mikeehlers picks up TPL win

ps_news_thn.jpgMore players once again in this week's Twitter Poker League game; "mikeehlers" came out on top of the 1,327 strong field and claimed $223.30 for his efforts. This 7th week of the season took just five hours from start to finish, and there was plenty of action throughout. We had 4 bounty players as usual, with "DaBigBoss86" (@DaBigBoss86) "cparsley" (@cparsley1) "zombparadox" (@thewookieway) and "beekiemov" (@beekiemov) volunteering for the challenge of having a 300FPP prize on their heads.

First out was "DaBigBoss86" who was taken out by "zamyatinol" who held A♣A♠ when the money went in between the two of them; "DaBigBoss86" had A♥K♥ and was unable to come out on top. "zombparadox" had tweeted "@tpokerstars ok, you asked for it, playing on 3 hours sleep, if I'm lucky today!" when requesting to be a bounty this week and we can only assume he fell asleep as he was found sitting out for the majority of the game. When he woke up he was out, but tweeted to let us know what happened "@tpokerstars vagnsm: shows K♦K♣ (two pair, Kings and Deuces), ZomBParadox finished the tournament in 347th place" so "vagnsm" won the 300FPP bounty without too much trouble.

Next to go was "cparsley" in 185th, taken out just after the bubble broke, by "GryffinCA". As the last bounty player standing, eliminating "beekiemov" was now worth 500FPP, and seconds after that announcement he was bust. He lost a flip to stay in when his pocket 10s couldn't hold up vs. A♥Q♦, a disappointed @jaydee_97 said: "just went to look for bounty to find the table close as I got there and he's gone".

With all the players in the money and the all the bounty players out, the game became focused on reaching the final table. Before long we had our final nine players; "2mister-x", "ESSY ARMEN", "timbolious", "Thorax110", "mikeehlers", "maggus", "BadWolfOne", "lynatik2006", and "morar56" who was the dominant chip leader going into the final table.


"ESSY ARMEN" only had three big blinds heading into the final table, making no attempt to save themselves they folded down to their last 722 chips and got it all-in with A♣7♠ and finished in 9th place after losing to "BadWolfOne" who held 4♠4♦. Next to leave the Twitter Poker League final table was "Thorax110" who called all-in with 9♣9♥ vs. "2mister-x" who had raised under the gun with A♠K♠ as the board ran out Q♣A♥3♦ A♦ 8♠.

With seven players remaining, "morar56" slowly but surely began to lose chips. He then made a valiant attempt at bluffing "timbolius" on the 8♥9♥T♣ flop, but was caught red handed as he was going nowhere with his overcards and open ended straight draw, holding A♣J♦. "morar56" held only the Q♣7♠ for the sucker end of the straight draw and a gutshot. The turn and river bricked out for him 9♦ and 8♣ respectively, ace-high was good for "timbolius" and "morar56" finished in 7th for $38.48.

Play slowed down for a little while after that, but then as the blinds got higher and thus the stacks got shorter "lynatik2006" was soon out calling an under the gun all-in from "BadWolfOne", his 4♠4♦ was dominated by the 8♠8♦ and he was out in 6th. Shortly after that, "Maggus" shoved A♥J♠ from the button into K♦Q♥, the flip went the way of "BadWolfOne" when he made two pair kings and queens, this left us with four players and an overwhelming chip leader.

"mikeehlers" was by far the shortest stack but was staying alive by constantly steeling and re-stealing the blinds, lady luck was on his side too when a cooler fell his way in the form of A♦K♠ vs. A♣Q♠ blind on blind. After that double up he gained the chip lead and proved once again that everything can change very quickly in poker. A similar situation arose when "timbolius" shoved A♣Q♠ into "mikeehlers"' K♦Q♥ - the board ran out T♥9♣6♥ 6♣ so "timbolius" would win the hand unless and knock out "mikeehlers" unless he hit a King or a Jack on the river. The river was the J♣ and a double-up to over a million chips was had!

Competition was tight between these four players, and "2mister-x" was the next victim, he lost with K♥Q♠ to A♦T♣ of "BadWolfOne" to finish in 4th for $90.23. Three handed play didn't last long because "timbolius" was soon out when he called a shove with J♠9♦ out of the big blind, he was unable to beat the A♥4♣ of "BigWolfOne" and we were now heads up.

"mikeehlers" had a 2:1 chip lead heads up, which is always a huge advantage to have as you can put more pressure on your opponent. The heads up battle was over in just 25 hands, the key one being the last one, when both players held an ace.

7 final hand.PNG

That miracle 6 on the river will probably be in "mikeehlers" thoughts for a while. He took home $223.30 and 20 leaderboard points for the win, and "BadWolfOne" took $162.55 and 18 points for a very respectable 2nd. Next week is the final week of the season, anyone who has 14 points or more has a shot at winning - that's over 120 of you! Week 1 winner "Widush" is at the top right now with 33 points. Next week's game is already open for registration in the tournament lobby; you can find it by searching (CTRL+T) for tourneyID: 358316934. Good luck to you all.

Giovanni Pellegrini
@PokerStars in News