Latest improvements to your PokerStars software

ps_news_thn.jpgPokerStars does not stand still, which is why you sometimes have to download updates to the software. Each time you do that it means there's added goodness to your favorite poker HQ. In recent days another release has seen the following:

Home Games
Home Games is a brand new product, unlike anything else in online poker - it is designed to let you create and manage your own private poker club, where you play the ring games and tournaments you choose, with just your friends, at the time you want. All you need to do is open your own club or join a club created by one of your poker buddies and you are set to schedule and play your very own online Home Game right through the PokerStars client!

You can find out all about Home Games here.


Customizable VIP Club Progress Bar
As requested, now we will offer you the ability to customize the VIP Stellar Rewards progress bar to different goals. We are re-branding this as a VIP Club Progress bar and now you can choose between Stellar Rewards and Milestones, VIP level, or a monthly or yearly VPPs target. To access the customization menu, go to Options>>Customize VIP Club Progress Bar.

Automatic Seating when you Accept a Seat from Waiting List
When you accept a seat from a waiting list you will now be automatically seated and will immediately see the buy-in dialog. As a result, you would not have to click on a reserved seat anymore. If you have 'Auto-Buy-In (Ring Games)' enabled in the Options menu, you will be instantly bought in as well, without needing to make any more clicks. We appreciate that some players might not like this, so we have added an option to keep the old behavior. If you want to still click on a specific reserved seat manually, please uncheck Options>>Advanced Multi-table Options>>Auto-Seat Me after accepting reserved seat.

Other Updates
• 'Single-click table activation' will be turned on by default from now on. This setting is controlled from Options>>Advanced Multi-Table Options...
• Lobby scrolling of the list of games should be improved for players who are using a mouse which sends partial scroll updates.
• The 'Advanced Multi-Table Options' menu has been slightly changed to improve its usability.
• Various small bug fixes - lobby image settings not being applied correctly, redrawing of tables after resizing by external programs (Windows 7 or third party scripts) and others.

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news