PokerStars Sunday majors results (10-16-11)

ps_news_thn.jpgIt was a normal day by most accounts. The sun rose. The sun set. People logged on to PokerStars. Poker was played. A bunch of people won a lot of money. Oh...and there were two Sunday Millions and Sunday Warm-Ups. So, not normal at all is what I'm saying.

Let's start with what we know, shall we? Let's talk about what we know existed. Let's talk about things as if we were seeing only one thing at a time.

As Jen Newell reported, this week's Sunday Million hosted more than 7,000 players, the final five of who cut a deal and eventually gave the lion's share to the UK's acozubi. You can read that story right here: Acozubi aces the Sunday Million and wins $145K

$215 Sunday Million (5-way deal)
1. acozubi (United Kingdom) $145,000.00
2. achen (Canada) $112,000.00
3. Allin_Tasse (Germany) $142,500.00
4. bolgergay (Ireland) $112,500.00
5. AlexTz30 (Cyprus) $100,118.38
6. bergeroo (United Kingdom) $43,685.20
7. EvnomiYa (Russian Federation) $30,297.80
8. Zanjong (Sweden) $16,910.40
9. chaosTHCAD Poland $10,921.30


Final table of Sunday Million Pt. 1

But that wasn't all. No, sir. Not all at all. Just half an hour after the first Sunday Million kicked off, another Sunday Million began. This one went to 2010 WCOOP bracelet winner Kroko-dill.

$215 Sunday Million II (3-way deal)
1. Kroko-dill (Russian Federation) $159,455.92
2. pececada (Denmark) $126,101.07
3. goba373 (Russian Federation) $102,520.54
4. Halfrek (Denmark) $61,720.60
5. PoKerEnD8 (Vietnam) $46,427.00
6. LeBronn2333 (Russian Federation) $35,503.00
7. L501 (Germany) $24,579.00
8. SuperFlyHard (Canada) $13,655.00
9. YodaInG (Korea, Republic of) $8,739.20

We should've see all this coming (in double, mind you). Before it happened with the Sunday Million, it happened first to the Sunday Warm-Up. David Aydt has the story of Part One of the Sunday Warm-Up in: WCOOP victory not enough, knecht_poker takes down $115K in win.

$215 Sunday Warm-Up (2-way deal)
1. knecht_poker (Mexico) $115,500.00
2. inheritance (Canada) $107,153.84
3. Vingtcent (Netherlands) $67,039.50
4. moussy69 (Lebanon) $46,724.50
5. nutsbabyaa (Denmark) $34,535.50
6. zarabatana (Portugal) $26,409.50
7. f0ni21 (Norway) $18,283.50
8. powerpokerBR (Brazil) $10,157.50
9. dUT73 (Denmark) $6,500.80

Here is how the second version of the Warm-Up turned out.

$215 Sunday Warm-Up II ($500K Gtd)
1. Method999 (Germany) $119,823.75
2. Scarer (United Kingdom) $89,294.40
3. hahila (Denmark) $62,964.00
4. n@ch0_666 (Mexico) $43,884.00
5. ReD-ClouD777 (Switzerland) $32,436.00
6. DonkoDog (United Kingdom) $24,804.00
7. Her087 (Germany) $17,172.00
8. bEatNicK"OG" (Canada) $9,540.00
9. AliStatus33 (Canada) $6,105.60

For a complete look at how all the other big tournaments of the weekend went, check out the 10-16-11 Sunday majors results page.

Now, get on with your week and try to enjoy seeing in single vision again.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news