Late-night party turns to riches in PokerStars 70 billionth hand

ps_news_thn.jpgIf you know anything about parties, you know the best ones happen late at night when the amateurs have gone home, the kids are in bed, and the dogs are sleeping on the porch. The crowds may be gone, but the real celebration is just getting started. The party can have as few as two people and still rock in a way that will be legendary. That's what happened tonight. The PokerStars clock read 1:01am. The clock in koenigskebap's home read 6:01am. And the hand counter on PokerStars read 70,000,000,000.

Seventy billion.

As PokerStars prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary, it's spent more than a week giving out hundreds of thousands of dollars to the winners of the milestone hands leading to tonight's party. It took less than ten years, but PokerStars has finally done it. It's dealt 70 billion hands around the world. It's an unfathomable number, one marked by the hand's winner, koenigskebap, picking up $73,380.


This party had a twist, however. Held at a nice little .25/.50 no-limit hold'em table, this event was as small as it could get:


That's right. After three hundred milestone hands, hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, and more than a week of celebrations, it came down to two people. One of them would get less than $1,700. The other? The last man standing at the party? The winner of the 70 billionth hand? He would earn $73,380.

That's one hell of a party and one hell of a way to end it.

So, imagine that for a moment. You're sitting at a table playing heads-up for pocket change. You hit the virtual PokerStars lottery and are up for the big one. Usually you'd have a 1 in 9 or 1 in 6 change of hitting. Now, it's just a flip. One flip for more than seventy grand.

Here's how it happened. All-in for a couple of $25 stacks.

koenigskeba: J♣A♠
DodgeUrOuts: K♦5♦

The board was full of drama. koenigskeba flopped top pair, but DodgeUrOuts had a straight draw. When it was done, it looked like this: A♦4♣2♠K♥6♥. Top pair held.


Here's how the hand looked at it played out:

When the money settled in their accounts, koenigskebap had picked up $73,380. For second place, DodgeUrOuts banked $1,690.

Now, it's time to clean up the bottles, take out the trash, and get ready for a new day. This party is over. Fortunately, PokerStars is like one of the world's greatest party towns. Keep your eye on the Road to 100 Billion page for your invitation to the next big event.

Until then, congratulations to koenigskebap for winning PokerStars' 70 billionth hand.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news