Win a $100,000 trip to the Game of Your Life

ps_news_thn.jpgIf this new PokerStars promotion had been released last Friday, everyone would've thought it was an April Fools' Day gag. It's that crazy.

This new promo is the ultimate fantasy for a sports fan. It's the type of thing you'd discuss over beers with your friends. It would sound a little like this:


(Interior: Pool hall, late night, sitting around a table covered in empty pint glasses and half-eaten plates of cheese fries)

Friend #1 (slurring): Man, I tellya, I love sports. I mean, all of'em. I'd marry'em. I would!

Friend #2 (also slurring): You know what I'd like? I like to just pick one game. Just one. The biggest game I'll ever see. Take all my friends. Sit front row! For free!

Friend #1: Man, you're just being silly. Hey, you think I could balance that plate of cheese fries on my head?


Now, in one of PokerStars most mind-boggling promotions in recent memory, the above fantasy is no longer just the mental illness inspired by too many plates of cheese fries. It's a reality.

The PokerStars Game of Your Life will give one lucky winner a package worth $100,000. What does the winner get? It's hard to even type this without laughing.

The winner of the Game of Your Life will win a trip to any sporting event, anywhere in the world. The winner will get free front row tickets for as many friends as he or she wants to take. All the seats, travel, and accommodations will be covered by PokerStars.

Front row SuperBowl? Sure.

Stanley Cup Finals on the glass? Why not?

West Pelzer Rec League Softball Tournament bleachers? Well, that wouldn't be the best value, but sure.

I'll be honest. I heard about this the other day and started asking questions of my friends at PokerStars. I wanted to know how they're going to do it. I begged for answers. How can they get tickets to the front row of the SuperBowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA finals, or the West Pelzer Rec League? No one would answer me, except to assure me it was possible and that I should stop asking questions.

I stopped asking questions.


There are a ton of free ways to qualify for five weekly $100,000 events that lead up to the Grand Final on the sixth week. There are also some deposit and reload bonuses available during the promotion.

For full details, visit the PokerStars Game of Your Life information page.

And if you win, consider the fact this will be an epic moment and should probably be recorded for posterity. I'm happy to take one of those free tickets if you need a scribe along for the ride. Just sayin'.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news