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Meet the PokerStars 60 billionth hand winner

ps_news_thn.jpgHundreds of thousands of you were online at PokerStars trying to hit the 60 billionth hand we'd ever dealt. With more than $100,000 in potential winnings, everyone wanted their chance to bag a fortune for free. Only one player could take it down, however, and the lucky man was Michael Rumsey.

Michael--screen name Pogo650--had been multi-tabling up to six tables during a long session lasting several hours. He had nearly called it a day before he spotted just how close PokerStars was to dealing the Mega Milestone 60 billionth hand.

"I'd been playing for a couple of hours, starting at around 12.30pm (GMT), but I decided to keep on playing so I had a chance to be in the hand. I think I was four-tabling at the time, possibly more," he said. "I was on $1/$2, $2/$4 and $5/$10 limit tables, and then it flashed up on the screen that we were in the winning hand on the $5/$10 table!"

That was at around 2.40pm (GMT), and to say Michael, a 26-year-old tax adviser, was thrilled would be something of an understatement.

"I could not believe my luck, and I rang my dad who was at his home multi-tabling nine tables, also trying to hit the PokerStars 60 billionth hand!" he said. "I think I must have burst his ear drum when I screamed down the phone that I had won."

When we contacted Michael to congratulate him on his $102,090 win--see details of his winning moment here--we discovered something of a coincidence: that he lived on the Isle of Man, not many miles from the PokerStars office!

It seemed like a good idea, therefore, to invite him along for a chat and a photo with PokerStars Blog, and he posed up happily for our picture overlooking the bay at Douglas.

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PokerStars player Michael Rumsey celebrates his win

He was still a bit in shock when he turned up, and explained he had been off work this week and was taking the opportunity to play on his favorite online poker site.

Michael has been playing on PokerStars since he first took up the game in 2007, and four years of grinding the cash games paid off in style when he took down the 60 billionth hand at $5/$10 limit table Isa II... with what was admittedly a rather feeble 3♣Q♥.

"Of course, I would not normally play Q-3 offsuit from middle position," he laughed. "But in this case I just stayed in the pot because I knew the promotion would pay a whole lot more to the hand winner."

Five players stayed in to the river, the 2♥K♠3♥6♦9♦ board paired his three - and that was good for the pot and $102,090!

So what did he plan to do with his new-found wealth? "Well I am going to trade in my ten-year-old Ford Fiesta car. It's only done 40,000 miles so I reckon I will get close to £2,000 for it. I will replace it with a lovely Honda S2000 as I have been looking at those for a while.

"I'll probably spend around £12,000 on a second-hand one of those; I'd never buy a new car. I'll invest the rest of the money although I have a few bills to take care of first - including a tax bill!"

You see, even tax advisers need to settle their tax bills.

While Michael looks forward to spending his new fortune, PokerStars continues on its Road to 100 Billion. Next up on the horizon is the 70 billionth hand celebration. Look for details of that toward the end of the summer.

In the meantime, congratulations to Michael Rumsey for his $102,090 win.

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