PokerStars Sunday tournament results (1-2-10)

ps_news_thn.jpgThis is the morning everyone is waking up from 72 hours of New year celebrations and saying to themselves, "So, this is how 2011 is going to be." Here's to hoping that you're saying it in a good way.

Among the people who seem to be having a good year so far is Isildur1. Last night, he played the notorious Tony G. in the SuperStar Showdown. Our Change100 was there for every brutal second of it. Over a marathon nine-hour battle, Isildur1 took more than $46,000 off The G.

Meanwhile, all of PokerStars' big Sunday tournaments were running strong. Martin Harris covered the story of the Sunday Warm-Up and turned out this story of its end: 7de9 wins races, gets aces, takes 1/2/11 Sunday Warm-Up.

A bit later, the Sunday Million celebrated its first run of the New Year with our Jen Newell. She offered up the following story of the final table: He77_Razor slices competition and takes first Sunday Million title of 2011.


Want to see all the people who kicked off 2011 in the best way? Check out our 1-2-11 PokerStars Sunday tournament results page.

Don't fret, there are still more than 50 more Sundays to go this year. You still have time!

Happy New Year!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news