PokerStars qualifier Fabian Deimann takes down the Estrellas Poker Tour San Sebastian

ps_news_thn.jpgAfter four intense poker action days, the Estrellas San Sebastian finished with PokerStars qualifier Fabian Deimann as the winner of the event. Fabian takes home the trophy, a first prize of €64,600 and a ticket to the EPT Barcelona. Jorge Ufano, who also qualified at PokerStars finishes in 2nd position taking home €41,000 and Daniel Hernandez ends in 3rd position for €22,800.

In this Estrellas leg, which takes place at the Kursaal Casino from 26th until 29th May, attended a total of 290 players making a total prize pool of €253,344. In total 32 players, coming from 23 different countries, have cashed in.

The final day started with 13 players, and the final table was very slow. But after level 20 the players started to burst out really quickly and in level 26 we came to the heads-up between two PokerStars qualifiers: the German Fabian Deimann and the Spanish Jorge Ufano. The winner told us: "I cannot still believe it! Let me some time to think about how I'm feeling." Congratulations, Fabian!


The next event will be the EPT Barcelona, which will take place at the Barcelona Casino from 27th August until 4th September.

ESPT Staff
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