majocar1 drives off with Twitter League prize

Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpg"majocar1" sped past the rest of the field this week to claim first place. 1,075 players took part in this Sunday's Twitter Poker League game. Two of the four nominated bounty players turned out this week, too, "Lunathick" and last week's winner "wampir69". "Ex-Ray24" was lucky enough to knock out the previous champ when his 4♦4♥ held in a flip vs. the K♠J♥ or "wampir69".

The Twitter Poker League is a fast-paced game, as you'll know if you take part. On the first break we had lost well over half the field with just 420 players left. An hour later just 158 players remained, five people short of being paid and by the time we reached the third break we only had 48 players left. Not long after the fourth break we had the last nine players sat around the final table. "Vipera40" lead the way with over 500k in chips, and catdog7700 was the shortest stack, with just 45k.


They say to start as you mean to go on, and that's exactly what "Vipera40" did. His first elimination set the tone for the majority of the final table. Just a few hands into the start of the final table "adnikadnik" called "vipera40"'s open with A♣J♦ and hit the J♥5♣9♦ flop wonderfully, "vipera40" who held K♦Q♣ decided to move all in with his gutshot straight draw and overcards. "adnikadnik" snap called with top-top and hi heart must have sunk as the T♥ came on the turn giving "vipera40" a straight. After the river K♠ "adnikadnik" was the first to leave, coming in 9th place this week for $11.82. Next to bust was the shortest stack "catdog7700" he got involved in a huge 3 way pot with his A♥J♥ vs the 6♥6♣ of chip leader "vipera40" and the A♦A♣ of "Rim0777". The board ran out Q♣K♦8♥ 8♦ 3♦ and "Rim0777" scored a double up and change, "vipera40" lost the chip lead and a sizeable chunk of his stack.

Some hands in the Twitter Poker League baffle me, even at the final table. "GORRSS" picked up Q♠T♠ and decided to limp with it, "vipera40" then shoved and "GORRSS" decided to call off his entire stack. In a strange kind of way he was right as "vipera40" only held J♦T♦ and was dominated preflop, however two diamonds on the Q♦8♦6♠ flop and the turn 7♦brought the flush for "vipera40" and it was game over for "GORRSS" who finished 7th for $31.71.

Six-handed play was becoming a lengthy ordeal, before the above huge hand took place. "majocar1" would have won the hand even without the set of tens on the turn, but I doubt he minded. "slims181" left in 6th place for $42.46 and former chip leader "vipera40" was crippled. "majorcar1" was now the overwhelming whip leader with over 600k and that hand was surely the defining moment of the final table. A bluff gone wrong was the downfall of "vipera40" a few hands later, when he kept firing with K♥8♠ on each street of the 5♦6♥9♦ 3♣ 3♥ board, only to be wisely called down by "smit8006" who held A♣6♣ for second pair. "vipera40"'s run was over and he claimed $53.21 for his 5th place finish this week.

Four-handed play didn't last long at all, as "smit8006" and "majocar1" got it all in blind vs. blind with 7♣7♠ and J♣J♠ respectively. The Jacks held easily by making a set on the flop and "smit8806" finished in 4th place taking $74.82 with him. Previously silent player "Improbus29" was the next to leave in third place, when his ambitious shove with Q♣3♣ on the K♦4♠Q♠ flop was crushed by "Rim0777" who held top pair with K♥T♦. The turn A♣ was of no help and the river T♠ only bettered "Rim0777"'s hand, making him two pair, so "Improbus29" left in a respectable third place taking over $100 with him.

Heads up play ensued, lasting a fairly average 17 hands, "majocar1" had a 2:1 chip lead to begin the match allowing him to really put the pressure on "Rim0777". Slowly but surely "majocar1" was racking up chips, by the time that "Rim0777" took a stand with his turned two pair with K♦7♣ on the 7♠2♠A♠ K♣ board it was basically too late. "majocar1" already held a flush with Q♠6♠ when the money went in on the turn, and the river J♠ didn't bring a lucky King or Seven for "Rim0777". "majocar1" took the win, the $186.20 prize money and 20 leaderboard points.

There are just two weeks left of this Season and competition is high. Nobody has more than 40 points yet, so back to back wins over the next two weeks and the league and the $700 Step 5 Ticket top prize is yours - simple. Next week's game is already open for registration and you can find it under the tourney ID: 380817746.

Giovanni Pellegrini
@PokerStars in News