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PokerStars weekend planner

ps_news_thn.jpgI woke this morning with a sense of urgency. It was as if David Caruso was urging me from slumber and to the keyboard. Though I've spent about 60 hours typing this week, Caruso and I could rest no more until the following important items appeared as one.*

This final weekend of March is going to be a hot one. Steamy even. You could easily read this post, load the PokerStars software up, and not be bored until it's time to go back to work (or whatever you people do) on Monday. Ready for the agenda? Here we go.

  • The Road to 100 Billion: 60 Billion continues. Milestone hands are hitting right and left and you only have a few more days to get in on this part of the party. Get to playing, and click on over to see some of the people who have won so far: PokerStars 60 Billionth milestone hand winners.

  • The Sunday Storm (formerly known as the Sunday 1/4 Million) is kicking off Sunday with a $1 million guarantee and guaranteed $200,000 first prize. All that for an $11 buy-in. Make an appointment for that one.

  • The Isildur1 vs. Daniel Negreanu Re-Match is on for 3pm ET. Negreanu is bringing back $150,000 to see if he can get back the $150,000 he lost last week.
  • blom_negreanu_showdown_2.jpg

  • In case you didn't check your calendar, this is also the final Sunday of the month, which means the full slate of big Sunday tournaments, including the Sunday Million, Sunday Warm-Up, the Turbo Takedown, and the Battle of the Planets. We'll have wrap-ups of all of those events shortly after they are finished.
  • If that doesn't keep you busy this weekend, give me a call and we can chat about David Caruso. But, seriously, go play. Caruso can wait.

    *Yes, I was dreaming about David Caruso. No, it was in no way erotic. Yes, I feel a little weird about it anyway.

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