SuperStar Showdown: Blom in danger? We'll see.

isildur1.jpgViktor Blom isn't the type of guy who seems like he considers danger. Depending on the day, he's either the Roadrunner or Wile E. Coyote. On neither day, however, does it appear he gives one diddly-damn whether he's in peril. As he told me a couple of months ago over a beer, "I can always win money."

Blom's SuperStar Showdown matches currently have him in the black. While he's taken some losses, he's still way ahead on the balance sheet, thanks in large part to his dismantling of Daniel Negreanu for $150,000 in their first match.

Blom isn't sitting back and resting on a pile of money, however. Over the next two Sundays, Blom will take on fellow nosebleeder Scott '"urnotindangr" Palmer. They'll play the first $2,500 hands over four tables of $50/$100 NLHE on Sunday April 3. Then, assuming all goes to plan, they'll be back for another 2,500 hands on April 10.


We know you folks love your Isildur1 coverage, so we'll be back on the case with a complete wrap-up of the action Sunday night. For a look back on a whole bunch of words about Viktor Blom, see all of our previous Isildur1 coverage.

Tune in to PokerStars Sunday at 3pm for the first round of action.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in News