PokerStars: Big money and opportunity don't take a weekend

ps_news_thn.jpgHere in a few hours, most of the world will be hopping on the train and headed back to the house for the weekend. They'll fire up the propane grill, throw some brats over the fire, and crack a nice light beer. They'll look out across the suburban landscape and think, "Wow, what a week. Now, the weekend."

At PokerStars, there is no such thing as a weekend. If anything, the tournaments get bigger, the money gets richer, and opportunity to win life-changing money is right up in your grill. Be careful not to set it alight.

As the chief button-masher around these parts, I looked around for the PokerStars news and thought, "It must have taken an early weekend." It's been sort of quiet in the hallways since SCOOP ended. Nevertheless, I sort of feel like it's my responsibility to give you something to do while you're winning all that spring-fresh PokerStars moolah. Fortunately, it's been quite a week and there's a lot to review. So, while you're loading up all the weekend majors, take a look back at all this stuff that happened in the past few days. It should keep you busy while you're folding ace-king to a five-bet.

  • Did you hear about brave-83? If not, you've probably done a poor job of trying to get on his friend-list at a pretty critical time. Not only did he win one of the coolest promotions PokerStars has ever put together, but now he gets to pick a bunch of friends and take them with him on the trip of a lifetime. Click either of those links if you're looking for a reason to be envious.

  • Once SCOOP finished up, big money poker players had to do something with their evenings. Good thing Super Tuesday is still super-ing it up. Martin Harris has the final table recap: Caloggero23 collects chips, captures 5/24/11 Super Tuesday title

  • If you missed the final table of the SCOOP $10,300 main event, have no fear. The good folks at have a full recap of the big action featuring the final table players: danskemann, Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis, Hernan "HN Kakaroto" Novick, Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro, GotURead, StigR, altiFC, Tagult, and el_klonkador. You can watch it by clicking the play button on the video below.
  • Finally, a tip of the hat to Tournament Leader Board winner Anders "Donald" Berg and SCOOP Main Event H winner Sami Kelopuro who both get their chance to say a few words in the final episode of Inside SCOOP. The show also features Liv Boeree, which is always nice.
  • (Oh, if you don't feel like watching that whole video, you can always just look at this picture below).


    Brad Willis
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