Supernova Night Out: Montreal

ps_news_thn.jpgSummertime in Montreal. It's hard to explain to my warmer climate friends why this is something to celebrate. Like a Grizzly Bear coming out of hibernation, a similar phenomenon occurs once a year in the frigid wastelands of Quebec. Our awakening happens on the first day you need to turn a fan on; the girls are no longer hiding behind parkas, the warm corduroys have been exchanged for skirts, and there isn't an empty table on any patio in town - at 2pm on a Tuesday. It's as close to an unofficial holiday as you can get. However, for our local PokerStars players on the Supernova Elite pursuit, I was a bit worried that all of this might pass them by as the hours in front of a computer piled up. Which brings us to this past Saturday, when PokerStars treated a group of Supernovas to a great night out!

After a scrambled meet-up in the heart of Old Montreal amidst a sea of jugglers and circus hopefuls, our group of 15 grinders slowly formed itself. It's apparently easier than I expected to spot a poker player among a throng of 2,000 tourists. Eager not to miss the boat, literally, we moseyed on down to the Harbour-front where a luxurious Catamaran awaited us.


Once aboard, we were shown to our tables on the second deck giving us a prime view of the best Old Montreal has to offer, and the PokerStars Open Bar was flowing before we could even get in an appetizer order. It was immediately apparent that this night wasn't going to be ending early. After some more introductions, some friendly barbs during an exchange of screennames - "Dude, why do you HAVE to keep 4-betting so light" and a healthy share of ridiculous prop bets ( ***Disclaimer: Even the Lords of gratuitous degeneracy do not approve of $100 Rock-Paper-Scissors matches before Midnight), we eventually got around to having dinner.

A foie gras chutney, filet mignon and several bottles of wine later, we were ready to make our way top side for a Fireworks show as our Catamaran powered its way down the Saint-Lawrence seaway. From here on, the night took on its own life. Friends were made - fun was had, and we eventually found ourselves sitting down with some cold drinks and a tasty bottle of Grey Goose on the rooftop patio of scenic Club Vu.


Three gleeful BronzeStars upon hearing news of the August VIP Club Mega Month promotion

Whether I concluded the night by embarrassing myself on the dance floor is immaterial (and Grey Goose runbad). What matters is that in the end, as a cool breeze drifted in off the water to remind us that these summer days are to be cherished in Montreal, we toasted to PokerStars and a night that would not soon be forgotten. And then, someone asked me if I wanted to flip for the cab ride home.


Do you even have to ask?
Dylan C - VIP Coordinator

Dylan C
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