Pogo650 takes Q3o to bank for $102K in PokerStars 60 billionth hand

ps_news_thn.jpg"I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself now," Pogo650 said.

There he sat at a $5/$10 limit hold'em table known as Isa II. Based on the history of smallish stakes limit poker grinders, the chance of Pogo650's afternoon being in any way exciting were...well, slim. They were perhaps even slimmer than 3♣Q♥ holding up in a five-way pot. But, this is PokerStars, a place where crazy things happen. This is PokerStars, a place where big milestones are celebrated in style. This is PokerStars, a place where Pogo650 picked up more than $100,000 for winning the 60 billionth dealt hand.

At 9:39am ET (2:39pm at Pogo650's home in the UK), with more than 200,000 people playing on PokerStars, the 60 billionth hand hit. It looked just like this.


As HostBob told the table, the six players at the table were all guaranteed $500 and all of their prizes would be increased based on the number of VIP Player Points they'd picked up at the table in the past 50 hands. The winner of the hand would win at least $60,000.

HostBob then said the two most important things he could. He told the table "The winner of the hand will have their prize money doubled. On top of that, they will receive an extra $60,000. And you can't win a hand by folding."

Team PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin put his tongue firmly in his cheek. "Play good," he said.

Team Online's Daleroxxu chimed in "Three UK guys. I'm rooting for half the table!"

And so the hand was underway. Hedgehog87 raised, and Pogo650 put in another bet. That's when a curious thing happened. Next to act, DrPepel folded. Ultimately came a series bets and checks that were essentially irrelevant to the size of the bonus money that was on the way. The upshot of all of it was this: when the river hit, the board had fallen as 2♥K♠3♥6♦9♦. We didn't see all the hands, but the important one belonged to Pogo650. He was sitting with the lowly 3♣Q♥, but he had a pair.

As Team Online's cnew27 put it, "Sometimes all you need is a pair."

Team Pro Pappe_Ruk put a finer point on it. He said, "You are rich now."

When all the VPPs were tallied up, Pogo650 had pocketed $102,090 (plus that all-important $147 pot) for winning the 60 billionth hand.


When the math was finished, the smallest winner at the table was MeisterHahn who banked a mere $11,040. The rest of the players pocketed $21,045! That included DrPepel, who claimed to have folded deuce-four, which wouldn't have won him the big prize, anyway. That didn't, as you might expect, get him much relief from the rail. In all, the 60 billionth hand paid out nearly $200,000.

Among the winning losers, Blue Baboon offered these last words: "I'm gonna go and faint."

Pogo650 sat with his chat off for a few minutes, before finally revealing, "I'm possibly the biggest luckbox alive over the last week or so. Two losing sessions ended in milestone hands."

We're just an hour or so removed from the big moment, so Pogo650 is still reeling in his win. For now, he only has two plans. First, he has to manually adjust his hold'em manager to account for that odd $102,090 win with queen-three. Next...well, as he put it: "I think I can afford to change my old banger of a car now."

Now, as PokerStars continues on its Road to 100 Billion, it's time to look forward to the 70 billionth hand party. Look for that sometime toward the end of the summer.

In the meantime, congratulations to Pogo650 for his $102,090 win.

If you'd like to see the 60 billionth hand as it played out, just click the play button on the re-player below.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news