Red Spade Open promises $200k first prize for $55

ps_news_thn.jpgOf all the things you say about PokerStars today, make sure you say this: it's a place to find some great value. If questioned, you need only point to this weekend's special event, the Red Spade Open.

On Sunday July 31, PokerStars is hosting its first-ever Red Spade Open, a $55-buy-in no-limit hold'em event with a $1 million guarantee. As if that wasn't enough, PokerStars is guaranteeing that first place earns at least $200,000.

All that for $55 bucks? Value city, friends.

Want more? Fine.

You might have heard a little something over the summer about five members of Team PokerStars Pro winning World Series of Poker bracelets. If you manage to make it into the Red Spade Open this weekend, keep an eye out for these guys and their fellow Team Pros. Anyone with a Red Spade next to his or her name (Team Pro or Team Online) will have a $100 bounty on their head.


Andre Akkari, one of the potential targets in this weekend's Red Spade Open

The tournament kicks off at 15:00 ET (21:00 CET) on Sunday. You can register for it under the "Tourney-Special" tabs. Or if you're looking for even more value, there are satellites running around the clock for as little as $1.10.

For more information, see the Red Spade Open homepage.

Go forth and make some money!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news