PokerStars milestone hand winners $200k richer

ps_news_thn.jpgHere's something to consider. Over the weekend, PokerStars gave away $208,164. Just gave it away. There was no betting, check-raising, back raising, or triple range merging going on. PokerStars just gave away more than two hundred grand. These people won it for just being involved in one of the first hundred milestone hands on the way to PokerStars 70 billionth.

I've long ago given up the idea of trying to conceptualize just how many hands 70 billion is. I just know it's a lot. I also know that in the run-up to that big one, PokerStars has picked out 300 hands to give away money like the $200k that players picked up this weekend. That is a long way of saying, PokerStars gave away a bunch of money this weekend, it's doing it again all day today, and it will continue to do it until the 70 billionth hand pops up.

Seriously, if you haven't logged on to PokerStars in the past 48 hours, you might have missed that little box in the top right corner of the lobby. It lets you know how many hands are dealt until a table full of people wins another hunk of cash. I mean, just look at this list of 70 billionth hand milestone winners. There are people on there winning thousands of dollars just for logging a little time at the tables and then hitting a big one.

In case you missed the explanation, everybody who is dealt into a milestone hand gets $50, plus another $50 for every VIP Player Point they earned in the previous 50 hands. It works very much the same way for the 70 billionth hand, but it's much bigger. The winner of the hand will have his or her prize doubled and will receive an additional prize of $70,000.

A few months ago, "yllams" was enjoying a nice New Zealand winter when he picked up $68,420 at a $0.10/$0.25 six-max table when he hit the 65 billionth hand. That month, PokerStars gave more than $770,000 to more than 1,600 players during the days leading up to the big hand.

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PokerStars 65 billionth hand

That should be enough incentive. If not, click that link up there to see how people are picking up cash like it was Halloween candy. You can keep track of the countdown and learn all you need to about the promotion by checking out the Road to 100 Billion homepage.

In the meantime, I encourage you to stop reading for a while and start grinding a little bit. There won't be too many more days of this fun until somebody hits the big one. Time's a wasting, friends. Get to work.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news