Greek Poker Cup II in full swing

Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpgAfter having kicked off international tournament poker in Greece with the Greek Poker Cup last March, it was only a matter of time before PokerStars followed up on the massive success of the first-ever major live poker tournament on Greek soil. The Greek Poker Cup II is now under way at the stunning Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, just outside of Athens. The venue for this prestigious event is the largest casino in Greece, which also operates the country's first-ever poker room. This 5-star luxury hotel is situated 45 minutes from Athens, and offers everything a guest could want including restaurants, a spa and wellness centre, as well as a private beach which allows the players to catch some sun in between the hands.

A field of 84 poker players took their seats on Day 1A at the poker room, in search of becoming the Greek Poker Cup II champion. By the end of the day, 28 players managed to qualify for Day 2, on Saturday. The chip leader on Day 1A was Evagellos 'varymetallos2' Arampatsis counting a total of 93.600 chips.

The second day of the tournament got under way with a field of 90 players competing in Day 1B for their place in Day 2. The first ever Greek Poker Cup Champion, Georgios Grigoropoulos who claimed the first prize for €69,100, was sharing the same table with two of the Greek PokerStars Challengers, Giorgos 'gkap13' Kapalas and Alexis 'J0hnny_Dr@m@' Zervos. The first ever national poker champion will not be winning back-to-back, however, as the hyper-aggressive Zervos prevailed against him in level 4 and ended up second in chips for the day.


Alexis Zervos

After nine hours of play, Achilleas Theodosiou kept the chip lead with 101,200 chips. Day 1B of the event ended with 31 players surviving the day to return for Day 2, all looking to secure a place at the final table.

The third and last flight of Day 1, is already on its way. At the tables we will see the third Challenger Stavros 'IDOLLS' Kalfas, who finished seventh in the 1st GPC, as well as the locally well-known actor Giannis Tsimitselis who has been taking poker seriously ever since he made a strong Day 2 finish in GPC I.

At the end of Day 1C and after a long poker journey, the players will have the chance to relax and to have fun at the glamorous PokerStars party tonight. There's a rumour going in the poker room that there will be some very special guests joining that are taking part in their very own competition this week at Casino Loutraki... We have dispatched our special investigative team to find out more.

Stay tuned!

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