Pre-Halloween Women's Sunday doles out lots of treats

Thumbnail image for PS Women logo.jpgThe Women's Sunday tournament with its new $10K guarantee got underway on the day before Halloween with another strong showing and several pros from the PokerStars lineup on board. Team PokerStars Pro players Ana Marquez and Liv Boeree were in, along with Team PokerStars Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome and Friend of PokerStars Charlotte Van Brabander.

Players at Table 7 got off to a challenging start with Liv and Ana both at their table, but luckily for them, Ana was moved to another table in the first few minutes, and soon doubled-up. Adrienne made early strides with a big stack but got dealt a killer hand and was knocked out in 181st place. Charlotte followed soon behind and Liv hung on until the second hour but exited in 76th place. Ana was left to carry the flag for the PokerStars pros and she made a strong run, maintaining a dangerous chip stack throughout most of the tournament and finishing in 30th place.

An appropriate hand, considering the calendar date, came about an hour and half into the tournament and took place between Ana and a player with the screen name of DrakulaAA. It was a scary match-up when Ana pushed all-in with A-A and "Drakula" called with K-J. It looked bad at first for Ana when a jack came on the flop, but Ana's aces prevailed for a big double-up for her at just the right time. DrakulaAA quickly recovered, however, and went on the once again be a frightening force in the tournament, and continuing her assault all the way to the final table.

Following this hand, Ana's onslaught continued with several more double-ups which put her into fourth place a little over two hours into the tournament when play was down to 48. She pushed several hands and finally saw the end of her tournament in 30th when she called an all-in pre-flop against 7-7 with 2-2 and lost.


Ana Marquez

Play got to hand-for-hand a little more than two hours into it and a minute later all 45 players were in the money. About an hour later we were at the final table with players from Germany, Norway, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, and three from Spain.

Final Table Wrap-up
First out was katwoman2010 and sachivila followed shortly after when she was all in against a pair of sixes pre-flop and the board didn't pair. Next out was LIEBLING in seventh with DrakulaAA finally meeting her demise a few hands later all-in pre-flop with A♠2♥ when she was called by 9♦9♣. There was no ace on the board and DrakulaAA was out. Bringing in fifth was evjerson from Sweden and in fourth was rῢdiger1958 from Austria. Third place went to Paulit84 who pushed with K♠7♦ pre-flop and was called by McBeccy with J♥8♠. It was a heartbreaker hand with paulit84 catching a king on the flop but then losing when McBeccy hit a jack and an eight on the turn and river.

And then we were heads-up with two players who had been pushing each other hard throughout the final table. When we got down to nine, McBeccy was short-stacked but started playing very aggressively. She gradually increased her stack until she moved into third with HELENLINDES in second. They went head-to-head several times and by the time we got to two they were very close in chips. A pivotal hand near the end took most of HELENLINDES chips and McBeccy hit a set of fours against a pair of eights. Then the final hand played out with McBeccy hitting a set a tens against A-5 and she became the winner.

Total players: 282
Prize pool: $ 14,100.00
Paid finishers: 45

Women's Sunday Special Edition Results for 10/30/11:
1st place: McBeccy ($2,728.35) Sweden
2nd place: HELENLINDES ($2,044.50) Spain
3rd place: paulit84 ($1,551.00) Spain
4th place: rῢdiger1958 ($1,163.25) Austria
5th place: evjerson ($803.70) Norway
6th place: DrakulaAA ($620.40) Hungary
7th place: LIEBLING ($479.40) Germany
8th place: sachivila ($338.40) Spain
9th place: katwoman2010 ($246.75) Portugal

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Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in PokerStars news