Team PokerStars Online's Adrienne Rowsome keeps it real

PS Women logo.jpgFor Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome life is about more than making money and grinding it out at the poker tables. The PokerStars Team Online player makes some serious cash playing poker but you won't find her in front of a dozen computer monitors every day clicking away for hours on end. Instead you will find the Canadian from Edmonton at her full-time job as an occupational therapist or on the baseball field where she plays slow-pitch softball on a team. Or you might find her at the local pub where she and her buddies from the team like to hang out afterwards. For Adrienne, poker is a way to add some fun to what is already a very full life. Some fun as in a new car, a BMW to be exact, that she calls her "dream car." Some fun as in a shopping trip for some new accessories like jewelry and designer purses. Fun as in a new house that her PokerStars winnings helped her buy.

Adrienne got into poker at the urging of one of her friends who told her she would be good at the game, but she admits to having some anxieties at first. She got over them by watching her friend play a few times and soon posted a $60 buy-in on PokerStars that got her started. Since that day she has racked up earnings of over $250,000 playing poker. But she says she doesn't identify herself as a poker player to people at first, since it's something she does for fun. It's her job as an occupational therapist that "gives her life meaning and helps people." In her mind she's an occupational therapist first and a poker player second.


Adrienne Rowsome

For Adrienne, poker is all about fun and she approaches the game as a hobby. She says that she enjoys it so much she would "play poker for nothing." Her favorite game is Omaha-8 and her best result so far is a final table at the PokerStars 2011 WCOOP (World Series of Online Poker) $320 8-Game tournament where she cashed for $13,000. She also loves to play the Women's Sunday tournament and has final-tabled that tournament five times // says she is proud of the way women are represented on PokerStars and enjoys playing the tournaments designed to help women get into the game.

To see how much fun poker can be and how to keep it real, see the new PokerStars TV documentary, 'talonchick'--A Short Film by Team PokerStars Online. And to meet Adrienne 'talonchick' in person, come to the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) where she will play the PokerStars Canada Cup, courtesy of online qualifying on PokerStars.

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