Final table, he is always a force to be reckoned with at a poker tournament. Alas, this time he had to wave us goodbye in the 7th blind level, when his Ace-King failed to "crack" the pocket eights of his opponent. See you next time, Georgios.


Georgios Kapalas, Greek Pokerstars Challenger

In the meantime, players kept falling. It took us 6 hours and 36 eliminations to reach 99 players - it was more than obvious that noone was willing to leave their seats that easy. Some have to fall , however, while others keep "climbing" the ladder to the top, dreaming of a seat at the first Greek Poker Cup final table. And, of course, Georgios was not the only one to hit the rail . Many known Greek players such as Andreas Halkiadakis, Ioannis Bouzalas, Enias Protopapas, Nikos Kouris, Ilias Zografos had to abandon any thoughts of a Greek Poker Cup final table - at least, regarding the very first event of the series!

When the final hand of the day had been dealt, 38 players were more than happy to pack their chips for Day 2. They deserved to be happy - after more than 13 hours of poker, they had ensured a place in the next day of the first Greek Poker Cup, with their hopes for a major cash still... "alive and kicking" !

Among the 38 players, the Greek "celebrities" can found their own representative! Ioannis Tsimitselis, one of the most well-known and talented young Greek actors has 53.300 reasons (or chips) to believe that he can see his name in the payout structure of the first Greek Poker Cup !


Ioannis Tsimitselis , well-known Greek actor

The man standing out of the 38-people crowd, of course, is none other than the chip leader. In our case , his name is Ioannis Papathanasiou. His chip stack, 185.000 chips, is almost twice as big as the stack of Olov Daniel Bergstrom - the guy on the chip count's second place. Other notable names in the chip count include Panagiotis Gavriilidis (95.900 chips), Dimitrios Karonis (64.500 chips), Nikolaos Mproysianos (35.200 chips - his father, Elias Mproysianos, has some notable EPT cashes under his belt), John Taramas (24.000 chips - the Greek BlackJack Legend) etc.


Ioannis Papathanasiou, day 1a's chip leader

The tournament is resuming tomorrow (Friday) with the second flight of Day 1. There, more than 130 hopeful poker players are expected to fill Club Hotel Casino Loutraki's poker room to capacity once again, chasing their current poker dream : to become the champion of the first ever Greek Poker Cup!