PokerStars Women's Poker League gets into full swing

women_thumb.jpgWomen are now the largest-growing demographic in poker and this is very evident twice weekly as women from around the globe converge online to play in the women's league tournaments on PokerStars.

The Poker Stars Women's Poker League is now in the second month of the first full season of competition with "carboncopy9" and "yougotzara'd" heading up the March leader boards in the $0.10 and $1.10 leagues respectively. Throughout both leagues there have been 15057 points earned by the top 100 women of the month. Each of those points has lead 100 players to monthly cash prizes and is getting each player closer to the yearly grand prize of a trip to a PokerStars Women's Live Event Package.

Women who play poker are rapidly becoming more and more competitive. There is no longer a wide divide between those who play seriously and those who are strictly social players. The gap is closing and the leagues are a combination of beginning players who are just learning the ropes to seasoned players who are looking to enhance their skills.
About the women of PokerStars.

Virginia "Xyouarehere" Hendrickson is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Virginia learned to play poker from her son a few years ago and she is doing him proud in the Women's League. Throughout last year Virginia remained consistently at the top of the leader board. Now into the first full season she captured 3rd place in the February $0.10 league and 18th in the $1.10 league. The month of March brought more success and brought her closer to her goal of playing in a PokerStars Women Live Event with a 6th place finish in the $1.10 league.

As any poker player can tell you, tournaments require long hours and tons of patience. Virginia has put in the long hours and is doing her best not to tilt during those times that can test the patience and emotional control of even seasoned professionals. "The rewards are seeing my play get better and the nice ladies I play with," says Virginia.

Virginia works on her game and plays poker almost every day. Her goals of winning the Sunday Million and the WSOP might seem out of reach to some, but Virginia's skill, determination and the level of competition that she brings to every game give her the tools she needs to bring her one step closer every time she plays.

Roni "soulsearchin" Taylor has surrounded herself with women's poker for the past 20 years. She started out as a dealer coordinator at the Bicycle Casino and is now the Women's Poker Liaison at the Bike. Roni has been a part of women in poker longer than many of the popular pros and long enough to see women grow from occasional players to the competitive force that now frequent the online and live tables.

The southern California native learned poker from husband back when they were dating. Little did she know that the position she took as a dealer on her 21st birthday would not only become a permanent job that she would enjoy for many years but would become a passion that would turn her into an influential woman in the poker industry.

Roni's experiences in the PokerStars Women's League have lead to many new friendships and have put her on the road to attaining her goal of a WSOP bracelet. In March she finished second in both leagues and in February fell just shy of the top 10, placing 11th in the $1.10 league. In closing Roni says: "I love playing the leagues! It's so nice getting to know all the girls."

The tables below list the top ten players in each league with point totals for the month of March. Come play in the PokerStars Women's League and you may see your name listed here next month!

Monthly Top 10
$0.10 League

carboncopy9, 140
soulsearchin, 131
rubille, 127
cassie13, 124
KJM688, 118
Pat pokergal, 115
Nakita748, 113
Tammi-1 106
Jorrah, 104
innute, 103

Monthly Top 10
$1.10 League

yougotzara'd, 167
soulsearchin, 156
Action1888, 143
Tammi-1, 134
Xyouarehere, 119
maadcaroma, 114
Gwyneth2112, 108
gephoto08, 107
walibifreak1, 104

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Amy Zupko
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