PokerStars' Road to 100 Billion is back

ps_news_thn.jpgWhen it comes to the Department of Big Numbers, PokerStars has it covered. Every five billion hands we deal, we celebrate by giving away piles of cash to our players. It's another way for us to say thanks for your loyalty. Only a few months ago, we were celebrating 60 billion hands, a promotion that saw hundreds winning free money in the lead-up to the mega milestone hand. When it came to the actual magic number, Michael Rumsey--screen name Pogo650--won $102,090, just for being in the 60 billionth hand and winning it.

As you'll know, with PokerStars being so popular it does not take long for the next milestone hand celebration to come round. On our Road to 100 Billion, it's time to open up for business with the 65 Billionth hand giveaway.

Taking part could not be easier. To be a Road to 100 Billion winner, you simply need to play on PokerStars cash game tables and be dealt into a millionth hand from 64,700,000,000 to 65,000,000,000 (e.g. 64,902,000,000). If you do, you'll receive a cash prize that could be worth thousands of dollars.

If you're lucky enough to win the 65th billionth hand, just like Rumsey did at the end of March, then you'll receive at least $65,000! During the 65 Billion hand celebration, players can expect to win close to $1,000,000 in prizes.

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Michael Rumsey

As usual, there are ways to maximise your chances of winning: play more tables and if you can, play longer sessions because the size of your prize will depend on how many VIP Player Points you have accumulated on a winning table prior to the milestone hand hitting. Finally, consider playing disciplines that generate bigger pots to help you build those points faster - limit hold'em or Pot Limit Hold'em would generally do that.

See here for examples of how the PokerStars Milestone Hand prizes are worked out.

So, with 300 regular milestone hands up for grabs, starting at 64,700,000,000 and the magic Mega Milestone Hand at 65,000,000,000, you'd be wise to start keeping an eye on the hand numbers currently in play. To do so, you'll find the current total at the top of any open cash table.

You can also see a running counter at the top of the Road to 100 Billion page, which also has all the info you need on this exciting promotion.

Good luck to you all, and we'll see you at the tables.

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news