April 2012

30 April

EPT Monaco Ladies event: Selbst leads as 12 remain

We are now down to 12 in the €1,000 NLH Women's event here in Monte Carlo. After much discussion on how many levels to play this evening we have finished after level 9 but still six off the money. Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst has a tremendous lead after some...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: Unstoppable Bonomo blazes again

Certain things are just easier in a High Roller's world. You need to get to Monte Carlo from Nice? Helicopter it is, or maybe give the Ferrari a spin. You want a round of drinks, and one for the nanny, there's your €1,000, no problem. Similarly, if you need to...more

EPT8 Monaco Ladies event: Three cheers for Lucille!

The atmosphere around the final table tonight has been electric as France willed their player over the finish line. Lucille Cailly of France put in the performance of her life and so narrowly missed out on taking down the EPT Grand Final title. She ended heads-up against Mohsin Charania...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: Pateychuk bubbles

No matter how many poker tournaments you cover, in no matter how many casinos around the world, the fact that this place has a self-cleaning toilet is amazing bubble time is always kind of tense. It might be counter-intuitive to most casual observers, however, to learn that the higher the...more

EPT8 Monaco: Mohsin Charania crowned EPT Grand Final Champion

Mohsin Charania was crowned The PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final champion tonight after the type of final that went exactly the way it should have done. Sure, the romantics wanted the first woman to reach an EPT Grand Final, Lucille Cailly, to win in front of a...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: Negreanu fits in with the leaders

As you may have noticed if you have been following our colleagues over on the dark side of PokerStars Blog, the main event of the Grand Final - sorry, the main event of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final - is over. They are wandering the halls, breaking...more

EPT8 Monaco: Season's greatest players; Gruissem and other overlooked talents

The EPT Season 8 awards are due to be given out at the closing party on Tuesday rewarding a select elite for their grind over the last nine months. They'll all have earned their plaudits but plenty of other unsung heroes will have to remain in the shadows. Don't ask...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: Badecker more than holds his own

Andrew Badecker had a long wait at bagging time last night. As is customary on the EPT, the clock was stopped when it still showed 15 minutes in the day's final level, then tournament staff told dealers to distribute five more hands. This stops people stalling to miss out on...more

SCOOP 2012: Google the rules!

SCOOP starts this Sunday (like you didn't know already) and I'm getting ready to get my grind on. I'm planning on playing as many events as possible, and I'm excited about the variety of games offered in this year's schedule. The world outside the familiarity of the NLH tourney can...more

EPT8 Monaco: Hotting up on the TV table

There's the growing anticipation among the crowd that they'll get their French winner. Lucille Cailly's rail has increased over the course of the afternoon. Ilan Boujenah has a wig on but after several hours their €10 price tag is beginning to itch a little. EPT Berlin winner Davidi Kitai...more

EPT8 Monaco Ladies event: Ladies Day at the EPT Grand Final

It may be raining outside but nothing is dampening the spirits of the female players inside the tournament area of the The PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. The €1,000 Women's Event has just kicked off with 35 runners and over on the Main Event Final Table Lucille...more

Road to 100 Billion: Milestone hands starting today

Your tank is full of fuel. You've packed a cooler full of snacks. The in-dash navigation system is ready to roll. For you and the rest of the world, the next leg on the Road to 100 Billion starts today. Sometime around 16:00 ET today, the milestone hands in the...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: A Round With Ivey and Boeree...

Even in this world of shimmering stars, there is imbalance in the universe. Some tables seem even more stacked than others, a feat that might initially appear impossible. But here's proof. Table 45 began today looking like this: 1 - Liv Boeree, 2 - Mike McDonald, 3 - Faraz Jaka,...more

EPT8 Monaco: Season's greatest moments; "Martin! It is enough!"

The EPT Barcelona final table was a brutally long affair. After 13 hours of play Eugene Katchalov toppled in third ending the Ukrainian's hopes of completing his triple crown. It took an hour more for Martin Schleich to edge out Dragan Kostic to take the title, but not before one...more

EPT8 Monaco: Spaniards left hanging as Gomez busts in eighth

It's happened again. There will be no Spanish winner of the The PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. Jesus, donde esta mis zapatos!* That became fact with the departure of Daniel Gomez in eight place ending, for another season, the prospect of a first Spanish champion. But there...more

PokerStars weekend review (4-29-12)

If April showers do indeed bring May flowers, the coming month should be about as colorful as we ever wanted. The April news on PokerStars was just about as wild and crazy as it could get. The final weekend of majors was no exception. People lined up for all the...more

APPT Cebu: Victory for the Vietnamese warrior

Usually the discussion in media row during major championship final tables drifts towards comparisons with final tables that we've covered in the past. "This could be a short final table. Do you remember how fast Michael Kanaan won at ANZPT Sydney?" "I've never covered a long final table. Maybe this...more

EPT8 Monaco: Blonde on Blonde on the rail

Live coverage of The PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final has begun, which you can now watch on EPTLive.com in its entirety, complete with hole cards and the latest cinema news from James Hartigan. The tournament room is unusually full today, not for the main event necessarily, but...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: Bright stars shining bright

Poker reporting can be a fatuous business. So often it is statement of the obvious after statement of the obvious, punctuated suddenly by something so thrilling that makes it all the down time worthwhile. Today's first statement of the obvious is as follows: this €25,000 High Roller event has a...more

APPT Cebu: Wong killed by the dead man's hand

The early stages of heads-up play definitely favored Nick Wong, the Hong Kong-based player who has made a name for himself in Asia-based high roller events. He was the one pushing the action, raising and check-raising Hoang Anh Do. Do seemed to be playing cautiously, despite starting with a 3-to-1...more

EPT8 Monaco: While you're streaming

The PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final is being streamed live as live on a one hour delay. If there are off-the-table moments we'll certainly bring them to you but today the PokerStars Blog will be going retrospective. It's the end of the season, the eighth of...more

APPT Cebu: The end for Duffman

Well, that was tough going. Michael Kanaan was eliminated in 4th place at around 5pm local time. It's now just ticked past 8pm, but finally we have our final two combatants decided. It will be Nick Wong versus Hoang Anh Do for the APPT Cebu title after the gallant fight...more

APPT Cebu: Never say die

You might have noticed that we haven't posted anything in the last few hours. After the elimination of Michael Kanaan in fourth place two and a half hours ago, the remaining three players have shown remarkable resiliency. First Alistair Duff seemed marked for death. He got all in against Nick...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: The run good myth

"Form" in poker can be a strange old thing. People talk about "run good" as if it's the sudden equivalent of liquid gold pouring out of bathroom taps. On the other hand, the player "running bad" might feel as though they are trudging through an arid desert without a drop...more

EPT8 Monaco: Profiles of the eight main event finalists

Eight players remain in the PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final, the last event of the tour's eighth season. After some long days at the tables the final gets under way today, broadcast on EPT Live, subject to a one hour delay. Play starts at 1.30pm (CET) meaning...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: The return

The High Rollers are back in Monaco today. Less than 11 hours after bagging up their stacks at the end of Day 1, the 45 survivors from a heated opening ten levels in this $25,000 buy in event have returned to push on through, into the money and then on...more

APPT Cebu: Kanaan's new house

Penthouse to outhouse - a famous phrase that's probably overused but perfectly describes the last 90 minutes for Michael Kanaan. After winning a key flip with ace-queen against Amit Varma's jacks, Kanaan was in control with close to 2 million of the 4.92 million chips in play. Varma slipped into...more

APPT Cebu: And then there were four...

It hasn't been a great day for our friends from India. They were flying high yesterday, but such is the nature of tournament poker, it's all come crashing down today with the recent elimination of overnight chip leader Amit Varma snuffing the torch in their quest for APPT glory. It...more

APPT Cebu: Rattonsey's freefall ends with a thud

There are no friends at the poker table, it's been said, but from the media desk we can certainly sympathize with some players. Today our sympathy goes squarely to Sameer Rattonsey of India. Sameer started the day second in chips, behind fellow Indian Amit Varma. He seemed on the edge...more

29 April

CC2332 sees victory in April 29 Sunday Million

It is an action-packed weekend at PokerStars. In addition to a final table getting underway at APPT Cebu, the EPT Grand Final Main Event is ready to find its 2012 champion on Monday in Monte Carlo. And the online poker geniuses are preparing for the upcoming SCOOP series to start...more

APPT Cebu: Jacky joins the rail

We've thoroughly enjoyed watching Jacky Wang ply his trade here in Cebu this week. He's a likable character and extremely friendly both on and off the tables. He's always happy to have a chat and usually does it with a big smile on his face. He's also an entertaining player...more

APPT Cebu: Simba doesn't roar

Jae Kyung "Simba" Sim started Day 4 as one of the short stacks. He sat quietly, patiently, his chips dwindling rapidly, as he waited for Antoine Amourette to bust in 9th place. Simba's patience was rewarded after 15 hands, as we described to you earlier this afternoon. Yet still Simba...more

APPT Cebu: Lights out for Amourette

When we kicked off play at the APPT Cebu Main Event final table this afternoon, all eyes were on the short-stacked Antoine Amourette. He was coming into today with just 50,000 in chips, or a little over four big blinds, after a crippling blow late last night when his pocket...more

APPT Cebu: Holiday's over; it's time to win

No parties last night. No lechon. No mangoes prepared in a thousand different ways or juiced into tasty alcoholic beverages. Nobody vomiting out the windows of taxicabs or cracking their heads open on stone fountains. Today is final table day at the 2012 PokerStars.net APPT Cebu Main Event, and for...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Licensed to Win, Slaktaren007 takes down $97K in victory

After eating a sausage biscuit sandwich for breakfast, normally it would be time to catch up world news and Lindsay Lohan's latest mishap. But, today for some reason opening the PokerStars client to see the start of today's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-up made sense as the tournament will be taking...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: Badecker heads glittering field

When Lex Veldhuis became one of the first players knocked out of today's €25,000 High Roller event in Monaco, Alexandre Gomes was moved to his seat at table 48. When Jonathan Duhamel busted from the same table a couple of hours later, Patrik Antonius was rotated in. Liv Boeree spent...more

EPT8 Monaco: Guignon leads as epic day slims Grand Final to eight

There was a moment tonight when the PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final showed the first sign of coming to life, after a week of tense action that has now trimmed a field of 665 to just eight. It happened nine-handed, in a simple hand checked to the...more

Battle of the Planets: Soap opera plot twists end with nine-way chop

Having a good reputation and keeping a cool head at the poker table is very much a positive trait for all players. In the case of tonight's $50,000 Battle of the Planets triple shootout freeroll, both traits would be used to secure a deal that took longer than some turbo...more

M.a-0000 defeats Xuan Liu to take Women's Sunday title

It's an exciting week for women as the PS Women Live tournament in Monte Carlo gears up for its start on Monday, April 30. The ladies-only event will be live amidst the EPT Monaco festivities, and the women of poker have descended upon the elegant resort city of Monte Carlo...more

EPT8 Monaco: The trophy is within reach

Facing inwards from the spectator gantry around the new TV table are neon strips, flashing lights, all manner of diodes, screens and mirrors. If you were to stand close to the entrance on the right-hand side of the set you might be able to spot one more mirrored surface, if...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: It's not cricket

As our American friends tend to enjoy repeating, the great game of cricket can be impenetrable to people who don't really understand its subtleties. It is indeed the sport in which a game can take five days to complete and even then no one wins. Another of cricket's unusual quirks...more

EPT8 Monaco $25,000 High Roller: Rolling ever higher

Picture the scene sometime in the middle of 2008: European Poker Tour regulars are up in arms that their tournaments simply aren't big enough. Glen Chorny has recently won £2m for taking down the Grand Final in Monte Carlo, Sebastian Ruthenberg has earned €1.3m in Barcelona and Michael Martin is...more

EPT8 Monaco: Surging to the top, Castelluccio nears chip lead

It's been a while since an Italian won an EPT. You have to go back to December 2008 and a wintery EPT Prague to find Italy's solitary piece of silverware lodged in Salvatore Bonavena's hands. There was chatter that Bonavena's win would be the first of many, but that's all...more

EPT Monaco: A round with the High Rollers

With a room full of superstars, a deep stack and a good structure, this High Roller tournament is tailor made for some intriguing action. And when the stars align like that, our thoughts turn to "A Round With...", the (increasingly) occasional series in which we follow every tiniest piece...more

EPT8 Monaco: Joining the winners roll is...

Tomorrow night someone will win €1,500,000. Count the zeroes, it's a hell of a lot money. Enough to let you buy a small fleet of Bentleys, a flat here in Monaco (they do not come cheap) or possibly even a round at Jimmy'z nightclub. Of course, there is a strong...more

EPT8 Monaco: Last lady standing unperturbed by first setback

From a few feet away, yesterday was something of a roller coaster for most. There were seven different chip leaders, one repeat leader and several others who went from top five to busted in the space of a few levels. One constant amid all of that was the last...more

EPT8 Monaco: Mozdzen looking to improve on previous result

With 16 players left Clayton Mozdzen understands full well the pressures on a player entering the critical final stages of a major event. Just last month the Canadian was in a similar position in Madrid, reaching the last two tables only to crash out in 14th place to earn...more

APPT Cebu: Final Table Player Profiles

After three days of solid poker, the 246 players have been reduced to the official final table of nine. When they return they'll be fighting it out for the PHP5,927,000 first place prize, and of course, the APPT Cebu Main Event title. Here's a little more about our final table...more

EPT Monaco: Before you win two, win one

If you've ever read anything about the European Poker Tour (EPT), chances are you've read about this whole two-time winner hoodoo. We've written about it so many times, the keys practically type themselves. In short: no one has ever won two EPTszzzzzzzzzz. Wake up! Thing is, a quick glance around...more

EPT8 Monaco: Humbled at the payout desk

Dominating the Salle des Etoiles is the televised feature table, what with its neon stripes, giant screens, cameras and lights, with a smattering of people watching from its rail and on the two big screens, one at either end. It over shadows the two outer tables, although they still...more

EPT8 Monaco: Wheeler keeps on rollin' (then crashes)

Jason Wheeler is one of a number of Mexamericans who have become regulars on the EPT over the last year and has certainly been one of the more successful ones. Eleven EPT cashes, three of which have been in main events, have totted up to $175,746 but it's looking like...more

EPT8 Monaco: Slow playing on the outer tables

As play reaches the critical stage in a competitive atmosphere like this it's only reasonable to allow players certain allowances. Or at least that's true in almost every other competitive atmosphere. In poker's competitive atmosphere it just annoys people and then they start to get cranky and a whole...more

EPT8 Monaco High Roller: Balancing act begins

The 7.40am Sunday morning flight from Gatwick to Nice is not, it is fair to say, one of the busiest. There were nine of us on it today - at least on the cheap side of the privacy curtain - which meant five or six rows each. Actually, that's not...more

APPT Cebu: India ink

Once upon a time, someone who was a far better poker player than I described no-limit hold'em as hours of boredom followed by moments of sheer terror. And while we won't say that the extended final table bubble at the 2012 PokerStars.net APPT Cebu Main Event was boring, it certainly...more

EPT8: Kursevich out, double dreams over for another season

"Meanwhile Vadzim Kursevich is on our feature table trying to become the first two-time EPT champion," said James Hartigan staring down the lens of a TV camera, Joe Stapleton nodding by his side. Pulling back the curtain of TV production we can reveal that Kursevich is already out (25th, €35,000),...more

EPT8 Monaco: Playing 26 to the final table, €1,500,000 to be won

Seat draw. Seat draw. Seat draw. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the Day 4 seat draw. Cast your eyes over it and let the information sink into your ocular cavities. Those names and counts should dissolve in your aqueous humour giving you perfect recall of these final 26 players. From...more

APPT Cebu: Dancing in Mumbai

The Indians are passionate people. They know what they love, and they love what they know. Just look at their passion towards another great game in cricket. It's a religion in India, and Sachin Tendulkar is their God. Well, we might be starting to see the dawning of a new...more

APPT Cebu: Talk the talk

It takes a certain kind of personality to be a talker at the poker table. Most people, when placed in stressful situations where a single decision could be the different in hundreds of thousands of dollars, clam up tight as a snare drum. You put the withering gaze of Phil...more

28 April

APPT Cebu: Aussie Aussie Aussie...

We're down to 18 players as the players head on their first break of the day. Poring over my table draw (rife with scratches as each successive player busts), I noticed a surprising distribution of nationalities left in the event. Take a look: Australia - 5 Korea - 3 India...more

APPT Cebu: The character of Bobo

Over the years we've seen some entertaining, outlandish and just plain confusing characters at the poker tables. It's what makes the game so great. People from all backgrounds, all walks of life and incredibly diverse personalities coming together with a common interest in poker. When I think about the game's...more

APPT Cebu: A level with the leader

Poker being what it is, the well-known professionals are not always the players with the big stacks in the late stages of a poker tournament. In fact, poker being what it is, they're not even often the big stacks. The rub is that unheralded players get some exposure and a...more

APPT Cebu: The business of winning

If you weren't looking (and I'm willing to bet that some of you weren't), it's been a lot of fun and games the last few days at the 2012 PokerStars.net APPT Cebu Main Event. But late yesterday the elimination of Mikko Turtiainen popped the money bubble at the Casino Filipino...more

EPT8 Monaco: Geert Jan Potijk leads with 26 remaining

We expected a longer day when players returned to Le Sporting for the PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final this afternoon and we got it, with a day of tense action stripping a field of 130 down to 26, two short of the 24 we'd intended, led tonight...more

EPT8 Monaco: Cailly mashing, tempers fraying; 27 remain

The sole surviving female player in the main event, Lucille Cailly, has moved into third place after clashing with Sergio Castelluccio in a five-bet pot. The Italian had just been shifted from the TV table when he got involved in the action. John Andress opened from the cut-off and Cailly...more

EPT8 Monaco: Catching up with Karmakinas

Heading towards the final 24 Dominykas Karmazinas is still in the running and looking like a good shot to make back to back deep runs at the EPT Grand Final.* Could he make the final table again? He finished third here for €700,000 two years ago. The Lithuanian has...more

EPT8 Monaco: The world beyond Le Sporting

For anyone thinking that Monaco is too expensive a place to enjoy, too exclusive for your regular poker player, too far away for your regular traveller or two uninteresting for the enthusiastic tourist, you might have a point. But you can find yourself easily be swayed to the contrary...more

EPT8 Monaco: Super High Roller Bonomo turns his attention to the main

There is often an expectation that a high roller is going to be too busy to speak to you. They've probably got a yacht to burn, a Swiss bank manager to give a heart attack or a game of tennis to play with Boris Becker. I may be waiting to...more

EPT8 Monaco: Buddiga looking to maintain Berlin form

Has anyone ever brought their coach to a poker tournament? Has anyone ever had a coach for a poker tournament? I'm not sure the answer to either of those questions, and Pratyush Buddiga hardly brought his coach, Mike McDonald, along with his to play the EPT Berlin main event....more

EPT8 Monaco: Toth almost has them right where he wants them

Team PokerStars Pro Richard Toth has made the money, scoring his first cash of the calendar year and his first EPT cash since San Remo in Season 7. Toth is no stranger to being described as "no stranger" to the business end of the high stakes poker tournament, although...more

EPT8 Monaco: Passing the bubble, and the discomfort that involves

Bubbles have popped without too much discomfort in the back end of the EPT season (Madrid, Campione and Berlin); this awkward gas Windeze'd away with little discomfort or delay, allowing the tournament to continue with a smile on its face. Then there are those other events, with a bubble...more

EPT8 Monaco: Finger bursts the bubble and pulls out of PoY race

The knockout of EPT Prague winner Martin Finger has burst the bubble here in a double elimination. Finger had opened from the hijack to 10,000 and Jesse Martin three-bet to 29,500 out of the small blind. Finger responded by moving his stack, all 189,500 of it, across the line to...more

APPT Cebu: Bursting bubbles and printing pesos

It was another day in paradise, but for 128 players it was business as usual as Day 2 of the APPT Cebu Main Event got underway at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino. The goal was to survive eight levels or reach the money. The prop bets in media row set...more

EPT8 Monaco: Poker Champ Neuville keeps swinging, Seidel dominant

Nestled in the foothills of the TV set is the second feature table. It's got a small population, just seven players, and its mayor is Erik Seidel. The tall American has been dominating proceedings most of the last level, opening the most pots and winning the majority of those too....more

EPT8 Monaco: Charania and Martinez off to slow starts

Yesterday Mohsin Charania took the lead midway through the afternoon and pretty much stayed there, that was until Max Martinez snatched the lead with minutes to play and got his picture taken for the cover of the blog. Charania, from Chicago, remained unfettered by the whimsical nature of the...more

EPT8 Monaco: All must have prizes, well most

There may be a long day ahead for some, but not for others. Within 20 minutes of the start we'd lost a table of players with the familiar refrain of "all in and a call" audible across the tournament room, which now looks in the throes of being dismantled...more

EPT8 Monaco: Karmazinas on the rise again, Pantaleo falling

The last time Dominykas Karmazinas was here in the Salle des Etoiles he was three-handed for the EPT Grand Final title against Josef Klinger and Nicolas Chouity. That was in April 2010 for the Season 6 Grand Final. Karmazinas was to be the next player out after his A♦7♠ failed...more

APPT Cebu: Heart and soul

Come to any APPT event and it will be impossible for you to miss a tall, fit fellow in a suit and tie scurrying around the tournament floor. His accent gives him away as an Aussie, though from his last name - McDonagh - you might never guess that until...more

EPT8 Monaco: Day 3 seat draw

Don't be fooled by the table numbers. They may stretch down to table number 26 but we only have 17 in play with 130 players left. It's something to do with fixed table locations for the TV crews. For the players it won't make any difference, they've got the same...more

EPT8 Monaco: 130 to become 24 with bubble on the way

Day 3 is perhaps most critical in the week-long evolution of a poker tournament, where a buy-in becomes either a pay-out or a check-out and the first glimpse of the final table comes into view. If what came before was pre-amble, the drinks before the curtain goes up or...more

APPT Cebu: Red Spade still flying

Team PokerStars Pro Asia is made up of four incredibly friendly faces and talented poker players: Bryan Huang, Vivian Im, Celina Lin and Raymond Wu. All four came to Cebu for this year's Main Event. Bryan didn't manage to make it out of Day 1 after losing with queens to...more

APPT Cebu: A Steicke wicket

The first APPT event I ever covered was back in Season 2 at Macau. At the time I was working for PokerNews. That event was remarkable for any number of reasons, and you'd certainly have to include a bubble hand played by David Steicke among them. On the bubble, in...more

27 April

APPT Cebu: The science of the casino

It's widely known and accepted that the casino industry is a well-refined, exact science. Everything from the layout, the furniture, the games, the lights and the music are all choreographed in a manner that ensures you have fun while the casinos make money. Every little detail is part of a...more

APPT Cebu: Once more unto the breach

You made it to Day 2. Congratulations. If nothing else, it's a moral victory. You might have been worried that you were going to do something silly with ace-jack in Level 1 of Day 1, but you've proven that you can hang with the big dogs in the big...more

APPT Cebu: Blue skies falling

It's another glorious day here in Cebu. A picture postcard 31 degrees Celsius with stunning sunshine and blue skies. It's a wonderful day for the beach or pool, which I'm sure is what many of our eliminated players will be doing today. Suddenly the pain of being eliminated from a...more

EPT8 Monaco: Massimiliano Martinez strikes at the bell to take lead

Six levels changed the shape of the PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final today, as the remaining 394 players were ground down mercilessly in Europe's biggest event, to a last 130, led by chip leader, Team PokerStars Pro Massimiliano Martinez. Martinez took the lead at the very close...more

EPT8 Monaco: Naujoks catching the eye

At the furthest table from the entrance to the Salle des Etolies sit three women; Team PokerStars Pros Sandra Naujoks and Liv Boeree, and Gaelle Baumann. All are were in relatively good shape with Boeree on 75,000, Baumann on 120,000 and Naujoks on 125,000. It's not unusual for a number...more

EPT8 Monaco: Petersen on his EPT Berlin backroom analysis

Last week in Berlin we got in touch with Mickey Petersen to see if we could do a quick interview with him about his good friend Andrew Chen who was starting the final table third in chips. Petersen replied that he couldn't do it face to face because he was...more

EPT8 Monaco: Northug and Hellner take their battle to the courts

Apparently they had several inches of snow in Sweden last week. While the rest of Europe begins to bloom Scandinavia struggles to keep the needle above freezing. It's why they're so good at skiing, and clearing snow, and dressing warm. But this week two of their best skiers were...more

EPT8 Monaco: So you want to be a High Roller?

So you think you have it takes to be a high roller on the European Poker Tour? Well, putting aside the barrel of talent you might want to double check before setting out, you're going to need to cash. But how much cash? How much does it cost to...more

LAPT needs your vote for final Season 4 awards

The Latin American Poker Tour may already be working on Season 5, but some of the awards for Season 4 are still up for grabs. Now, if you have played in an LAPT event or satellite, the tour needs your vote to decide the best venue and Achievement of the...more

EPT8 Monaco: De Meulder and Mattern take on the media

Christophe De Meulder is on my nemesis list. He may smile that twin grin beneath a swoop of well-coiffed hair but I know what's going on. He's evil. He must be. No-one with a clear conscious slowrolls aces in a media tournament freeroll surely? Especially not a Team PokerStars Pro...more

EPT8 Monaco: New look for TV table, same look for Obrestad

If you hadn't already heard, there's a new television set for The PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final, not to mention the new name. It's a beacon of joy and loveliness, bringing with it either fame and fortune, or belittling humiliation in front of a worldwide television audience....more

EPT8 Monaco: O'Shea seeks assistance from abroad

John O'Shea is a well-known face on both the Irish and European poker scene. The Irishman, who was runner-up to Dario Alioti in last season's Omaha Player of the Year race, has had quite a lot of success in the side events but is yet to make a big splash...more

APPT Cebu: Lee Sang Yong to the fore

For the Day 1c players, six levels are in the books. For the staff and the bloggers, 18 levels are in the books. And after 18 levels, the only thing that's clear at the 2012 PokerStars.net APPT Cebu Main Event is the weather. It's far too soon to be making...more

EPT8 Monaco: Your chip leader Nick Yunis

If you haven't been following the eighth season of the European Poker Tour as closely as is expected in the world of poker geekdom, it's not really a surprise to see Nick Yunis topping the chip count list at the start of play today. As mentioned earlier today, Yunis...more

EPT8 Monaco: Into Day 2 at Le Sporting

We're into Day 2 of the PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. The starting field of 665 is down to 394, with a further day's play likely to cut that by more than half; new railbirds no longer in the running for the first prize of €1,500,000. Leading...more

EPT8 Monaco: Day 2 seat draw

The Day 2 seat draw below shows that we have 394 players remaining from the 665 that started. Chip leader Nick Yunis, yes he of joint fourth place in the EPT Player of the Year race, sits on table 1 with the likes of Tony Gregg (double PCA final table...more

APPT Cebu: Water lilies

Few people think of casinos as palaces of culture. They can be glitzy and they can be glamorous but you're not going to flock to your closest gambling hall if you want to learn about local history or French impressionist painting - unless you happen to live in Cebu, Philippines...more

A SCOOP history lesson

On Sunday, May 6, PokerStars will kick off the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) with the first two events of a 40-event schedule. What's more, each event is featured in three different buy-in options (low, medium and high) for a total of 120 tournaments, culminating in the SCOOP...more

Will 2012 be the Year of the Women for ANZPT?

Poker tour destinations afford poker pros, cashed-up entrepreneurs and satellite winners the opportunity to tick off some dream travel destinations around the globe. While the current hype surrounds the glitz and glamour of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final, on the other side of the map, there are...more

APPT Cebu: The measure of a man

The poker culture in the Philippines has been lively and thriving since the first time the APPT set foot in the country, during the Season 1 event in Manila in 2007. Filipinos, like many people in other parts of the world, have taken to the game with passion and fervor,...more

APPT Cebu: A common interest, a world apart

We're into the third level of the day here on Day 1c of the APPT Cebu Main Event with 116 players registered in action this afternoon. We should have the official prize pool announcement for you shortly. It's the biggest field of the three opening flights and includes some highly...more

26 April

APPT Cebu: How I learned to love Datu Lapu-Lapu

I was IMing with a friend this morning, telling her about what's been happening in Cebu the last few days. She said to me, "It sounds more like you are on vacation than on a work trip." And that was before I told her about the Battle of Mactan festival...more

APPT Cebu: Party in paradise

It was another perfect night in Cebu. Warm without being too humid, a gentle touch of a breeze with not a cloud in the sky. During the daytime, it's certainly a treat to be outside in the glorious sun, but it's the evenings where Cebu really comes alive. So what...more

APPT Cebu: Triple play

It's Day 1c at the 2012 PokerStars.net APPT Cebu Main Event. For the players who take their seats today, the experience will be fresh. For the staff and your erstwhile bloggers, we're already settling into our routines. But even we are having to adapt. A very late appearance at the...more

EPT8 Monaco: Nick Yunis takes lead as main event unites

And with the playful sound of chips being bagged up for the evening, the last of the seasons Day 1s came to an end tonight with Nick Yunis bagging up most to take 191,700 into Day 2 of The PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final tomorrow, some way...more

EPT8 Monaco: Brilliant Boujenah bristling, Boeree at the ready

When Ilan Boujenah first appeared on the scene we couldn't tell if he was hero or villain. Bursts of brilliance would be tempered by outbursts of petulance. Smiles and jokes replaced by grimaces and curses. For the moment at least, we at the PokerStars Blog have Boujenah in the anti-hero...more

EPT8 Monaco: Hungry? Thirsty? Genuine consumer advice from the PokerStars Blog

Poverty Update... As reported earlier in the week, it's hard to ignore simple economics of a visit to Monaco. As players will now becoming aware of, it's relatively cheap to get here, Nice Airport being the closet hub, followed by a €90 taxi ride. But as soon as the...more

EPT8 Monaco: Dressing for the occasion

Mark Twain once said "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." He's right of course, with the possible exception of anyone in fashion or film; but few poker players have really considered looking smart in their approach to their day job; swapping comfort...more

PokerStars sets table for 80 billionth hand

Grab a cup of coffee, put a pillow in the seat of your computer chair, and get ready to get back on the road, because PokerStars just opened up a new highway on the Road to 100 Billion. Today, PokerStars announced that its 80 billionth hand will be hitting some...more

EPT8 Monaco: Angelic Tweeting

And thus an angel was born on Christmas day. Yea, verily he would grow up to have a wrist adorned in brightest gold and surrounded he would be by towers of multi-coloured discs. Wealth will come to him as will a flame-haired beauty under the sign of the red spade....more

EPT8 Monaco: He is the Wahlroos

He used to be a regular on the European Poker Tour. Not only that he was one of its characters, an original, devoid of the need to appear popular on television, or create some mythical reputation for himself. He played for a living but he played for fun. Now...more

EPT8 Monaco: Saluting the wives and girlfriends

The lights went out, the introductions were made, the video of past winners was played, spliced with images of sunny Monaco, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier laughed at pictures of himself winning the PCA and we were under way, with lights on and eight levels to play. Monaco is now a...more

SCOOP 2012: I'm going to play them all!

I really love to play the Spring Championship of Online Poker. The ability to play for three different buy-ins often means playing three different styles of poker inside of one event. I often find myself focused on the high buy-in tournaments where I'm usually matched up against players I know...more

EPT8 Monaco: Blow the roof, let the maelstrom begin

Yesterday as players filtered into the Salle des Etoiles they were ushered into a darkened room, a cavernous cocoon of poker lit primarily by the blazing neon of the new EPT set. It felt epic, it looked splendid but did it look like Monte Carlo? Not quite. This morning it...more

EPT8 Monaco: Last of the Day 1s, for Season 8 anyway...

And on to Day 1B of the Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. Following yesterday's opener we expect the bulk of the field to take their seats today, a much larger field to take on the eight levels of play before the field unites tomorrow. It's a typical morning...more

APPT Cebu: Martins raises the bar on Day 1b

With bleary-eyed poker travellers starting to slowly filter into The Philippines we were expecting a larger turnout for today's second flight of the APPT Cebu Main Event. And that's what we got. After a slow start we found ourselves with an official field of 76 runners today, comprising mostly of...more

APPT Cebu: The more things change

As I start this post, there are 54 players remaining in the Day 1b field from the starting 76. As I glanced out at their faces, a healthy mix of mainly Caucasians and Asians, I thought about how far the APPT has come since Seasons 1 and 2. In those...more

APPT Cebu: Girl talk

There are positives and there are negatives when the turnout for a Day 1 flight of a poker tournament is less than 100 people. Among the positives: it's very easy to determine exactly how many players in the field are female. I know we harp on this seemingly meaningless gender...more

25 April

APPT Cebu: POTY double up

It's a pretty loaded field here today with plenty of Asia's finest players in attendance with the big screen currently showing 76 entrants for Day 1b of the APPT Cebu Main Event. We have previous champions, online pros, sponsored players and even a couple of Team Poker Stars Pros here...more

APPT Cebu: Ode to the mango

If it seems that we at the PokerStarsBlog are fixated on food at times, well, it's because we are. Of course we enjoy the poker aspects of traveling the circuit with PokerStars. We love watching unheralded players make surprising runs, love studying the pros as they ply their trade in...more

APPT Cebu: And we're back

Due to some unresolved internet issues, the Day 1b intro post for the 2012 APPT Cebu Main Event is going to be more inelegant - and shorter - than I would prefer. But as a Filipino IT person puzzled over the machines and internet connections of both Heath Chick and...more

EPT8 Monaco: Eames and Kabrhel see out opening day

The opening day of any European Poker Tour event tends to be without real plot. It's mainly a matter of surviving through the day's eight levels to return on Day 2 when it becomes interesting. Invariably there are some weighty movers on Day 1A, players who can at least...more

EPT8 Monaco: Coren and Weisner heads up for the title

Team PokerStars Pro Victoria Coren and Melanie Weisner are battling it out for €58,900 in the final of the €5,000 heads-up tournament, the last two players remaining from a starting field of 27. Coren had beaten Dori Yacoub in her semi, while the fast talking American, who has impressed on...more

EPT8 Monaco: Justin Bonomo looking ahead to main event after Super High Roller win

Before the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final got under way the Super High Roller piqued the interest of high rollers everywhere. Starting on Monday 38 players (seven of whom re-bought after swift elimination), contested the biggest event on the Season 8 calendar (thanks to an exchange rate...more

Justin Bonomo, Super High Roller winner


EPT8 Monaco: The men in the white suits

There are TV cameras everywhere in the tournament room. Some roam freely, picking up B-roll which will presumably make for some useful footage somewhere in the near future. Others pick out particular players, footage that will be spliced into interview footage of them later. Then there are the vanity...more

Travel Guide: Cebu

The Asian Pacific Poker Tour is once again descending on the gorgeous Philippine province of Cebu. This stop is a favorite among players and often referred to as the PCA of the APPT. Cebu is nestled among the beautiful mountainous islands of South East Asia and offers endless adventure. One...more

Don't underestimate preparation for SCOOP!

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is a very demanding series of online tournaments. Preparation is absolutely necessary. So what is important? For me the most important things are a good night's sleep and the option to something non-poker after waking up, (ie just something I want to do). Ideally...more

EPT8 Monaco: The Twitter wall above Moorman's head

A large multiscreen wall looms above Chris Moorman's head at the far end of the tournament floor. It wouldn't be out of place on Tomorrow's World or at the launch of a next generation console. But it's not there. It's here and at the moment it's telling anyone that looks...more

Still time to make those Monte Carlo dreams come true

The PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final is underway in Monaco, but there's still time to register for the glitz and glamor of the PokerStars Women Live tournament. PokerStars Women will be hosting the premier women's event of the year in Monaco. The two-day €1,000 event begins on Monday,...more

EPT8 Monaco: Healthy, wealthy and wise

Listening to the radio in the taxi from Nice airport, through town and into Monaco, you come to realise how much is laid on for the English speaking ex-pat worried that they may sound foolish while trying to speak French. Riviera Radio (106.5 FM) is one such service, perfect...more

EPT8 Monaco: The glitz and glamour

If you're playing the €10,000 main event here at The PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final you need to make your way to the Monte Carlo Bay hotel, up a gently curving driveway to Le Sporting, a large conference centre of sorts that you'd only find somewhere like here,...more

APPT Cebu: Lazy day comes to a quick conclusion

When there are two Day 1 flights at an APPT Main Event, players tend to get lackadaisical about which one they're going to play. One things leads to another, and more wind up playing Day 1b than Day 1a. With three Day 1 flights here in Cebu, many of the...more

EPT8 Monaco: Main event about to begin as new season announced

Welcome to Day 1A of the The PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final, or EPT Berlin Day 9 to those who came direct from the German capital to sunny Monaco, which this week heralds the finale of the tour's eighth season. Didn't it all go by in a...more

APPT Cebu: Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Look, I'll speak plainly. When I travel on behalf of PokerStars, I take pains to find the positive in the places I go. I'm being paid not only to give the readers a flavor of the room that you can't get out of hand updates, but also to demonstrate that...more

APPT Cebu: Forget the dream

The dream, when you register for a big buy-in poker tournament like the APPT Cebu Main Event, is to take the thing down for a major score. Fly halfway around the world, play like a beast, and fly home a few hundred thousand dollars richer. That's the dream. The reality...more

EPT announces big changes for Season 9

We're about to see a whole new European Poker Tour. Today the EPT announced its full schedule for Season 9, and veterans of the tour will notice some significant changes. Now, each stop will host a bigger festival with more events than ever before. When the ninth season of the...more

APPT Cebu: Benton hits the beach

With the Day 1a field now officially locked out at a rather disappointing 51 players, we are starting to wonder whether we'll need to play the full seven levels that were originally scheduled for today. I mean, let's be honest here. We love poker, and tournaments are great fun, but...more

APPT Cebu: The return of Carter Gill

I don't remember where I first met American Carter Gill. It had to be during Season 2 of the APPT, in 2008. At the time Carter was a brash, swaggering American kid who was (if you'll pardon the antiquity of the expression), "cruisin' for a bruisin'". To give the 2008...more

All surrender to MendaLerenda, 4/24/12 Super Tuesday champ

PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tourney, the Super Tuesday, was back in action tonight, with yet another large field of online poker's elite coming out. Once late registration closed a total of 438 had registered, creating a $438,000 prize pool and once more besting the tourney's $300K guarantee. The top...more

24 April

APPT Cebu: Lest We Forget

Today marks a very important date in the calendar for people from Australia and New Zealand. April 25th is known as ANZAC Day and marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I. It's a day of national remembrance...more

APPT Cebu: Pig out

If you read Heath Chick's post welcoming blog readers to our live coverage of the APPT Season 5 Cebu Main Event, you know that most people who have attended this event in 2010 or 2009 love Cebu. (And if you haven't read Heath's post, click the link.) Cebu boasts friendly...more

EPT Grand Final: Two in one week for ElkY?

It happened with precious little fanfare. Betrand "Elky" Grospellier, one of the world's most famous poker players, took down the EPT Berlin €10,000 High Roller event for more than €200,000 in prize money. It was the type of event that would normally have most of the poker media awash with...more

PokerStars' statement regarding settlement discussions

We've had a lot of enquiries and there's lots of speculation on the forums, so I wanted to address the PokerStars chatter. As you know, PokerStars is in settlement discussions with the U.S. Department of Justice. As such settlement discussions are always confidential, we are unable to comment on rumors....more

April 22 Sunday Million


APPT Cebu: Beaches, cocktails and a poker tournament

Ahhhh. Cebu. I've missed you. It's great to be back in the Philippines. If there's one tournament that I circle on the calendar for the year, it's definitely APPT Cebu. It's the "must not miss" event of the Asian poker year. Tropical weather, stunning beaches, fantastic scenery, great food and...more

EPT Player of the Year race close at the finish line

EPT Berlin saw the main contenders for EPT Player of the Year racing for points in the penultimate event of Season 8. British pro Roberto Romanello set everyone else on edge with a very early cash when he finished fifth in the €2k PLO Turbo event. This gave him 195...more

A day in the life of a PokerStars Blogger

Seven years ago today, the PokerStars Blog published its first post. In honor of the seventh anniversary, we've chosen to republish a bit from a recent PokerStars Caribbean Adventure magazine that outlines a bit about how we...ahem...work when we're on the road. The following is a day in the life...more

Happy seventh anniversary to...us!

Seven years ago today, I pressed publish on the very first post of the PokerStars Blog. On that day in 2005, I'd been playing poker my whole life. I'd been blogging for six years. I'd been blogging about poker for almost as long. There was no reason to be nervous....more

23 April

SCOOP 2012: Plan ahead with downloadable schedules

I'm not one to preach. I'm a laissez faire kinda guy. You live the life you want. If you feel like pretending the Spring Championship of Online Poker doesn't exist until it begins on May 6, I say more power to ya. Go in blind if you want to. However,...more

PokerStars weekend review (4-22-12)

Well, let's just call it what it is: a little weird and pretty cool. During the past couple of weeks, the big Sunday majors have had some familiar names in the winning column. Last week, the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million had winners that were also WCOOP and TCOOP champions....more

PokerStars announces 50% SCOOP reload bonus

Just in to the PokerStars Blog newsroom: PokerStars has announced a whopper of a reload bonus offer. If you're the type of person who jumps on these things, it's time to get jumping, because we haven't seen a reload bonus this generous in quite a while. In honor of the...more

22 April

Mypokerf pairs Super Tuesday title with Sunday Million win

Does luck really come in streaks? Ask ten players and you'll get ten answers, but ask the final two in tonight's Sunday Million and you might find a couple of true believers. Eleven days ago, Russia's mypokerf defeated 462 of online poker's elite MTT grinders in the Super Tuesday, earning...more

Sunday Warm-Up: MISHELA cracks aces and table to $108K victory

Aces. They look so pretty sitting in your hand and ready to get some unfortunate soul with a lesser hand to make the call. But, as we found out tonight, aces do get beat sometimes. Even twice in the same tournament. Tonight's $500,000 Sunday Warm-Up would attract 3,468 players as...more

1234mee counting out $2,178.03 for her April 22 Women's Sunday victory

Spring is in the air! How do we know? Besides the calendar dates, there is a big tournament series on the horizon called the Spring Championship of Online Poker, better known as SCOOP. The May series is one of the most exciting poker events of the year, as it will...more

EPT Grand Final: Making history in Monaco

Something is about to happen that will make history in the country of Monaco. For the first time in eight seasons of action, the European Poker Tour will host a €100,000 buy-in event. Never before have EPT players paid so much for a single tournament buy-in. Monday at 14:00 in...more

21 April

EPT8 Berlin: Kitai topples Chen on way to title and poker's Triple Crown

This was almost the story of a Canadian pro finally winning an EPT title. Instead, it's the story of the first Triple Crown winner crowned on EPT soil (only the fifth ever), as Davidi Kitai displayed considerable focus and panache to win the EPT Berlin title and a first...more

EPT Berlin: Moorman leading High Roller, ElkY chasing

The EPT Berlin heads up is playing out under the glare of the TV cameras in the main tournament but Davidi Kitai and Andrew Chen aren't the only ones playing for big money. Just a few yards away is the €10,000 High Roller with four, no three, players remaining. David...more

EPT8 Berlin: All quiet on the Berlin front as final goes heads-up

With three players left there's no denying things are very quiet in the tournament room. The side events - the high roller and the six-max - plod on, although every player eliminated means one less person to make noise in the room. Any noise would be welcome, even if...more

EPT8 Berlin: French speaking pros at it again in memorable season

Robbie Thompson is calling the shots on the feature table, the best in the business at creating atmosphere and getting the audience excited about things, from double ups to cards thrown into the muck. Sadly, things aren't going quite so easily here. "It's like pulling teeth," said Thompson grinning....more

EPT Berlin: Blom busts €10,000 High Roller in 7th

Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom has bust out of the €10,000 in 7th picking up €29,700 in doing so. Martin Jacobson fell just before him for a €26,400 pay day. PokerStars snapper Neil Stoddart took his magic picture tube over to the High Roller before Blom crashed out. Here are a few...more

EPT Berlin: Mario 'Pokerccini' Puccini powering through his second final table

At the last break Mario Puccini barrelled through the PokerStars Blog request for a quick interview. 'Pokerccini' wasn't being belligerent, he was trying to catch up with some of his crew who'd been following the stream. The ten minute break isn't long to catch up with an hour of play....more

EPT8 Berlin: Romanello picking up PoY points with a week to go...

Out on the floor, beyond the main event, the last of the side events are in running, a place where people who don't really care about the main event, or the €825,000 going to the winner, can pass the time. Forget him. Who really needs that kind of money...more

EPT8 Berlin: Mickey Petersen on Andrew Chen

EPT Copenhagen champ and member of Team PokerStars Online Mickey Petersen is here in Berlin railing his friend Andrew Chen... from his hotel room. Petersen is watching the stream because it's got 'too much information' to miss rather than railing in person. It's one of the fascinating extra layers to...more

EPT8 Berlin: Good player, good coach, but Buddiga falls short

The departure of Pratyush Buddiga leaves seven players in the final table, Buddiga, one of the short stacks, leaving in the early stages. Buddiga's story is a fascinating one, not just in his past life as a National Spelling Bee champion, but for his use of coaching from former...more

EPT8 Berlin: Not until an hour from now...

It's important to note that none of what you're about to read is actually happening. Not for an hour at least. We're on a 60 minute delay for the final table. The pictures you're seeing on EPT Live right now are a false reality which has already taken place....more

EPT8 Berlin: Final eight competing for first prize of 825,000 Euros

Eight players remain in the EPT Berlin main event with the title and a first prize of €825,000 at stake when the final table gets under way today a 12 noon local time. But while the action begins in the Hyatt Hotel in central Berlin at that time, the...more

20 April

EPT8 Berlin: Davidi Kitai leads final eight

Twenty-four players came back today, just eight will come back tomorrow. The penultimate day passed with all the typical drama you'd expect, crushing the hopes of some while elevating others to the rank of potential champion or at least the guy who finishes fifth. Right now Davidi Kitai is...more

EPT8 Berlin: Pratyush Buddiga win the Skrill last longer bet and a massive pot

The departures of Kevin MacPhee (19th) and Tomas Cibak (13th) were welcome eliminations for Pratyush Buddiga not only in terms of laddering towards the final table but also because they were his last two rivals in the Skrill last longer bet. If you don a patch of the official EPT...more

Travel Guide: Monaco

Season 8 of the European Poker Tour exceeded all expectations over the past year and will culminate later this month with the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino's EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This marks the event's return to Monte Carlo after being hosted in Madrid, Spain last season, which...more

EPT8 Berlin: From one Poker Champ to another

Part of the charm of Pierre Neuville is that he plays poker the way we all would were their not gobs of money involved. The Team PokerStars Pro plays with a joy that's as hard to rival as it is to dislike, which, along with a career in the...more

EPT Berlin: Evil tweeter Geskenbein the last EPT double hope

"Lolololol guy folds a set after I valuebet 1/5 pot with two pair... hahahha well played" tweeted Vladimir Geshkenbein. The flamboyant EPT Snowfest winner tweeted his way to glory in Hinterglemm and that service appears to have resumed here in Berlin. Geshkenbein was sat on the left of Davidi Kitai,...more

Canada Cup hits PokerStars.tv

We called them the January-Eh Nine: a collection of Canadian poker players who had come out on top of a 412-player field and won a trip to the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. There was a lot at stake. Now you can watch it on PokerStars.tv (or right here on the...more

Partying with Poker Strategy

No company is an island, and that includes PokerStars. We have suppliers, professional services, affiliates, the list goes on. One of our key partners is Poker Strategy, a training and news site. So when they invited me to attend their VIP party in London this past weekend, I jumped at...more

EPT8 Berlin: Delight for Kitai while Wright stumbles. MacPhee out.

After a self-described bluff in a bad spot, Kevin MacPhee has crashed out of the main event, falling short of a fourth final table and a second EPT Berlin title. He followed Andreas Vlachos, the talkative Greek (albeit talking to himself) who was eliminated moments before MacPhee in a...more

EPT Berlin: Chen truckin' towards final table number three

Last night Andrew Chen was called the working man's poker player, a grafter who keeps an oily rag in his back pocket and always has a box of nuts and bolts to hand, you know, 'just in case'. Chen is a calm presence at the table. None of the Geshkenbein...more

EPT8 Berlin: Watching from the sidelines as Hagrid saunters forth

Play starts, with the three tables of the main event taking up a small portion of the tournament room with side events filling the rest of the playing area. On the way in to take his seat in a side event, or to watch from the rail at least,...more

EPT8 Berlin: A place in the final at stake for final 24

Just 24 players remain from a starting field of 745 in the EPT Berlin, a figure that will be reduced to eight today. Chip leader at the close last night was Englishman Marc Wright, who bagged up 2,400,000 at the close, narrowly ahead of second placed Thomas Cibak with...more

19 April

EPT8 Berlin: Wright leads ahead of Cibak and Chen in race to title

To talk to Marc Wright earlier today was to talk to a young man looking for a way to explain not only the good fortune he'd had today, and this week, but also to watch him tell himself that with a little effort he could achieve a lot more....more

EPT Berlin: Geshkenbein six-bet shoves

If we could track everyone's stats I doubt any of the surviving players have as large a VPP as Vladimir Geshkenbein. It is therefore little surprise that the guy can occasionally cause an opponent to blow up. And here's a prime example. Geshkenbein opened to 25,000 from middle position and...more

EPT8 Berlin: Molson resigned to defeat, Geshkenbein not far behind?

A black cloud was hanging over one corner of the tournament room quietly rumbling above the heads of Will Molson (slumped, arms crossed) and Vladimir Geshkenbein (slumped, arms uncrossed). Molson had started the day short and had made his way up to 140,000, still a long way from safety, while...more

EPT8 Berlin: Chip leader Wright starting to prove himself

When you live in Cornwall, England, a county of rugged coastlines, surfing types and Londoners with second homes, it can be hard to find a poker game. In fact, if you live there, like chip leader Marc Wright does, you're left with the only game in town, at the...more

Roll-up, roll-up to the EPT Grand Final...you won't be disappointed!

When it comes to my favourites EPT venues, let me tell you that Monaco comes high on my list. The city is one of the most glamorous I've ever seen, and believe me, I've traveled a lot. There is a very sophisticated atmosphere everywhere you go, something very old fashioned...more

EPT8 Berlin: Thorson in his element

William Thorson is a legend on the European Poker Tour. The now bespectacled grinder was one of the first Scandinavians to come tearing out of Northern Europe and made big money final tables three seasons consecutively, Seasons 3 through 5. He's third on the all-time Swedish list with $3,265,906 in...more

Poker in India? Get Goa-ing!

You've played in London. You've played in France. You've played at home in your underpants. Seriously, if you're a real rounder, there probably aren't many places you haven't played. How about India? If you've not yet had the chance to go to India to play poker, now you do. PokerStars...more

EPT8 Berlin: Wigg stays focused as he looks to add to his advantage

Anton Wigg came into the day as chip leader and, while dropping back slightly today, is still among the leaders. Wigg came to life last night when he seized the chip lead just before the close of play, which he detailed at the first break. "Things had been pretty...more

EPT8 Berlin: Breaking bad with JP Kelly

You would think that JP Kelly had bagged more than $1,664,168 in live tournament winnings. We're not saying that total is small, it is seven figures after all, but when someone has two WSOP bracelets and come second in another you'd imagine that total may be a little higher....more

EPT8 Berlin: Geshkenbein on maniac play and tightening up...

Yesterday Vladimir Geshkenbein spent the day as chip leader, until Anton Wigg pipped him at the end. As he assumed the lead Geshkenbein, from behind the thick cloud of cigarette smoke in the soon-to-be-condemned smoking area, put this down to his maniacal style of play which, accompanied by a...more

EPT8 Berlin: When will it end? Well, we can tell you that...

Today is the stage of the tournament which separates the men from the boys, those that are happy simply to have cashed and those that have genuine intentions of taking a place at the final table. Today we started on level 17 with 102 players but 78 of those will...more

EPT8 Berlin: No one leaves empty handed, but please arrive empty handed

Those eliminated in the early stages of play today can expect a pay-out of €7,500 which, if you've had to rely on Hotel refreshment since Day 1, just about covers your drinks tab. Taylor Paur was one player trying to cut corners on his coffee bill, turned away from...more

EPT8 Berlin: Wigg leads as 102 set to become 24

There's no set number of levels or declared time frame today, it will instead be based on the time it takes to reduce 102 players to just 24. Things are moving quickly in this Berlin main event, thanks largely to a long first day and a quick bubble at...more

18 April

EPT8 Berlin: Wigg takes lead at close but it's Geshkenbein who dominates

Sometimes the story of the day is lost amid scenes that are hard to make sense of, and not just those about players tossing coins or rolling dice to determine their next action. Then there are tournament days during which there is at least one area of complete clarity....more

EPT8 Berlin: David Vamplew fails to heed own advice, bubbles main event

"#eptberlin going to try not to bubble" tweeted David Vamplew yesterday morning ahead of him taking his seat for Day 1B. And try he did. Succeed he did not. The EPT London Season 7 winner got it in good, pocket kings no less, against the pocket queens of Heinz Kamutzki...more

Anniversary Sunday Storm winner anonymous, wealthier

Some people play poker for the fame, travel, exposure, and lifestyle. Some people simply play for the cash. Count PokerStars player Ironic13 among the latter. He won the first anniversary Sunday Storm for more than $160,000, and he doesn't care one bit about people knowing who he really is. This...more

EPT8 Berlin: Following the pros

In celebration of national stalking awareness day we're going to give you the Twitter addresses of a whole bunch of Team PokerStars Pros. Go figure. As we mentioned yesterday, Twitter is a great way to keep a close eye on your favourite players when they're on tour and at home...more

EPT8 Berlin: De Visscher making waves at Ebanks expense

Joe Ebanks and Bryan 'theczar19' Piccioli are sat in seats two and three of their table muttering conspiratorially under their breath. Both look unhappy, Ebanks more so, which is little surprise given that both have lost chunks to Koen De Visccher who's run up a stack of a little over...more

EPT8 Berlin: Does the name Mouawad mean anything to you?

Will we play the full six levels today? That's the new question being asked by people watching the clock tick down in quick time, as well as those eyeing a dinner early enough to digest before bed. We started the day with 329 and now less than 180 remain,...more

EPT8 Berlin: Poker Boxing, a concept waiting to happen

In October 2005 the first European Chess Boxing Championship took place in Berlin in October 2005 with Tihomir Atanassov Dovramadjiev of Bulgaria beating local hope Andres Schneider in the seventh round (chess). If you've never heard of chess boxing, well, it wouldn't be a huge surprise. It's hardly a mainstream...more

EPT8 Berlin: Inside the black and white world of Vlad Geshkenbein

In terms of charismatic EPT winners few can rival Vladimir Geshkenbein for just serious-holy-cow-shove-that-and-up-yours non-conformity. The Russian, who today wears the same leather jacket and t-shirt he wore when he won the EPT Snowfest main event last year (although not the hen-night-on-a-weekend-to-Ibiza cowboy hat), bagged up the chip lead...more

EPT8 Berlin: Ulusu on the loose, increases lead

The question is, are you bothered about being mocked when you have two and a half stacks of blue chips and a ton of reds, adding up to a stack of about 340,000. This is the position Cengiz Ulusu is in (although he may not read this blog). Ulusu,...more

EPT8 Berlin: Day 2 seat draw, action set to start

We're going to try to avoid making any glib comments about the reunification of the field for Day 2, the Easterly 243 of Day 1A being brought into the fold of the Westerly 502 of Day 1B. Too late, that just happened. Looking ahead we can see a healthy 329...more

4/17/12 Super Tuesday: Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth aces final table for $84,627

Team PokerStars Pro Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth didn't start his Tuesday on the right foot as he eliminated on Day 1B of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Main Event in Berlin. Fortunately for Ainsworth, that gave him plenty of time to enter the $1,050 Super Tuesday along with 440 other players....more

17 April

EPT8 Berlin: From coin-flip to chip lead, Ulusu leads in Berlin

The last time Cengiz Ulusu was at the feature table it was in EPT Dortmund in season five. Facing a call all-in for his tournament life, the unpredictable Turk took a coin from his trouser pocket, flipped it, and took the result to mean that he should call. He...more

EPT8 Berlin: Temperature rises with inevitable results

It's getting fruity in the far corner of the tournament room. Play is into Level 9 now, with an hour and a half still to play on what has already been a long day. It's inevitable that the heat of so many bodies should push general hygiene to the...more

EPT8 Berlin: Twitter is your friend

Technology is moving on at a fair old clip, just in case you hadn't noticed. According to Moore's law, computing power doubles approximately every two years and with it online media rich environments have blossomed creating things like blogs, Facebook, Twitter and online poker, i.e. everything that is good in...more

EPT8 Berlin: Franklin's 13 (make that nine) Virtues of Poker

Today happens to be the anniversary of the death of Benjamin Franklin, who died 222 years ago. Franklin appeals to historians for a variety of reasons, and spans a broad range of subjects. A Founding Father of the United States of America, Franklin was of a type of man...more

EPT8 Berlin: Poker players, thousands of them (well, hundreds)

In the 1964 film Zulu Colour Sgt. Bourne utters the immortal line: 'The sentries report Zulus to the south west. Thousands of them.'* Walking into the tournament room here in the Hyatt Hotel, Berlin it's easy to share that sentiment. Squeezing past the large security guards you're greeted with a...more

EPT8 Berlin: Jensen looking to capitalize on good form

It seems a while ago now since we watched, in a casino overlooking a National Park, Denmark's Frederik Jensen win the EPT Madrid title. For Jensen it was the next step in a career that is not really defined by results, just the practicalities of making a living. Despite...more

EPT8 Berlin: Haunted Icaofano still knocking at the door

If Kevin Iacofano was a character in a horror film it would be hard to determine whether he'd end up as one of the survivors at the end, one shirt arm torn off and used as a tourniquet on a largely superficial wound sustained by the leading lady at the...more

Sunday Million April 15, 2012


EPT8 Berlin: Beyond the horizon at Casino Spielbank. Das Musical!

Next to the Casino Spielbank is the Theatre am Potsdamer Platz, a giant glass fronted construction draped with an enormous advert for Hinterm Horizont (Beyond the Horizon) Das Musical!; a story of love behind the Wall in East Berlin, to the music of German rock legend Udo Lindenberg. There's...more

SCOOP 2012: You're gonna like the leaderboard changes

Change tends to make a lot of people uncomfortable. For the settled-down man, the slightest alteration can mean serious cause for concern. I need you to understand that I get that. I appreciate the fear. With that said, I really think you're going to dig the changes to the Spring...more

Travel Guide: Berlin

The European Poker Tour's eighth season is nearing a close, with the second to last stop of the season taking us to the world's music capital of Berlin. This is the third time the EPT has ventured on to German turf and has proven to be one of the largest...more

EPT8 Berlin: We're not in Campione anymore...

Having only recently been on the banks of Lake Lugano in Campione, the urban sprawl of Berlin makes for quite a change of scene. The thing is we were never really on the banks of Lake Lugano. We were on the ninth floor of a giant steel and concrete...more

EPT Berlin: Day 1B seat draw (so far)

As mentioned already we have a lot of big names playing today. Here's the seat draw that has been released to us but with late registration continuing for another hour yet we can expect some more names to be added. There are some incredibly tough tables out there. Take...more

EPT8 Berlin: Big names out in force

A bumper field starts today with the likes of EPT champions Kevin MacPhee, David Vamplew, Ben Wilinofsky, Martin Finger, Arnaud Mattern, Jake Cody and Andrey Pateychuk all shuffling up, as well as other well-known players such as Team PokerStars Pros Jonathan Duhamel, Michael Keiner and Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom, and Martin...more

EPT8 Berlin: Marching into Day 1B

If rumour is to be believed, The Hyatt Hotel, just off Potsdamer Platz, will be overrun with poker players today, as the second Day 1 flight readies itself for ten levels of poker on a sunny but cold day in the German capital. This preparation for a day of...more

16 April

EPT8 Berlin: Geshkenbein leads, Chartier and Weigel close behind

Before the storm, the calm. A total of 243 players arrived at the Hyatt Hotel today, the Day 1A share of an event that can accommodate up to 1,300. There was no need though for a dozen spare tables in the main room, or for the 25 tables reserved...more

EPT8 Berlin: The Geshkenbein effect

If you were to follow this hand through you'd largely wonder how Anton Thorarinsson got paid off. Luca Cainelli opened under-the-gun and was called by Zoran Mitic in the next seat along. Thorarinsson made up the big blind and checked the 9♥5♦5♠ flop, as did Cainelli, but Zorin bet 3,500....more

EPT8 Berlin: Greenstein (der Bär) one of the features of the day

For most of the day the best table in the field has been the feature table. It's why it's the feature table, funnily enough, and earlier today it boasted a line-up that included Jan Heitmann, Barry Greenstein, Martin Staszko, Will Molson and Philipp Gruissem. The problem for everyone in...more

EPT8 Berlin: Romanello closing on Player of the Year title with another final table

At the beginning of the season the EPT Player of the Year award is a distant blip on the horizon. It's barely mentioned by the players who are, somewhat understandably, more focussed on the schedule and destinations than bagging an award which takes consistent deep finishes in both main and...more

EPT8 Berlin: Locals proving tough opponents on world stage

In terms of recent German history one feature dominates; a 97 mile long, 12 feet high feature that split East Berlin from West Berlin, East Germany from West Germany, and the East and West in general. It's more than 22 years since the Berlin Wall was at first opened,...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Robert Baguley upsets odds to claim title and £210,400

Sometimes in poker, the best thing you can do is screw up your copy of the script, unread. Robert Baguley, a 60-year-old retired landlord from Leicestershire, has just beaten a field of 1,625 of the continent's best players to win the Nottingham stop of the PokerStars United Kingdom and Ireland...more

EPT8 Berlin: Searching for German talent, step forward 'wizowizo'

There are hundreds of players at every European Poker Tour destination of which only a modest amount can be focussed upon in the live coverage. Priority is thus given to big names, big stacks, those with previous successes and those that have consistently proved themselves to make for interesting copy...more

Cast your vote for the Season 8 EPT Awards

With today's start of EPT Berlin, the European Poker Tour is just two champions away from finishing its eighth trip around Europe. With the end of the season comes the annual EPT Awards. Most of those awards revolve around the points players earn for their individual performances. The Players Choice...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 4, level 32 updates (100,000-200,000)

7.20pm: Robert Baguley wins UKIPT Nottingham for £210,400 Iqbal Ahmed out in second, winning £125,000 It's over. Robert Baguley is the champion of UKIPT Nottingham, defeating Iqbal Ahmed heads up. Baguley opened to 450,000 and Ahmed shoved all in. Baguley called. Baguley: A♥[10d] Ahmed: J♥7♠ The board helped only Baguley....more

EPT8 Berlin: Vandersmissen wins in Ireland, bringing new confidence to tour

Two weeks ago Kevin Vandersmissen was a Belgian pro progressing through the ranks of live tournament poker, his second place in EPT Snowfest being the highlight. One week ago, however, Vandersmissen was the headline of the poker press having won the Irish Poker Open, collecting €375,000 at the Burlington...more

Supernova Night Out: Toronto

There's a special buzz in the air on a cool Spring Saturday evening in Toronto. The streets are packed, cars are jockeying for every foot of progress - clearly people have somewhere to go, somewhere to get to. For 9 PokerStars Supernovas last Saturday night there was nowhere they'd rather...more

EPT8 Berlin: Busquet rested after heroic Campione campaign

Rather than jumping into the nearest game to continue what was turning into a good run, EPT Campione runner-up Olivier Busquet took time off from poker before re-engaging in Berlin. At the first break things were all-square for the New Yorker, whose table featuring Will Molson, Scott Seiver and...more

EPT8 Berlin: Scott Seiver looking for his maiden cash

Scott Seiver is a big name player that we don't see that frequently on this side of the Atlantic but given his recent success that may well change. The 27-year-old American arrives here off the back of a $560,000 success in a series of TV tournaments which saw him triumph...more

PokerStars weekend review (4-14-12)

Consider today the impact PokerStars has on poker right now. It should be really, really clear to you just by opening your eyes, but if you need some help, check this out. At this very moment, the final table of the PokerStars-sponsored UKIPT is playing out in Nottingham. This event...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 4, level 29 - 31 updates (60,000-120,000 10,000 ante)

5.25pm: Level over So ends a level of almost complete inaction. Robert Baguley is the de facto table captain, not only with the most chips but also in the kind of position where he can call small raises pre-flop then take it away on the flop if and when opponents...more

EPT8 Berlin: Players standing out, divine light or not

Even before the introductions were made at the start, the stand-out line-up, the table you would pick up and put in front of television cameras, or at the very least hang framed on the wall, was the obvious one; that featuring Scott Seiver, Olivier Busquet, Andrew Brokos and Barny...more

EPT8 Berlin: Six days start here

The moments before a big tournament kicks off one can tell a lot about a player. Are they sat in their chair nervously counting and recounting their stack or perhaps burying their head into a smartphone, piling their first big event anxieties into cyberspace? Barny Boatman, a player who's...more

EPT8 Berlin: All good as German leg aims to break records

The great thing about Germany is that everything works; the transport infrastructure, the system, it all runs smoothly, and even when you find it doesn't bend at all, normally when you're leaning on it, you come away knowing that you were not unnecessarily hindered at all. The problem was...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Final table player profiles

Here are the eight final table players at UKIPT Nottingham, season three. There were 1,625 players, creating a prize pool of £1,137,500. The winner will take £210,400. Full details of all prizewinners are on the prizewinners page. Final table play begins at 2pm GMT. Follow the blow-by-blow action on PokerStars...more

15 April

TCOOP champion jmc8609 adds Sunday Million title to award list

The Sunday Million has a long, rich history of being the largest online poker tournament in the world. For many years, it has boasted of the largest guarantee of all weekly online events offered on any website, and its title holds the most prestige. "I won the Sunday Million" is...more

Sunday Warm-Up: WCOOP champ sosickPL claims another big title

Usually on Sundays here at PokerStars the largest tournament is the $1,000,000 guarantee Sunday Million and tonight's $1,457,800.00 prize pool there would once again reign as king of the Sunday Majors. The queen who gets up a little bit earlier than the king, the $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up, usually stands...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Ahmed again as final table assembles in Nottingham

The tempo of major poker tournaments fluctuates as the days go by. The early stages of day one is slow, before things speed up towards the end. Day two is a bloodbath from start to finish, and day threes are sometimes harder to predict. Eliminations come in fits and starts:...more

Not bad for Mr.Superbad, winner of April 15 Women's Sunday

The middle of April brought all types of excitement for women on PokerStars. Not only were satellites up and running for the first of the May SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) events, but players were seeking their final chances to qualify for a €2,500 PS Women Live prize package...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 3, level 23-28 updates (30,000-60,000 5,000 ante)

12.20am: Devron Hasslenook eliminated in 9th place (£17,050) Devron Hasslenook had been the player most at risk of elimination for a while and had moved all-in numerous times, eventually someone looked him up. That someone was Grant Pirie. Some would call it a brave call, some would call it stupid,...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 3, level 19-22 updates (10,000-20,000 2,000 ante)

4.35pm: Break time That's the end of level 22, players are now on a 20 minute break. You'll find level 23 updates in a new post. --NW 4.30pm: Exits There's no easy way to say this, but if you have an each way bet on any of David Hudson, Jason...more

14 April

UKIPT Nottingham: Easy game for Iqbal Ahmed, leader into day three

Poker is an easy game. You need only listen to defeated players as they wander from the table, having seen all their stack slid in an opponent's direction. "Easy game," they will say through pursed lips. That kind of utterance is, of course, laced with bitter irony. But when you...more

Eureka Croatia 2: Final Table - Level 24 Updates & Recap

Four days of hard-fought poker, seeing bad beats, bustouts, big pots, epic clashes and thousands of hands have finally been brought to a close with just one standing at the end. Here is the man who came to the Golden Sun Casino and conquered all his competitors along with...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, level 16-18 updates (3,000-6,000 500 ante)

8.20pm: Done for the day Play is done for the day, roughly 76 players remain and the chip leader, as has been the case for most of the day is, Iqbal Ahmed who has 1,580,000. You can click right here, to see the counts of the chip leaders, full comprehensive...more

Eureka Croatia 2: Final Table - Level 20-23 (12k/24k/3k)

8.25pm END OF LEVEL 23: PLAYERS TAKING A 15 MINUTE BREAK 8.05pm: Filipovic fights back All that hard work Mecs used to pull himself level with Filipovic has been undone - the pendulum swinging back in favour of the Croatian. It looked like he might be on an ever-increasing...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, level 12 - 15 updates (1,500-3,000 300 ante)

4.50pm: New post We're now over in a new post, for all the action from level five onwards. -- HS 4.45pm: Pearce still at the sharp end Here's a quick update for one of our Twitter followers: this is for you @GossipHub. Your man Richard Pearce is now up to...more

13 April

UKIPT Nottingham: Poker's longest day draws to a close with Chris Brammer out front

When Cornelius Ryan put pen to paper on the book that would become the John Wayne vehicle The Longest Day, one can feel safe to say he had never attended UKIPT Nottingham season three. If he had, one suspects his novel and then movie portraying the D-Day landings could at...more

Eureka Croatia 2: Day 2, Levels 18-20 (5000,10000,1000)

Dragan Galic heads field for Eureka Croatia final table showdown Dragan Galic is the toast of Croatian poker right now as he stormed through day 2, cutting a swathe through the challenging hordes of largely eastern european challengers to march imperiously into the chip lead coming into the home...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1C: Level 8-11 updates (600-1,200 100 ante)

1.50am: Done Play is over for the day and it appears Chris Brammer is the overnight chip leader from this third and final Day one flight. A full wrap of the day's play is on the way. Join all the remaining runners and riders from 12 noon tomorrow when play...more

Eureka Croatia 2: Day 2, Level 14-17 (2500, 5000, 500)

11.50pm: END OF LEVEL 11: 20 MINUTE BREAK That's level 11 in the bag. With 13 players left, when they return the players will be playing down to a final table of 8 tonight, unless there is a paucity of bustouts which seems unlikely with only 5 players to...more

VIP Store: Get yer bundles!

It's a sale! It's a bundle sale! Get yer bundles while they're still hot! That's probably a lot more exclamation points than I really need there, but the news out of the PokerStars VIP Store is sort of fun today. Now, for a limited time, you can get discounted VIP...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1C: Level 5-7 updates (200-400 50 ante)

8.45pm: Break time Players are taking a 20-minute break. We will be back in a shiny new post. -- HS 8.40pm: Big stack + good omens. You do the math(s) Tournament trivia time. During the evening sessions of both days 1A and 1B, table 76 was the place to be...more

Anticipation builds for Monte Carlo satellite winners

One of the world's greatest poker festivals in a location that epitomizes luxury and opulence is a lot to look forward to. But that hasn't stopped three PokerStars satellite winners who are doing just that as they anxiously anticipate the PokerStars Women Live event to be held in Monaco from...more

How to win the first anniversary Sunday Storm

Editor's note: This weekend, PokerStars will host a $1 million guaranteed first anniversary Sunday Storm with $150,000 guaranteed for first place. We asked Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske to tell us how he plans to win this weekend. First: feel lucky . Be alert and on top of it. Don't...more

Eureka Croatia 2: Day 2, Levels 10-13 (1000,2000/200)

6.15pm: END OF LEVEL 13; 20 MINUTE BREAK That's the end of the first four levels of the day, just 28 players remaining of the 61 who started the day. We'll be back in 20 minutes - see you then. 6.02pm: Georgiev drives away the ladies Don't interpret that...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1C: Level 1-4 updates (100-200)

4.20pm: Champ getting bullied Back in December Richard Sinclair won the UKIPT Champion of Champions event here at Dusk Till Dawn, thus guaranteeing him entry to all legs of Season 3 of the UKIPT. He missed out in Galway but is back again today in Nottingham, so far though it's...more

12 April

UKIPT Nottingham: Ken Isaksen takes honours at end of day 1B

No two hands of poker play out exactly the same. And it follows that no two tournament days are identical. However days 1A and 1B of UKIPT Nottingham, the latter of which has just finished at Dusk Till Dawn, certainly felt very similar indeed. There was the crush at the...more

Eureka Croatia 2: Day 1b, Level 9 completed

Galic heads chip count at end of Day 1b Another furious day of poker played out here in Zagreb , the 84 hopefuls who turned up to give it their all reduced to a mere 26 by the close of play. The chip lead was held by different players...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B, Level 8 - 11 updates (600-1,200 100 ante)

1.45am: That's a wrap Play has now ended, chips have been bagged and the players go their separate ways into the night. A wrap of the day's play will be with you shortly, but we believe that Ken Isaksen is the overnight chip leader with 227,600. Full chip counts of...more

Eureka Croatia 2: Day 1b, Levels 5-8 (300/600/75)

12.00pm: END OF LEVEL 8; TWENTY MINUTE BREAK There is a short break as the remaining 36 players go to smoke, eat, chat and swap the stories they've accumulated during today's play. We'll be back shortly to chart the progress of the final level. 11.45pm Greenstein on poker and...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B: Level 5-7 updates (200-400 50 ante)

8.40pm: Break time The players are now on a 20 minute break, you'll find level eight updates in a new post here. -- NW 8.35pm: Burland battles on Level seven has just ended and during the break UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland wandered over to media corner. He's is on...more

An interview with Team Online's Roy Bhasin

When Roy Bhasin began playing games with his family as a child, he never could have envisioned it would lead to where he is today. The Sydney, Australia, native recently became the newest member of Team PokerStars Online, an honor he considered a "pipe dream" when he first began...more

SCOOP 2012: Officially open for business

I just had the pleasure of watching the very first two people register for the 2012 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker. We saw the announcement. We saw the early schedule. Now, the events are posted in the PokerStars tournament lobby and the website is up and running. The first...more

Eureka Croatia 2: Day 1b, Levels 1-4 (100,200)

6.35pm END OF LEVEL 4 - 15 MINUTE BREAK 6.18pm Dmitry Russian to get his chips in Dmitry Vornovitskiy, a Russian player, just raised it up to 525, only to see Andrija Vujic re-pop him to 2.1k with around 5k back. Vornovitskiy got a count, then pushed the rest...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B, Level 1-4 updates (100-200)

4.20pm: Break time The players are now on a 20 minute break and we are heading into a new post for level five. -- NW 4.15pm: Some more counts Whilst some players prosper others have had their stacks halved. Dom Kay has ran queens into kings and is down to...more

11 April

UKIPT Nottingham: Marcin Milde leads after first leg of whopper

It has been a whopping day on the UKIPT, so here's a double-quick wrap of the earliest stages. Just the facts folks. Just the facts. It was Day 1A at UKIPT Nottingham, which is always the most popular stop on the entire tour. This year, a £1m guaranteed prize pool...more

Eureka Croatia 2: Day 1a, Level 9 updates(400,800,100)

01.05am SCANNELL HEADS FIELD AFTER DAY 1A So that's it for today, it's been a hard fought game of poker here in Croatia. We've seen some incredible tussles, set over set action, the girls schooling many of the boys and 59 eliminations in total, almost 2/3 of the field...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, Levels 8-11 updates (600-1,200 100 ante)

1.35am: Done for the day Players have bagged their chips and are now milling towards the exit, the bar or the cash tables. We're still beavering away and will bring you a wrap of the day's play shortly. Chip counts of the 102 or so players who made it through...more

Eureka Croatia 2: Day 1a, Level 5-8 updates(300,600,75)

11.40pm: END OF LEVEL 8: 20 MINUTE BREAK The end of level 8 signals a chance for a quick snatch of breath for out players. This gives us the opportunity to remind you that full and final chip counts from the day will be posted sometime in the early...more

4-8-12 Sunday Million


UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, Levels 5-7 updates (200-400 ante 50)

8.43pm: Break time Players are on a 20 minute break, whilst there's lull in play why not check out the chip count page, Tom Kugelstadt and Tim Chung lead the way with 105,000 each. You'll find level 8-11 updates here. -- NW 8.40pm: Obadun almost done, Sahnan saved There was...more

EPT Berlin: The big one (for me)

EPT Berlin. The Big one. For me. Often I went deep in tournaments but did not quite get the result I expected. But it never hurt more than in Berlin. One year I got a big stack of chips and then made a superb hero call for it. He had...more

Eureka Croatia 1: Day 1a, Level 1-4 Updates (100,200)

6.30pm: END OF LEVEL 4, 20 MINUTE BREAK 6.15pm: The Big Lebowskis Own up, who is sitting around in dressing gowns sipping white russians? Metaphorically speaking of course. It's nice to be playing well, but even nicer to be running well and a small group has formed a phalanx...more

UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, Levels 1-4 updates (100-200)

Break time That's the end of level four. Join us in this shiny new post. 4.20pm: Chit chat James Glossop is up to about 55,000 now and is entering pretty much every pot. He's winning the majority too, which accounts for his near quadruple up since the tournament began. On...more

mypokerf mops up field, earns $60K in Super Tuesday (4/10/12)

The Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that has routinely drawn huge fields over recent weeks, brought out another big group this week with 462 players joining in. That meant a prize pool of $462,000, easily besting the event's $300K guarantee. The top 54 would divide the cash,...more

10 April

Vicky Coren: Easter Bunny

Ben "DoobieFish" Kett has learned a valuable lesson, one that could end up being worth a big share of UKIPT Nottingham's $1 million guaranteed prize pool: sometimes all you have to do is ask. It starts like this: over the weekend, Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren decided to hold a...more

Travel Blog: Campione

I had been to Lake Como once a few years back and was absolutely mesmerized by it, so to find out Campione was close by and a similar setting to Como (perched on the shore of Lake Lugano) excited me very much. It really did not disappoint either. I met...more

Looking for Belgian luck

Wow! It's just amazing what the Belgian poker players are doing on the PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) circuit at the moment! Two of my best poker girlfriends, Magia Vandamme and Coralie Nauder, did very well at the PokerStars Ladies Event in Madrid last month. Magia came in first and...more

9 April

PokerStars weekend review (4-8-12)

For many, many folks of varying cultures, this was a holiday weekend. Obviously, no one told the PokerStars community. Yesterday's Sunday majors were rocking and rolling and gave barely a hint of the celebrations going on around the world. More than 8,200 people showed up for this weekend's Sunday Million,...more

8 April

Guesty001 stages stellar comeback to win April 8 Sunday Million title

Many people around the world celebrated holidays this weekend. Many of them were poker players. But no matter the family commitments, rearrangements of dinners, or lack of sleep, poker players were not going to miss out on the great opportunities that await them in the Sunday majors. Miss out on...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Five-way deal makes victory easier for Palmero92

Whether you celebrated today sipping mimosa with family over brunch, attended an Easter gathering, watched The Masters golf tournament, or planted plastic eggs around the yard for the kids to find and hid them so well you could not find the ones they missed afterwards, the second weekend of April...more

Scarey Pelt felts the rest, wins April 8 Women's Sunday

April is a big month for PokerStars Women. We're in our second year of the Women's Sunday, which is exciting in itself, and we're in our fourth month of the 2012 Women's Poker League with the three divisions. And we're going to host our third $11 Women's Tuesday in a...more

6 April

Four cures for poker's seasonal wanderlust

No matter where you live in the world, this is likely the time of year you start to get a little lustful...wanderlustful, if you will. Whether it's spring in the north or autumn in the south, these are the seasons when our hearts and minds start to wander. Fortunately, PokerStars...more

5 April

SCOOP 2012: PokerStars unveils final schedule

This just in: PokerStars has put the finishing touches on its 2012 SCOOP schedule, and it is a doozy. Just try to count all the events, buy-in levels and guaranteed money. I dare you. Try it! Or, if you prefer, I can make it easier for you. In all, there...more

Travel Diary: Sydney

I've just returned home to Melbourne after covering the ANZPT in Sydney, Australia's unofficial capital city. It's the largest, and prettiest, artificial eye-candy that Australia has to offer. While the natural beauty of the northern beaches of Australia are what really make this country famous, the stunning Sydney harbor with...more

Fatima Moreira DeMelo on how to improve your game

Team PokerStars Pro and Olympic gold medalist Fatima Moreira De Melo's laidback style and calm energy belie an intense work ethic and passion for poker. She talked to PokerStars Women about her image at the table, finding time to exercise between tournaments and a well-timed four-bet at the PCA Main...more

4 April

Eureka Croatia kicking off in five days

There are just five days left until the start of the largest poker tour in eastern Europe. The second season kicks of in Zagreb, Croatia. More than 250 players from more than 30 countries are expected to show up for the main event on April 11. To get the second...more

EPT Grand Final Super High Roller players lining up

The invitation is the kind that few people receive and fewer people accept. The favorable RSVP list is one of the shortest in the world. And yet, it's the biggest deal in European poker this month. In just three weeks, the EPT will host its first ever European-based Super High...more

Big win at Snowfest all in a day's work for 18-year old Veronika Pavlikova

Maybe you haven't heard about this yet, because the poker world seems to still be in a bit of shock about last Sunday's Main Event win at the PokerStars.fr France Poker Series. The Snowfest series, as it's called, held at Evian in the French Alps, is eagerly awaited each year...more

PokerStars Women's Poker League: sommerkind19 and annamfa post stellar results

There were 31 days in March; it would have been tough for any player to compete in all three Women's Poker League divisions, much less do well in all three of them on a regular basis. In addition to bankroll considerations, it takes good time management to play in multiple...more

4/3/12 Super Tuesday: Wizowizo casts spell on final table, wins $73,027

Time once again for another rousing edition of the PokerStars Super Tuesday. Tonight's tilt featured a field of 495 runners generating a prize pool of $495,000 split among the final 63 players. When four players remained, they arranged a deal to carve up most of the remaining money. In the...more

3 April

EPT Player of the Year contenders scrambling for points

The EPT Player of the Year race saw the main contenders in a mad scramble for points at EPT Campione - making it a very close race with just two events to go. Czech pro Ondrej Vinklarek hung on to the lead despite valiant attempts by his nearest rivals to...more

Sunday Storm: Happy anniversary! Here's a million bucks!

It's been a stormy year, no? Lots of crashing, booming, and Texas-style floods. There are a lot of reasons for that, but let's focus on a good one. It was around one year ago at this time that PokerStars introduced us to the Sunday Storm. It was a gigantic affair...more

Travel Diary: Viña del Mar

My trip to Viña del Mar was one of the longest travel days I've ever had. The day after I finished covering EPT Madrid, I headed to the airport to begin my journey to Chile, which consisted of a 10-hour flight from Madrid to Atlanta, a six-hour layover, another 10-flight...more

2 April

SuperStar Showdown: Viktor "Isildur1" Blom wins $1 million match over Isaac Haxton

Try to absorb the raw numbers. It took 5,030 hands for Viktor "Isildur1" Blom to win half a million dollars cash from Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton. In total, they played for just about 12 hours over three days. Blom earned more than $40,000 an hour for his work. Blom is 21...more

PokerStars weekend review (4-1-12)

I'll be honest. I'm really glad that weekend is over. So much was happening at once that it felt like everything might actually be an April Fools joke. What's worse, there were no jokes. Everything was real. Everything was insane. And it just kept coming. The biggest news of the...more

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez wins in Valencia

After five intense days of poker action, the Estrellas Valencia finished with Spanish player Miguel Ángel Rodríguez as the winner of the event. Rodríguez won the ESPT Valencia Main Event for €76,000 after making a three-way deal with runner-up PokerStars Qualifier Ruben Gonzalez Porcel (Spain) who earned €58,000 and third-placed...more

PCA 2013 Mega-Path satellites up and running

April Fools Day has passed, so you can be sure this is no gag: PokerStars has just opened up the first satellites for the 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. The FPP Mega-Path satellites launched this morning. For as few as four Frequent Player Points, you can make it to the tenth...more

MicroMillions: Jannick Wrang's 98 events

So, a funny thing happened on the way to an EPT Campione championship. If you were to pitch it to a film studio, it would probably sound a lot like this: Man loses $150,000, punishes himself by registering for nearly 100 poker tournaments, loses a couple hundred dollars more, but...more

Sunday Million: Lurkio77 levels the final table, wins $196k

As this week's Sunday Million drew to a close, I couldn't help but think of the potential decibel level in the room if this heads-up match were playing out live. Over the years I spent on the tournament circuit I learned that there are no greater poker fans in the...more

1 April

Sunday Warm-Up: Big hands not needed in AA d@n¡ KK's win

No April Fools jokes here today as a trip around the internet will surely net you more well-planned fun like Google Maps going retro and updating its usage on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (maybe Mario to guide you to the nearest Starbucks?). Or Hungry Hungry Hippos coming out for...more

No joke, leglybrunete wins April 1 Women's Sunday

After all the excitement of last weekend's Women's Sunday birthday celebration, it was time to get back to normal this weekend. But we're not going to lie. The absence of the web chat and all of the birthday messages was a bit of a letdown. We also miss the virtual...more

SuperStar Showdown: Blom halts Haxton's comeback, holds $281,365 lead after two sessions

When Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton returned to the felt this afternoon to resume his $1 million match with Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, he seemed determined to reign in the frenetic pace that defined yesterday's session. Haxton didn't mind taking a small-ball approach; even as Blom expanded his lead by another $127,000 within...more