My trip to Deauville

teampro-thumb.JPGHi again, all!

In my last blog, I had just finished a trip to Nassau in the Bahamas and was about to spend a few days at home in Boucherville. My next trip was then a stop in France at Deauville, for the EPT - Deauville.

This small village of just 5000 inhabitants shows great charm. Old buildings and narrow streets, the look is rustic and comforting. Several of the biggest players in the world were there for the occasion, including Daniel Negreanu.

My first tournament was the main event, with an entrance fee of 5000 euros. Everything was going well until this huge hand happens: I call a raise from the small blind with JJ (pair of Jacks). The flop comes J-4-3, giving me the best hand at that time, a set of jacks!

I check to let my opponent bet, which he does. Immediately, I raise. He thinks a few seconds and reraised. I play a little comedy and announce all-in. He calls me instantly, showing a pair of kings.

I am heavily favoured to win the hand, with about 95%, but a king fell on the river and I lost the hand, and the tournament at the same time. Sometimes in poker, making good decisions is not enough! If the cards do not cooperate, nothing good happens!

I played two other tournaments, which went quite well, but not enough to allow me to cash in them. The last on the schedule was the high roller event. High buy-in, fewer players, but with a much stronger level of play.

A total of 58 players participated in the tournament with an entry price of 10,000 euros. We played for 12 hours and only 14 players were still present at the end of the day. I was then third in chips!

The next day went really fast and well, and we reached the final table. I was 3rd out of 9 at this time. After several hours of play, we were only 2 players remaining and I had a good advantage in chips. The final duel lasted about one hour, and I finally won the tournament, and the purse of 200 000 euros that goes with it! Wow! Only two months after my victory in Las Vegas, what a feeling it was to win another major tournament so fast!


I returned to Montreal for one day, soon to head back to Foxwoods. This casino was organizing a fundraising event where the 9 participants from the final table of the last World Series of Poker were present.

It has been a week where everyone had the opportunity to have fun and relax a little! I went to see 2 games of the Boston Celtics, and I also saw the famous Montreal-Bruins game! PS: I had my CH sweater and was ready to face the Bruins fans!

Then came the fundraising tournament where we were a total of 30 players, including the November 9 finalists. I finished in 5th place on 30, but finished 2nd of the group of 9.

Unfortunately, it's Matt Jarvis who finished in front of me, and I had made a bet with him. If I finished in a best position than him, he had to wear the Canadians jersey with the name Duhamel for 3 tournaments of the next WSOP. Given that he ended in a better position than I, I lost the bet and I will have to wear the Vancouver Canucks jersey with the name Jarvis! Small consolation, I will wear number 8, not 1!

I am now back in Montreal for a few days and I'll then fly for a long trip. On the menu, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc.. I'll spend several weeks on the West Coast for several tournaments, and I'll be shooting the PokerStars Big Game and the NBC Heads-Up Championship! Another long journey coming up, I'll keep you updated on the latest developments!

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Thank you and goodbye!

Jonathan Duhamel
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