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VIP Club: When one Porsche just won't do

VIP-Club.jpgSpencer Cossette is tall. He walks with the laid-back but self-assured air of a man who has it all. He'll learn your name within seconds of knowing you and probably remember it forever. Some days he'll wake up at noon and be taking a nap by 3pm. He can seemingly do whatever he wants. That's how he's bought two Porsches from the PokerStars VIP Club with nothing but Frequent Player Points.

"I had a several million FPP just sitting in my account, so I figured I should put them to use," Cossette said this week.

In 2005, Cossette deposited $50 on PokerStars. He's one of the people who never had to deposit again. Since then, he's been a Supernova Elite three times and plays high-stakes SNGs whenever he feels like it. He'll play the nine-man, six-man, or heads-up SNG tourneys. It doesn't matter to Cosssette. He's an SNG specialist who plays the high-stakes SNGS for freedom and profit. The emphasis there is really on "freedom."

"I can find a game 24 hours a day and be playing within minutes," he said. "I can basically stop playing at any time. I don't know how guys can play MTT's and be stuck at the computer for 10 or more hours."

When PokerStars introduced the VIP Club several years ago and took over the long-standing FPP store, the Porsche was the high-dollar luxury item that seemed out of almost anybody's reach. Five years ago this summer, future Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri became the first to spend his three million FPPs on a Porsche. Since then people have done it time and again but never to the degree that Cossette has displayed.

"I decided to get the first Porsche to motivate me to play more hours which thus would make me more money and also more points," he said. "I guess it was sort of a reward for my hard work and also it was--and still is--the best value per FPP from the store."

You'll note, Cossette mentioned his first Porsche as if it were something he no longer needed. That is, in fact, the case. The Porsche Cayenne he got a few years ago is now in other hands.

"I gave the Cayenne to my parents as a thank you for all they have done for me," Cossette said.

Now, Cossette is the proud owner of a brand new, white Porsche Panamera, a vehicle worth five million FPPs, or roughly the equivalent of the minimum FPPs a Supernova Elite earns in a year.


Spencer Cossette and his tale of two Porsches

As you might imagine, the life of a man who can buy two Porsches with something as intangible as Frequent Player Points is one to be envied. When Cossette isn't grinding SNGs, he's finding other ways to mainline life's marrow. In the past year, he's traveled to South Africa for the World Cup with a side trip to Mozambique. After spending the WSOP in Vegas, it was off to Madrid for a wedding. He bounced around South America for the LAPT in Argentina, skiing in Chile, and partying in Colombia. After that, he's been hitting the slopes all over the world (including EPT Snowfest) and visiting his girlfriend in the Cayman Islands.

It's fair to ask what a man who spends so much time on planes plans to do with a luxury sports car. Even Cossette isn't entirely sure. He calls it his "new toy," one which may spend more time parked than flying down the Toronto freeways.

"The traffic around my condo is terrible," he said.

Now, if PokerStars would get around to putting a Leer jet in the VIP Store, Spencer Cossette might have something to do with all the FPPs he'll earn this year. In the meantime, the salesman the Porsche dealership is standing by.

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