March madness

teampro-thumb.JPGMy March was pretty mad. It was crazy, and I just about wanted to punch Butler in the stomach for binking off the remainder of my NCAA bracket. But, it was a pretty fun month too. There is no greater sweat than the NCAA tournament (outside of poker), and speaking of sweat, I actually got to sweat for a hot minute when I was in LA earlier this month.

I flew out to LA for "The Big Event." My buddy Stapes (who hosts the Big Game) picked me up at the airport, and I was completely in heaven already. No, not because Stapes is such a beautiful man, but because it was about 78 degrees in LA. I'm not sure what the temperature was when I left, but I'm almost positive it was "barely legal."

The way my schedule worked was that I had to fly on Saturday, so my Day 1 had to be Sunday - which was the five million dollar guarantee Sunday Million! Argh! At least I made up for it by winning the "The Big Event." Oh wait. No I didn't! I actually ended up busting on the last level of the day with a big flip TT vs. AK - but before that I had built up a HUUUUGE stack and managed to lose two monster pots when I flopped and turned the nuts and ended up losing to bigger hands at showdown. It was frustrating, though I guess it was for the best, since I had to be up at 4:30am one of the days to do a live local TV taping in Los Angeles. I actually did two TV spots while I was there, both with Jonathan Duhamel. I can honestly say that I really liked that dude a lot. I can't imagine a better person to hand the torch off to.


In between the two TV tapings, I hung out with Stapes a bit in Hollywood. We ate at a pretty cool Mexican joint called "The Velvet Margarita" where they played covers of popular Spanish. After we went to see "The Adjustment Bureau." Decent. And then even though neither of us really wanted to, we briefly discussed going to a club, but decided to go back to his place and watch "Jackass: 3D." Wow. Now that I read all that it kind of sounds like we were on a date. Well, he was a perfect gentleman, let me tell you.

A few days later, I ended up having to bail on one interview for the LA times, as I did have a date. I had to fly back to Detroit (with just hours to spare) since Trisha and I were going on a long-awaited cruise. I love Stapes and all, but I have to have my priorities straight.

As far as poker goes, I was starting to feel a little rusty and thought maybe it'd do me some good to "start over." You know, start playing lower stakes again, and see if I can build a bankroll the way I did a few years ago when I was just starting out. I'm not saying I'm going to do it, and I'm not making any challenges or promises, but I've been thinking about it. Just sayin - if you see me on PokerStars playing $2-$ know why.

Joe Cada
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