September 2012

30 September

TeamWispy defeats parrish09 to win Sunday Million and $201,962

Did you miss us? The Sunday Million was on hiatus for the majority of the month due to the World Championship of Online Poker. The 2012 series set records, awarded more than $55 million in 65 events, and witnessed maratik use FPPs to enter the Main Event, play it, make...more

Sunday Warm-Up: _slowb0y_1 catches on quickly for $87K win

"bought in with FPPs today (not bad roi)" stated Cod Meharly right after the three-way chop talks gave our final three players over $70K a piece and yet another story of those little Frequent Players Points churning out something big in a major tournament here at PokerStars. 40 FPPs...more

LAPT Panama: Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez wins inaugural Panamanian title

It had been two seasons of the Latin American Poker Tour since a Team PokerStars Pro won a title. That year, Argentinian Jose "Nacho" Barbero won two championships back-to-back. For two seasons, he remained the only Team Pro with a trophy. That changed today when Argentina's Leo Fernandez won the...more

Coloccini20 crushes Women's Sunday for more than $2500

The month of September was a busy one, mainly due to three weeks of the most exciting online tournament series of the year. The 2012 WCOOP wrapped up last week, and the winners' stories emerging from the series were inspiring. The Main Event winner - maratik - qualified for FPPs...more

Battle of the Planets: Path to victory shows 5pathic standing alone

By now you have heard the story of the mystery man who turned a handful of Frequent Player Points (FPPs) into a WCOOP Main Event victory. The $1,000,907.26 haul is perhaps the best ROI at $25,022.68 per FPPs that this site or any major trading floor has ever seen, or...more

LAPT Panama: Three more eliminated, heads-up play begins

In just a matter of an hour, three more players have been eliminated, setting up the least surprising heads-up match we could've predicted. Patrick Mahoney and Leo Fernandez began this final table with half the chips in play. Now the pair has 100% as they get settled in for what...more

LAPT Panama: Diego Sanchez, Sam Razavi, Isaac Malca eliminated

Twenty-eight year-old Diego "diesanser" Sanchez has been playing poker professionally for the past five years before making his first LAPT main event final table. Though he had great success in the side events over the years, he had yet to reach a coveted spot at a main event final. That...more

Venezuela wins Americas Cup of Poker

Venezuelan voters will soon decide who they want to lead their nation after one of the most hard-fought presidential elections in that country's recent history. Before that happens however, the entire country can cheer as one for its nation's poker championship. Late last night, the Venezuelan poker team defeated Team...more

LAPT Panama: Six on two as final table begins

American Patrick Mahoney and Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez hold half the chips in the play as Latin American Poker Tour's first event gets underway. Consider that for one moment. There are eight people sitting around the table. Half the wealth is concentrated in two stacks. There is probably something...more

29 September

LAPT Panama: Patrick Mahoney, Leo Fernandez lead final table

Patrick Mahoney is not a vacuum salesman. We know this because moments ago when filling out a bio questionnaire, Mahoney wrote "vacuum salesman" down as his profession. And then he scratched it out. In its place, he wrote "Zamboni driver." "No one but me is going to know what that...more

LAPT Panama: Leo Fernandez and his green arm

Leo Fernandez's arm is sticking out like a sore thumb. A green sore thumb at that. For the past three days, the Team PokerStars Pro has shown up to play with a green band around his bicep. Speculation ran rampant. Was it a fashion statement? Was it something akin to...more

LAPT Panama: Sam Razavi looking for PokerStars hat trick

Many people have spoken of poker's Triple Crown, the achievement of one player winning WSOP, EPT, and WPT events during their career. Fewer people have spoken of something tourney grinder Sam Razavi is lining up for today: the PokerStars hat trick. With 12 players remaining, Razavi has an average stack...more

LAPT Panama: Stars rising above Trinidad and Tobago

Looking for a Trinidadian (or Tobagonian, for that matter) poker champion is like a search for Sasquatch or the Yeti. There are people who believe such a thing exists, but evidence in support of it is murky at best. But this was my mission today. As the final 23 players...more

LAPT Panama: Leo Fernandez leads charge for final table

Can he do it? With a big chip lead and only 22 people to beat, can Argentinian Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez win the very first LAPT Panama? The last time any Team Pro won a LAPT event, it was Fernandez's countryman Jose "Nacho" Barbero in Season 3. Barbero was...more

28 September

LAPT Panama: Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez leads final 23

Someday--mark my words--there will be a Cirque du Soleil built around the face of Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez. It's simultaneously clownish, contorted, and artful. It's all I can do to not imagine it painted in clown-face-white as he rakes pot after pot. The rakish grin, the mussed hair, the...more

LAPT Panama: A coinflip for your life on the bubble

Cormac McCarthy's Anton Chigurh was nowhere in the room, but Alberto Santos could've been staring him in the face tonight. Forty-nine players remained, and Santos was one of the unfortunate few who had nearly no chips. He could've sat back and waited. He could've hoped fate, Chigurh, or an earthquake...more

LAPT Panama: In-depth with president David Carrion

When you look at the Latin American Poker Tour, you're looking at the handy work of its president David Carrion and his team of organizers. No matter what happens--good, bad, or ugly--Carrion takes responsibility for it all. He was among the people responsible for bringing the LAPT to Panama for...more

LAPT Panama: Americas Cup of Poker gets underway

Caio Pessagno dislocated his shoulder before the cards even hit the felt. That's how intense the Americas Cup of Poker has gotten. The Brazil team leader's shoulder popped out of its socket in midlap of last night's Americas Cup swimming exhibition (yes, swimming exhibition). It's been just a week since...more

LAPT Panama: Man down (pssst, he was the chip leader)

I learned something some years ago about the use of the word "meteoric." I was reminded of it again here today as we watched Day 1 chip leader John Hewitt make a startlingly early departure. Most folks use "meteoric" to describe the speed and relative brilliance of a person's accomplishment....more

LAPT Panama: Reduce, reuse, recycle

Wednesday November 5, 2008 was a day no veteran of the LAPT will ever forget. The U.S. Presidential elections had finished up the night before. The party in the Ramada Herradura bar lasted until the early morning hours. The final table started that afternoon, and brash American Ryan Fee dismantled...more

Travel Guide: San Remo

Season 9 of the European Poker Tour kicked off in a big way in Barcelona last month, but now it's time for the second stop of the season--EPT San Remo. From October 3-11, 2012, the Casino Sanremo will play host to a full festival of poker tournaments headlined by a...more

LAPT Panama: New host on pace for final table appearance

There is something quite important to be said about being the first to a title. It's a distinction that no one can ever take away. This week, there are many firsts still in play. For instance, whoever wins this weekend will be the first ever LAPT Panama champion. There also...more

WCOOP 2012: Meeting the winners

Sixty-five events, sixty-five champions and sixty-five stories to tell. WCOOP may be great for us to shout about the guarantee-obliterating $55,522,590 that was given out in prizes but to the individual winners playing from gas stations, residences, warehouses, farmhouses, hen houses, outhouses and doghouses around the world it means so...more

Liv Boeree, chief troublemaker

Liv Boeree's stay at Vanessa Rousso's house during WSOP involved a party stunt somersault that led to a broken ankle, so I was curious to know if life on Team Pro was always this eventful. I met Liv at EPT Barcelona where she told me about fun with friends and...more

27 September

LAPT Panama: Moving forward, never back

"A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!" It's a palindrome, the same backward and forward. Like "race car" or "straw warts" or "senile felines." But this one is about Panama, the story of the day here in the world of Latin American Poker. If you're here for more than a...more

LAPT Panama: English only please?

The dinner break was almost finished when I left my hotel room and stood in front of the 13th floor elevator. A tall blonde woman looked at me and rattled off a series of Spanish phrases so fast that I was worried she might have dislocated her ample lips. I...more

LAPT Panama: The Panamanian Rat Pack

It's been one week since Victor "Puropoker123" Lemos' wrist became very important to the country of Panama. The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker was grinding along in its last week. Through a decade of WCOOP events and hundreds of millions in prize pools, Panama never had a player claim...more

LAPT Panama: Victory cigar $171K up top

A thunderstorm rolled across Panama City this afternoon and rendered the already warm air into a drippy, tropical soup. On the seventh floor of the Wyndham Veneto, low gray clouds dripped into the pool. As the storm passed, a lone man worked under an overhang, his dark hands against almost-matching...more

LAPT Panama: Bracelet winner's new life not for the dogs

In the past four months, Joey Weissman has gone from sleeping on his friend's Las Vegas couch to living a sun-baked dream on the beaches of Costa Rica. The difference in his life couldn't be more stark, and the sky under which he awakes isn't the only reason. Since that...more

LAPT Panama: Radio Free Panama

So, there is an unwritten rule in the world of sports that when someone streaks naked across the field of play, the television cameras turn away. It's a matter of decency and discretion that keeps events in the good graces of the easily offended. Twitter has changed all the rules....more

LAPT Panama: A town full of fish

It's nearing 11pm and the van is bumping hard along the highway to Panama City. An American expat sits near the front explaining the subtleties of poker to a Venezuelan journalist who doesn't know a turn from a roundabout or a river from a lake. And there is nothing else....more

Meeting Rafa's mentor

There are few people in this world that can say that they've beaten tennis superstar Rafa Nadal but even fewer that can say that they've schooled him. Isaac Mayolas, who you may have seen coaching Rafa how to bluff, is among that tiny elite but also holds the peculiar privilege...more

WCOOP 2012: Introducing the million dollar man, Marat 'maratik' Sharafutdinov

On Sunday evening no-one had heard of the name 'maratik', let alone Marat Sharafutdinov. By Tuesday afternoon poker blogs, forums and news outlets were awash with the story of Maratik, the man who had turned 40 frequent player points into a million dollars. His deal negotiations have already become legendary,...more

26 September

Rafa Nadal's biggest bluff: I'm not Rafa

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet Tony. He works at the golf course. If you need a set of spikes or a new five iron, he can get them for you. He's smiling, soft-spoken, and most definitely not international tennis superstar Rafa Nadal. Oh, sure, he looks lot...more

The lucky WCOOP seat at my house

If you missed the insanity on Twitter over the past few days, there was one particular house in Canada that pulled in a lot of World Championship of Online Poker cash. Even better? It's the house where Team PokerStars Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome lives. Not only did her friend Eric...more

EPT Sanremo starts next week, get a cheap transfer now

The EPT Sanremo festival starts next week. Do you have your flights booked? Almost certainly. Your hotel? Probably. Your transfer? No, of course not. Who knows how you sort that out? The EPT Concierge does. You can get your taxi sorted now for €150 for up to four people from...more

WCOOP 2012: $5,200 Main Event final table highlights

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WCOOP 2012 review: Hailing the heroes

The 2012 World Championship of Online Poker has come to an end after 22 days, 65 tournaments and a guarantee-smashing $55,522,590 in prizes. Millionaires have been made, bubbles have been burst and a new set of heroes have stepped into the limelight. If there was any doubt that this year's...more

3591omanyd snares 9/25/12 Super Tuesday win, $81K-plus score

With the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker having ended on Monday, it was back to business on Tuesday as the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament -- a.k.a. the "Super Tuesday" -- returned to the schedule following a three-week hiatus. One might have expected a drop-off following all of the...more

25 September

As the Stars Tweet: It's never ending

With the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker winding down this week, most of the members of Team PokerStars were tweeting about their online grind. However, Theo Jorgensen, who was one card away from winning his second-career WPT title twice in Paris, tweeted the following about his runner-up finish: "Great...more

Win a Dream Day with Rafa Nadal

Would you like to face down Team PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal? Do you fancy having the chance to smash one of the biggest stars in the world with some choice check-raising? Well, now you can; in person, in Spain and on expenses. The promotion is aptly named 'Rafa Dream Day'...more

WCOOP 2012: FPP qualifier maratik makes a million, wins Main Event ($5,200 NLHE)

After several levels of FPP qualifiers, 25 hours of deep stacked, high velocity play and close to 60 minutes of six-handed deal negotiations, a low stakes Russian grinder has won the WCOOP Main Event pocketing a life-changing $1,000,907.26. There's the money, yes, but there's so much more for our new...more

24 September

WCOOP 2012: Eric "jakz101" Crain wins first WCOOP title in Event 63 ($215 NLHE 2-Day)

The chip lead guarantees nothing. Niccc looked to have the tournament in the bag with a sizeable final table lead that he took all the way to three-handed play. But then he lost it, and jakz101 took over. Niccc had previous PokerStars titles, but jakz101 had the heart and drive...more

WCOOP 2012: Event 56, $2,100 PLO (six-max)

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

A Herculean task makes progress

Unless you've been living under the poker community version of a rock for the last couple of months, you're aware that, in early August, PokerStars signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice that settled their suit against us. That agreement also included PokerStars acquiring many of the assets...more

PokerStars weekend review (24-9-12)

The 2012 World Championship of Poker (WCOOP) comes to an end today after an incredible 65 events that, once the Main Event has crowned its $1,612,843.75 winner, will have paid out $55,522,590 in prizes. It's a staggering amount. The WCOOP Player of the Series leader board is all but settled...more

WCOOP 2012: Mercier mashes $10K 8-Game, wins second WCOOP bracelet

Jason Mercier doesn't just win. He mashes. It's his own colloquialism with it's own Twitter hashtag, and somehow it suits him perfectly. Mercier mashes the $400/$800 ring games on a regular basis. He mashes EPTs. He makes perfectly fluffy mashed potatoes with WSOP pot-limit Omaha fields, earning two bracelets in...more

23 September

WCOOP 2012: munchenHB end of Day 1 leader, 245 left in Main Event ($5,200 NLHE)

It's here! The day online poker players look forward to all year! The 2012 World Championship of Online Poker Main Event! With a $5,200 buy-in and eye-popping $5 million guarantee, the WCOOP Main Event bracelet has become one of the most coveted in all of poker. And with that huge...more

Olechia dominates to win September 23 Women's Sunday

Did you check out the WCOOP Main Event? As we watched the Women's Sunday, we had an eye on the biggest online poker tournament of the year, the season finale of the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker. The series was incredible, and it culminated in a $5,200 NLHE Main...more

WCOOP 2012: Danya Kop delivers arresting performance, wins Event #60 ($700 PLO Heads-Up)

Four cards. Two players. Nine rounds of heads-up poker. Such was the equation offered players in Event #60, a two-day heads-up pot-limit Omaha tournament helping to round out the final weekend of events for the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars. Once registration closed and play began on...more

WCOOP 2012: zackmorris99 schools the competition in Event #61 ($320 NLHE SuperKnockout)

Over 16 hours into a tournament and down seven to one in chips, it's all too easy to simply throw up your hands and give in to fatigue. The hole seems too deep, the gymnastics required to climb out of it too strenuous for a mind that's been racing all...more

WCOOP 2012: babyjess28 rides to victory in Event #62 ($2,100 HORSE)

Mixed games are considered a true test of a poker player's ability. To excel in not just one, but five different poker variants, and survive a long and gruelling battle against the best in the world, is one of the most respected achievements in the poker world. Tonight it is...more

22 September

WCOOP 2012: Beckersen81 adds WCOOP bracelet to SCOOP, MicroMillions titles in Event #59 ($215 NLO8)

Beckersen81 has an avatar that's hard to forget. A close-up shot of a white tiger stares back at his opponents, and I knew I'd seen it before. Ten weeks ago, the white tiger got heads-up with didumiss' yellow-eyed bobcat in Event #6 of the MicroMillions II. Beckersen81 emerged the victor...more

21 September

WCOOP 2012: Ti0373 wins second WCOOP bracelet after shipping Event #57 $520 NL (1R, 1A)

There are no absolutes in poker. Just because you begin a final table with the big stack doesn't not mean you're going to have a cake-walk to the championship. Conversely, just because you start the final table with a short-stack, it doesn't mean you're going to be the first...more

2012 WCOOP: Greased lightning, SlickDickey speeds to Event #58 win ($1,050 LHE)

If people were looking to view a game that would produce a fast final table, most players would not name Limit Hold Em' as their first choice, especially with the deep blinds and stacks of a WCOOP event. Tonight's $150,000 guaranteed Event #58 LHE's final table would be reached...more

WCOOP 2012: Darren Elias leads the WCOOP winners revolution

The World Championship of Online Poker is the greatest online poker festival in the world. This is no throwaway rinse-and-repeat marketing line. It is fact. Dispute it. Go on. Try it. You can't. It has the largest prize pools, the best structures and puts the best players in the world...more

WCOOP 2012: Danzer hot on the heels of mikal12345 in Player of the Series race

Nine events remain in the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker. That's nine chances for Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer to catch Norway's mikal12345 who's pulling away in the top spot of the WCOOP leader board and is just a few days away from claiming the Player of the Series...more

Welcome two new members of Team PokerStars Online

Team PokerStars Online's ranks swelled by two this morning, which is good news all round. For them it means representing the biggest and best online poker site in the world. For you it means that you can easily spot them at the tables because they'll have that little red spade...more

WCOOP 2012: Darreta knows better in Event #56 ($2,100 PLO 6-Max)

Pot Limit Omaha is often looked upon as an action game. It's a game of aggression, equity and pushing thin edges. For most of us at the low limits, that usually means finding a big combo hand full of suited connectors, announcing "pot" over and over, and then hanging on...more

20 September

WCOOP 2012: youaremelon, you are the champion of Event #55 ($530+R NLHE)

At 11:00 ET this morning, several hundred players were dealt in to the first hand of Event #55. They'd all put in $530 for the privilege, but several of them were about to put in a lot more since the tournament featured unlimited re-buys for the first 90 minutes....more

WCOOP 2012: Ned_bg wins big in Event 54 ($320 NLHE)

Ned_bg was not the chip leader going into the final table, but close. Every time a player would take over first place, Ned_bg wasn't far behind. It wasn't until the table thinned to the last few players that Ned_bg was seen as a true contender, and despite going into heads-up...more

WCOOP 2012: Joy for jobetzu with Event 52 win ($215 NLHE Big Antes)

It's rare that a player has a lead going into the second day of play and actually wins, but jobetzu beat the odds and did just that. The Finn headed to the final table behind Timex, but a steady stream of aggressive moves took jobetzu to heads-up. Again, not the...more

WCOOP 2012: nanonoko and Talonchick working out their plays

Two members of Team PokerStars Online have posted in their WCOOP videos to us today. Randy 'nanonoko' Lew last night went deep in WCOOP-52 ($215 NL Hold'em Big Antes) and recorded a video talking through some of his hands as he did so. Despite his one-table focus, a far cry...more

Going mobile with talonchick

Written by Rebekah Mercer As you may have heard, Team Online's Adrienne Rowsome is playing a lot of tournaments during the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), and she's taken up the PokerStars challenge to play as many of them as possible on the new PokerStars mobile app. Adrienne, or...more

WCOOP 2012: McDonald, Middleton and Dietrich chasing gold in WCOOP-52

Mike 'Timex' McDonald, Tom 'hitthehole' Middleton and Mike 'pipedream17' Dietrich are among the final 16 players battling for a bracelet and $69,248 in WCOOP-52 ($215 NL Hold'em, Big Antes). Finnish player jobetzu holds a significant lead of 1,924,438, some way ahead of Middleton in second who stacked up 1,210,959 at...more

Vivian Im leads the ladies in Macau

Ladies events can be a controversial topic in the poker community. Some established female players avoid playing them altogether, while others see great value in competing in a field where they believe they have an edge. In a game where none of the physical differences between the sexes bears a...more

WCOOP Event #44 highlights

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19 September

WCOOP 2012: Vlad_Radimov the victor in Event #53 PLO Hi/Lo

Sometimes it's your day and everything at the virtual table goes your way. It appeared as though the sun was shining extra brightly upon Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez. She got off to a sizzling start in WCOOP Event #53 $320 PLO Hi/Lo and for most of the tournament...more

WCOOP 2012: Move over for moukari6, winner of Event 50 ($1,050 NLHE)

It was one of the toughest final tables of the WCOOP. Big names with big chip leads made it seem as though it would be a 1,2,3 knockout. But players like moukari6 never gave up. The great structure gave moukari6 plenty of time to move when it was right, and...more

WCOOP 2012: Alexx Porter snares Event #51; INSHALA82 chops ($215 NLHE 1R1A)

There has been plenty of drama through the first 50 events of this year's World Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars. Of course, one place where there hasn't been too much drama has been over the issue of the events' guarantees. Going into Event #51, all 50 of the guarantees...more

WCOOP 2012: Superstars and shadow champions

There was this moment a few years ago (January 12, 2010 to be exact) when PokerStars' head tournament guru Bryan Slick pulled me aside at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. It was a busy day at the PCA, and I barely had time to eat, but Slick assured me I'd be...more

As the Stars Tweet: The Cute Battle, macaroons, and more

We've made it through another week, and we have plenty of tweets to go through. We know you're just as busy as we are, so sometimes it's hard to keep up with all of Team PokerStars' tweets and that's why we're here. We're finding the best tweets from the week...more

WCOOP 2012: Duhamel looking to become the 'complete player'

Jonathan Duhamel has won the World Series of Poker Main Event for $8,944,310, finished in the top four of three big money side events at the PCA, including runner-up to Alex Bilokur in the $25,000 High Roller, which won him more than a million dollars in the Bahamas, and is...more

WCOOP 2012: Sharks aplenty in Day 2 of WCOOP-50, $225,760 for first

WCOOP bracelets are not easy to come by. Big fields, talented players and deep structures make it tough to final table let alone win. Take a quick look at the 70 players that made it through to Day 2 of WCOOP-50 ($1,000 NL Hold'em). There's lots of talent chasing the...more

18 September

WCOOP 2012: Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo bedazzles in Razz victory

Razz. It always puts you in a bad mood. Heck, I just watched the final table and didn't even play, and I'm feeling a little surly. That's just one of the many irritable side affects that Razz instills in people. The sadistic nature of Razz even makes the winner will...more

WCOOP 2012: mookstar shines bright, wins Event #48 ($320 Mixed NLHE/PLO)

Pot-limit Omaha has evolved into an especially popular poker variant, rivaling no-limit hold'em for many players. Event #48 of the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker let players enjoy both, presenting a mixed format alternating between 20-minute levels each of PLO and NLHE. The guarantee for this $320 buy-in event...more

WCOOP 2012: Panama's Puropoker123 puts away Event 46, $320 NLHE [2X Chance]

As anyone who keeps up with the wide world of land-based poker tournament tours sponsored by PokerStars can tell you, the Latin American poker market has really taken off in the last few years. That success has bled over into online tournaments, including here in WCOOP where past events have...more

WCOOP 2012: New resident on Champion's Avenue

Spend some time looking at the first picture below. It's a simple snap, one obviously taken in a park. A father and child. There's a french fry, a cup of ketchup, and some messy fingers that need attention. There's what might be a bee flying a little too close to...more

WCOOP 2012: Prize pools through the years

Since its inception in 2002, the World Championship of Online Poker's numbers have been eye popping. Sure, the $799,050 total prize pool of the nine events making up the inaugural WCOOP doesn't seem all that impressive considering that on Sunday there were two individual events that more than doubled that...more

Randy Lew: Halfway through!

Let's just put it this way: Team PokerStars Online's Randy Lew has had better weeks. When WCOOP had reached its halfway point, Lew had cashed in one of 16 events he played. It was not a good return on his investment at that point. The thing is, Lew's brain works...more

WCOOP Event #43 highlights

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WCOOP 2012: Katchalov, Kelly, Danzer, Barshak and Hansen's WCOOP TLB battle

Eugene Katchalov, George Danzer, Dan Kelly, Steve Barshak and Thor Hansen are among the big name players contesting this year's WCOOP leader board. There may be glory aplenty with the title and trophy but there's also the not-so-small matter of the champions package; 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) package, 2013...more

17 September

WCOOP 2012: Steve 'Illini213' Barshak makes his mark

There's an easy way to become a tournament destroyer. Really, there is. It doesn't take hard work, study, videos or analysis. You just have to be born in the Ukraine and move to the United States at an early age. We may be working off a sample size of two...more

WCOOP 2012: Aln_The_Kid claims Event 44 title & $370K ($2,100 NLHE 2-Day)

A high buy-in tournament with a sizeable six-figure first prize and a very important online poker title on the line is intense. Just ask the players who headed into Day 2 and continued on. For HaramPara and Aln_The_Kid, they overcame the odds, hit some cards at the right time, and...more

WCOOP 2012: LuckyGump tears through the final table in Event #45 ($320 PLO 6-Max

While the bets were limited to the size of the pot, LuckyGump's path of destruction knew no bounds. LuckyGump burst the final table bubble, entered the final table as the chip leader and proceeded to eliminate every player at the final table. The Russian only lost the lead once,...more

WCOOP 2012: busttard takes turbo-charged win in Event #47 ($265 NLHE Turbo Knockout)

What's better than winning a WCOOP gold bracelet? How about winning one in under four and a half hours? Forget grinding deep stack/rebuy/shootout/second chance marathons. Today was a day for the sprinters as the turbo-charged, coin-flipping, run-good action produced a thrilling Event #47 of the PokerStars World Championship of Online...more

WCOOP 2012: Wire-to-wire final for OMG_POKISH in Event 42, $215 NLHE

Day 1 of this tournament saw a total of 8,342 players show up to build another mammoth WCOOP prize pool. The guaranteed prize pool of $1 million was shattered, and $1.66 million in total prizes were up for grabs. The biggest part of that money was awarded yesterday, but 115...more

PokerStars people & tour take honors at British Poker Awards

Not quite a year ago, I was huddled in the back corner of a Macau poker room, ducked beneath the smoke from the rail, and pecking away at my computer. I was halfway around the world in a place I'd never been and feeling a little disoriented. From nowhere--and I...more

Travel Diary: Melbourne

The APPT Melbourne Main Event, which was also the ANZPT Grand Final, just wrapped up at my second-home, Crown Casino. By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above...more

How talonchick grinds a WCOOP O8 event

If you know anything about Team PokerStars Online's Adrienne Rowsome, you know that she's an O8 specialist. When everybody turned to no-limit hold'em years ago, Rowsome focused her efforts on the four-card split-pot game. As you might know, Rowsome has been playing this year's World Championship of Online Poker on...more

WCOOP 2012: Brenes, Selbst, Boeree and Danzer deep in Day 2

Two big money WCOOP tournaments were paused overnight with the 127 remaining in WCOOP-44 ($2,100 NL Hold'em, $1.25m gtd) and 115 in WCOOP-42 ($215 NL Hold'em, $1m gtd) all well into the money. The 1,387 runner field that lined up for WCOOP-44 more than doubled its guarantee with a $2,774,000...more

PokerStars weekend review (9-17-12)

If you were to consider WCOOP a film with each of its 65 events a scene then this weekend's tournaments, including the $10,300 Heads Up High Roller (WCOOP-43) and $2,100 No-Limit Hold'em $1,250,000 guaranteed (WCOOP-44) would mark the moment that the music starts pounding into a crescendo and the anti-hero...more

16 September

WCOOP 2012: Olivier "Adonis112" Busquet Wins High Roller Heads-Up Championship

A challenging heads-up match tests all of your skills as a player, in particular, your mental fortitude. Only the strongest survive, which is why competitive high-stakes heads-up matches are more like a combination of chess and boxing. You want to inflict as much damage as possible against your opponent, but...more

Sladost dusted September 16 Women's Sunday final table

PokerStars is absolutely consumed with WCOOP madness this month! Two weeks of the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker are in the books, and one more week remains for players to win their titles, win some money, and change their bankrolls and lives forever. It's possible and something to which...more

WCOOP 2012: Ti0373 tops the field in Event #39 ($700 NLHE Heads-Up)

Win four heads-up matches, make some dough. Win ten and turn your $700 into six figures. It sounds a helluva lot simpler than it actually is, my friends. Throw in a few dozen Team Pros, a few dozen more six-bet shoving maniacs from Northern Europe, and some of the world's...more

China's Chen Crowned the Champion of the 2012 MPCC

Sometimes final tables are over in a flash. That was not this final table. Other times they take a standard seven to eight hours. That was not this final table. No, this final table was different, with a long and grueling 12 hour roller coaster ride seeing Rui Chen eventually...more

2012 MPCC Final Table: Level 29 (blinds 50,000-100,000, ante 10,000)

Rui Chen Wins the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Main Event Championship! It was one of the most exciting final tables we have ever witnessed. It was one of the most dramatic heads-up battles in the history of PokerStars Macau, but eventually a champion had to be crowned and the man...more

WCOOP Event #38

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2012 MPCC Final Table: Level 27-28 (blinds 40,000-80,000, ante 10,000)

10.35pm: Take a Time Out The last level of poker has been some of the most intense we have ever witnessed. The two players are heading on a much-deserved 10-minute break! 11.25pm: You Couldn't Write a Script Like This Yosuke Sekiya should have been eliminated multiple times by now. But,...more

2012 MPCC Final Table: Level 25-26 (blinds 25,000-50,000, ante 5,000)

9.20pm: Three Break for Ten The three remaining players have been sent on a break at the 2012 MPCC Main Event final table. Ten minutes and they will be back in their seats to try and crown a champion! 9.10pm: Big Hand Into the Break The players were scheduled...more

WCOOP 2012: MilanRabsz's money but ottoman09's gold in Event #40 ($320 NLHE 6-Max)

Some people play poker tournaments for the money. Some play for the glory. Usually it's the winner of the tournament who gets the thrill of walking away with both, but a three-way deal in today's WCOOP event has seen ottoman09 grab the title as MilanRabsz was able to negotiate the...more

2012 MPCC Final Table: Level 23-24 (blinds 15,000-30,000, ante 3,000)

7.00pm: Three Head to Break Following the elimination of Sunny Jung, the three remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break. 6.55pm: Sunny Jung Eliminated in 4th Place (HK$361,500) After more than two hours of very little action, a player has been eliminated! The 4th-place spot has gone to...more

15 September

2012 MPCC Final Table: Level 21-22 (blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2,000)

4.50pm: Break Number Two With more than half the final table being eliminated, the remaining four players have been sent on a 10-minute break. 4.45pm: Big Pot for Sekiya Yosuke Sekiya is just a couple of eliminations away from taking the lead on the Asia Player of the Year leader...more

WCOOP 2012: NoraFlum wins, Max Lykov takes fifth in Event 41 ($320 HORSE)

NoraFlum was in the middle of the pack of eight final table players, and opponents like Max Lykov and LuckyGump made the road a difficult one. But selective aggression and knowing when to strike worked for NoraFlum. Lykov and LuckyGump both looked like they had the title locked up at...more

2012 MPCC Final Table: Level 19-20 (blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000)

2.40pm: Break Time On one of the final hands before the break, Jessica Ngu was able to four-bet shove preflop and get a fold from Sunny Jung who three -bet Rui Chen's opening raise. With that, the seven remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break. 2.30pm: Nice One...more

2012 MPCC Main Event Final Table Player Profiles

The 2012 Macau poker Cup Championship began on Wednesday and saw 270 players pony up HK$20,000 over two Day 1 flights, creating a prize pool HK$4,818,960. After four massive days of poker, the field has been whittled down to just nine players, with the below players set to fight it...more

WCOOP 2012: 1UP_18 one-ups field in Event #38 ($215 PNL)

Event #38 on this year's WCOOP schedule presented a challenging twist -- hold'em with pot-limit betting before the flop and no-limit after. It's a unique format some have argued proves a better test of skill than straight NLHE, given how it tends to force players to see more flops and...more

Rui Chen Rules the Final Nine of the 2012 MPCC Main Event

A tournament reporter never makes plans for the evening of a tournament day. Regardless of what time the day starts, it generally won't finish before the sun is down. Right now, through the doors of the PokerStars Macau poker room, we can see a glint of sunlight shining into the...more

2012 MPCC Day 3: Level 19 (blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000)

6.10pmFinal Table Draw Rui Chen will be leading the final nine heading into the final day of play. Below is how all the players stack up. 2012 MPCC Final Table Lineup Seat 1: Ryan Hong - 425,000 Seat 2: Sunny Jung - 888,000 Seat 3: Kevin Kung - 469,000 Seat...more

WCOOP 2012: Dan "djk123" Kelly wins bracelet #4 in Event #36 ($215+R NLHE)

#GOAT. Greatest of all time. It's the level of praise that was heaped upon Michael Phelps last month when he broke the record for most Olympic medals won in the history of the games. Even his pals in the poker world got in on the meme, folks like Jennifer Harman,...more

2012 MPCC Day 3: Level 17-18 (blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 500)

5.25pm: Twelve to Break The twelve remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break. We will be back soon and continue on our way to the 2012 MPCC Main Event final table! 5.20pm: Two More Prior to Break Just as the players were about to be told they only...more

14 September

2012 MPCC Day 3: Level 15-16 (blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500)

3.10pm: Break Time With the bubble burst, the stressful part of the day is over as the remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break! 3.05pm: And Just Like That, The Bubble is Burst Just a few minutes after the clock was wound back and the bubble has now...more

WCOOP 2012: Another bracelet for Norway, inspecta claims Event #37 ($530 LO8)

As Brad Willis reported a few days ago, the Norwegian players have been making their presence known in this year's tournament series after taking down four bracelets including double-winner mikal12345. Tonight's 2012 WCOOP Event #37 $530 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tournament would feature three Norwegians in the top four finishers and...more

WCOOP 2012: Football Manager to World Champ, Umumba tells all

If you're reading this there's a good chance that you're male. If you're male it wouldn't be wild to make the assumption that you've wasted hours of your life playing the a football manager simulator on your computer. It used to be a static number-crunching game where you'd balance tactics,...more

Time to write your WCOOP story

WCOOP is many things to many people, and every one of them has a story. To the thousands of players and pros who look forward to the tournament each year it's a chance to win a bracelet and the respect of peers around the world. And of course, the millions...more

Ryan Hong on Song Heading into Day 3 of MPCC Main Event

At the end of Day 1b, Kenny Wong held a top-five chip stack and told us he was grateful to not finish as the chip leader because "The Day 1 chip leader never wins." While the Day 1a chip leader Edmund Lee is still surviving, he is now one of...more

WCOOP 2012: Who needs money when you have this?

Michael Weisbrod won a World Championship of Online Poker bracelet this week, an experience he describes both as "surreal" and "icing on the cake." The icing is nice, but, really, it's the cake he cares about. A fulltime poker pro for the past four years, Weisbrod's $164,619 win as mrw8419...more

WCOOP Event #29 highlights

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WCOOP 2012: Danzer denied, Bumbulbee_G buzzes to victory in Event #33 ($320 NLHE 6-Max)

Poker is a fickle game. One day you can be on an almighty high, playing with confidence and everything going your way, and the next, it drops you to the depths of despair where you can't hit a flop and your bluffs are picked off with regularity. That was the...more

2012 MPCC Day 2: Level 14 (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

10.50pm: Day 2 Over; Hong Bags Up the Lead What a day! Seven levels of poker action have come to an end on Day 2 of the 2012 MPCC Main Event and it is Ryan Hong who bagged up the chip lead. Hong managed to accumulate a staggering 430,300 in...more

2012 MPCC Day 2: Level 12-13 (blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 300)

9.35pm: Final Break of the Night Approximately 49 players have been sent on their final 10-minute break of the night. At this point it is looking very unlikely that we will burst the money bubble this evening, but anything could happen! Join us soon for the final level of the...more

Negreaunu itching for his first WCOOP win

This time last year Daniel 'kidpoker' Negreanu was challenging for the top spot of the WCOOP leader board. The Canadian Team PokerStars Pro had racked up 15 cashes in the toughest online festival and had a chance on the final day to top the tournament leader board. This year Negreanu...more

2012 MPCC Day 2: Level 10-11 (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

7.25pm: Break Time There are approximately 65 players remaining in the field and each and every one of them has been sent on a 10-minute break. 7.15pm: The Big One Recently we had a little wander around the tournament area with the express purpose of finding a chip leader. It...more

13 September

2012 MPCC Day 2: Level 8-9 (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

5.15pm: Break Number One Approximately 97 players have been sent on their first 10-minute break of the day. 5.10pm: Kenny Wong Might Be Going Back to Hong Kong It is arguable that Kenny Wong ("From Hong Kong") could be the most aggressive player in the PokerStars Macau poker room right...more

WCOOP 2012: erras wins Event 35 for Sweden ($320 Triple Draw 2-7)

When the final table got underway the final six were looking up at the reigning champion of this event. By the time it was down to the final two each player was looking for their first WCOOP title. In the end erras from Sweden stood on top collecting just over...more

WCOOP 2012: Huzzah for ZISIMO7, Event #34 champ ($320 PLO, 6-max., 1R1A)

We're crossing the halfway point of this year's World Championship of Online Poker, and the action isn't slowing down. Speaking of action, Event #34 gave seekers of such plenty to enjoy -- a $320 buy-in short-handed pot-limit Omaha event with a re-buy and add-on thrown in to add a little...more

WCOOP 2012: Event 33 Day 1 forecasting Summer of George?

The northern hemisphere's summer has but a week left to shine, and one Team PokerStars Pro seems intent on making it the Summer of George. George Danzer has already won one WCOOP bracelet so far this year. He's cashed in six other events. He's currently fourth on the 2012 Player...more

WCOOP 2012: da69kid drops a bomb on Event 31, $530 NLHE Triple Shootout

Day 1 of this event drew a field of 711 players, good for a total prize pool of $355,500. A little more than a third of that money - $123,180.30, to be exact - was distributed evenly among the players who won their first table but busted from their second....more

Photo Finish for Yanqin Huang on Day 1b of the MPCC Main Event

The business end of the night can often be the easiest part of the day for the humble tournament reporter. The only thing left to report on is the chip leader and usually one player has managed to burst away from the crowd and sit behind a stack that towers...more

2012 MPCC Day 1b: Level 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

10.45pm: Bagged and Tagged The surviving players have bagged and tagged their chips and are making their way out of the PokerStars Macau poker room here in the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex. The player with the largest number on his bag was Yanqin Huang with 112,925. He was followed extremely...more

2012 MPCC Day 1b: Level 5-6 (blinds 250-500, ante 50)

9.35pm: Final Break of the Night Approximately 100 players have been sent on their final 10-minute break of the night. 9.25pm: A Few of the Stacks It's coming to that time of the night when some chip leaders are moving away from the pack. Right now there are two players...more

2012 MPCC Day 1b: Level 3-4 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

7.25pm: Second Break of the Day The approximately 130 remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break. 7.15pm: How Go the Team Pros The three remaining Team PokerStars Pros are still alive and kicking and you could even say two of them are prospering. Bryan Huang is currently sitting...more

Max Heinzelmann, Praytush Buddiga and Carter Swidler all chasing WCOOP-31 gold

The final table is set for WCOOP-31 ($530 triple shootout) and it looks like it's going to be belter. After 711 buy-ins and two rounds of sit-and-gos, we have just ten players remaining and $64,879.20 up for first prize. Among those sitting down at 11:00 ET* is Max 'HotKarlMc' Heinzelmann...more

12 September

2012 MPCC Day 1b: Level 1-2 (blinds 100-200)

5.15pm: Time for the First Break The players have been sent on their first 10-minute break of the day. At the end of this break, registration will be closed and shortly thereafter, the prize pool will be announced. 5.00pm: The Original Champ is Here Back in 20009, 158 players partook...more

WCOOP 2012: shakentoucan shakes and bakes in 8-Game Championship

Eight. It's a common number found in nature. An octopus has eight arms. A spider has eight legs. Both are ferocious predators. The octopus ambushes its prey and drags it off into the darkness of the deep sea, while using its numerous tentacles to strangle its prey into submission. If...more

WCOOP 2012: Illini213 dominates and wins Event 29 ($1,050 NLHE 2-Day)

Illini213 entered this tournament with something to prove. After bubbling the Event 10 final table in the 2012 WCOOP, Illini213 wanted to win. Making Day 2 was the first step, and dominating the final table was the second. With a chip lead that allowed some room to push others around,...more

WCOOP 2012: GermanBraine solves Event #30 ($215 NLHE, Ante Up)

Among the offerings for Day 11 of the 2012 WCOOP was Event #30, the second of two "Ante Up" no-limit hold'em events on this year's schedule. The "Ante Up" format calls for blinds to remain steady at 5/5 throughout while the antes gradually increase with each level. This one saw...more

Wildfires, tornadoes, and PokerStars Mobile?

Team PokerStars Online's Adrienne Rowsome is game for just about anything. So, when it came time for WCOOP, she volunteered to be a bit of a marketing guinea pig. She was going to play her WCOOP on the wildly popular PokerStars Mobile app. It was all in good fun, and...more

WCOOP 2012 $10,300 NLHE High Roller

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

WCOOP 2012: Top pros still looking for their first WCOOP bracelet

Daniel Negreanu was traveling across Europe with his then-girlfriend. It wasn't an ideal time to be thinking about poker, but Negreanu couldn't tear his eyes away from his computer screen. He was in the running for the World Championship of Online Poker's Player of the Series. This is a man...more

Edmund Eats Up the Chips on Day 1a of MPCC Main Event

There is something unnerving about the chip leader who manages to accumulate a huge stack, all the while barely going noticed. You just have to wonder how they do it. That was exactly the case with Hoi-Ting "Edmund" Lee on Day 1a of the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Championship Main...more

As the Stars Tweet: WCOOP and theme parks

We're well into the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker schedule and the members of Team PokerStars Pro are working hard on the virtual felts. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier had a "so sick" had he tweeted about and you can check it out on the BOOM Player. "#sosick hand on @PokerStars...more

2012 MPCC Day 1a: Level 7 (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

10.50pm: Bagged and Tagged The approximately 40 surviving players have bagged and tagged their chips and are making their way out of the PokerStars Macau poker room here at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex. Just as we expected, it was Hoi-Ting "Edmund" Lee who finished up as the chip leader...more

Dave 'crabmaki' Shallow leads WCOOP-29: $1,050 No-limit Hold'em

Dave 'CrabMaki' Shallow leads WCOOP-29: $1,050 No-Limit Hold'em overnight in the two-day 1,422 runner event. There are 82 players left, all of whom are guaranteed at least $3,270.60, with Englishman Shallow's 513,830 leading ahead of veeea in second (452,060) and young German wunderkind Ole 'wizowizo' Schemion in third (310,251). First...more

2012 MPCC Day 1a: Level 5-6 (blinds 250-500, ante 50)

9.35pm: Final Break of the Night The remaining players have been sent on their final 10-minute break of the night! 9.25pm: How Many Left; How Many Tomorrow The tournament clock is currently telling us that 47 players are currently remaining here on Day 1a of the MPCC Main Event. While...more

2012 MPCC Day 1a: Level 3-4 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

7.25pm: Second Break of the Day The approximately 70 remaining players have been sent on their second 10-minute break of the day. 7.15pm: All Downhill For Steicke At the start of the day, there was no other player than David Steicke who managed to see their stack increase to well...more

ElkY chasing his third WCOOP title

Team PokerStars Pro Elky is something else. It's yet to be determined what that something else actually is though. Cyborg? Superhero? Manga made flesh? He's known by one name*, has scored $10,078,385 in live tournament winnings, has won the Triple Crown (has EPT, WSOP and WPT titles) and possesses two...more

11 September

2012 MPCC Day 1a: Level 1-2 (blinds 100-200)

5:15pm: First Break of the Day The players have been sent on their first 10-minute break of the day. Registration will be closed at the end of this break and the official numbers for Day 1a will be revealed. 5.00pm: Wang On The Move; Player of the Year Looming Jacky...more

WCOOP 2012: woodbine ave is the Badugi Master; Third Place for Team Pro Chad Brown

"Redheads are bad luck." My best friend in the world once gave me that bit of advice during the maelstrom of a bad breakup. Too bad he hadn't told that to me a year earlier, but that's an entirely different story and I'm starting to sound like a Nick Hornby...more

WCOOP 2012: put a bracelet on putuonfbt's wrist, Event #27 winner ($320 mixed hold'em)

"Limit poker is a science, but no-limit is an art." So once said poker hall of famer Crandall Addington, as quoted in The Biggest Game in Town by Al Alvarez. "In limit, you are shooting at a target," added the Texan. "In no-limit, the target comes alive and shoots back...more

WCOOP 2012: Perspective among new champions

Daniel Kind wanted to be a pro footballer. He was good. He was damned close to a try out with Middlesbrough. That's how good he was when he was young. It was a dream in the making, one snapped in two pieces the day his leg did the same thing....more

Behind the scenes with Rafa Nadal

Last night Andy Murray won his first tennis Grand Slam. Congratulations to him, just another ten until he's drawn level with Team PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal. While we can't show you how Murray enjoyed his win post his drop-to-the-floor, point-to-the-heavens celebration, we can give you a behind-the-scenes peek into how...more

WCOOP 2012: Northern lights shining on Norway

With a full week of the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker in the books, it looks like the people of Norway got together and decided to gang up on the rest of the world. A nation of of only five million people, Norway has started off this year's festival...more

WCOOP 2012: hronik81 collects one for Russia in Event 23 ($700 NLHE)

Having fallen short of winning a major in the past can forever haunt a player, especially when you never get a chance to compete on the final table due to an elimination on the final table bubble that knocked you out in ninth place. For hronik81 that was just what...more

10 September

WCOOP 2012: Boeree runs deep, majus26 takes the win in Event #24 ($215 NLHE 4-Max)

On a day where Andy Murray fought off exhaustion to become the first British man to win a Grand Slam tennis tournament since 1936, our friends from the motherland had another enormous sweat on their hands this evening. From five sets of magic on the courts of Flushing Meadows to...more

WCOOP 2012: osten is awesome winning Event #25 ($320 Stud)

Ever watch someone who just could not lose? Four-team parlay and a 10/1 on the card? Winner! Finds a quarter on the ground and throws it into a slot machine that someone just lost $500 on? Jackpot! No parking spaces around the holidays at a busy mall? The little Audi...more

WCOOP 2012: Déjà vu; mikal12345 returns to the winner's circle! (Event #26, $215 PL Omaha Turbo 1R1A)

Four days ago, 555 players registered for the first Omaha Hi/Lo event of the 2012 WCOOP (Event #12). It was played short-handed, and it culminated in a heads-up duel between Poland and Norway for all the marbles. The final two players traded big pots for a few orbits, but in...more

WCOOP 2012: darrenelias hauls in the high roller in event #22 ($10,300 NLHE)

It was the big one. Event #22 was one of biggest buy-in tournaments on the internet and managed to draw a crowd of 297 players. Some bought in directly, others came through satellites, a few players in dire need of high-roller action sold action, worldly possession or body parts...more

WCOOP 2012: mrw8419 makes a little magic in Event 21, $215 NLHE

With 20 previous events already in the books during this latest edition of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, there's been a lot of prize money awarded. But only two of those 20 events had more money for the winner than Event 21, one of which featured a buy-in...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Chris Ferguson wins UKIPT Newcastle and £87,640

For the second year in a row a Scotsman has won UKIPT Newcastle, but Chris Ferguson was far from the Scottish reputation of tight, for the most part shoving his way to a £87,640 victory. Sometimes tournament winners steamroll final tables, sometimes they get lucky and sometimes they just have...more

WCOOP 2012: Exiled Team Online member finds gold

In fate's Rube Goldberg machine that dictates the life of a professional poker player, there is no predicting which gear will turn next. One minute Clayton Newman was a successful online poker player. The next he was a member of Team PokerStars Online. The next he wasn't even allowed to...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 4 level 29 & 30 updates (blinds 50,000 - 100,000)

7.45pm: Chris Ferguson wins UKIPT Newcastle (£87,640); Alex Jobling eliminated in second place (£82,120) And we have a winner here in Newcastle. In the final hand Chris Ferguson opened to 200,000 on the button, Alex Jobling then three-bet to 475,000, Ferguson moved all-in and Jobling called all-in for and effective...more

Hazel Chui wins MPCC Event 2

The weather in Hong Kong reads HOT and that's exactly how it's been so far at the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 (MPCC). One day after HK resident David Steicke captured the opening $8,800 NLH event, Hazel Chui -- who's also from HK -- won Event 2: $1,500 Deepstack. Chui...more

Travel Diary: Barcelona

Having traveled to an eclectic collection of places for my job, many people ask me what my favorite city is. My answer: Barcelona. So when I was given the opportunity to return for the kickoff stop for Season 9 of the European Poker Tour, I couldn't have been more excited....more

WCOOP Event 13 highlights

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PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal launches global campaign today

Rafa Nadal, no, make that Team PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal, will today be coming to a TV screen near you. Or an outside video billboard. Or an online monitor or laptop screen. Like this one, in fact. That's right, just scroll down and you'll be able to find Rafa's death...more

WCOOP 2012: Bracelets and side bets

WCOOP is known to be the preeminent online poker series and it's the reason why so many people anxiously wait for it all year and prepare their buy-ins. The fields are always huge and the prize pools regularly blow through the guarantees which are on their own already quite large....more

Big names still in the WCOOP weekend bracelet hunt

Sunday is the day for tournament poker. Sunday is also the day for American Football (just 'football' if you're American or a sitting-on-his-high-horse EPT presenter James Hartigan). These two came together yesterday in a climatic explosion as a new NFL season kicked off and the World Championship of Online Poker...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 4 level 24 - 28 updates (blinds 30,000 - 60,000 ante 5,000)

5.17pm: Break Players are now on 15 minute break, we'll get 100% accurate chip counts during the break. You'll find level 28 updates in a new post shortly. -- NW 5.12pm: Two more short stacks double We've seen so many double-ups, many as set-ups with big hands matching up against...more

PokerStars weekend review (9-10-12)

While WCOOP fever may be reigning supreme it did not have a complete monopoly on poker action this weekend. 2011 WSOP November Niner Sam Holden battled his way through to fourth in chips going into today's final table of UKIPT Nottingham. A large £105,900 first place prize sits up top....more

9 September

September 9 Women's Sunday title and $2,157.58 goes to tktxrf

What's going on in September? There's the obvious change of seasons and weather, kids are back in school, and many holidays and vacations are coming to an end. But what trumps all of that is the World Championship of Online Poker! September is all about WCOOP for PokerStars players. WCOOP...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Sambrook leads UKIPT Newcastle final table

When play started today the 62 remaining players were guaranteed a Geordie score of at least £1,300 but eyes were already looking skywards at the £105,900 up top and the minimum payout of £10,250 for making the final table. It took more than seven levels for 62 to become...more

Ray Chiu tops Day 1 field of Event 1 at the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012

The HKD $8,800 NLH event at PokerStars Macau had a total of 161 players enter the opening tournament for the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 (MPCC) -- easily surpassing the HKD $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. "It's a solid start to the 10-day week." said Lorie Lagrosas, PokerStars Macau Live...more

David Steicke wins Event 1 at the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012

David Steicke beat out the 161-player field in the opening HKD $8,800 NLH event at the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2012 (MPCC). The Hong Kong resident was awarded HKD $306,100 for his victory after two days of play. Sunday saw 44 players return to the PokerStars Macau tournament room at...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 3 level 21 -24 updates (blinds 12,000 - 24,000 ante 3,000)

8.35pm: Holden busts Mordhorst to set final table Our final table of eight is set after Sam Holden eliminated Matthias Mordhorst. Holden raised to 48,000 from mid position and called when the German three-bet all in for around 160,000 from the small blind. Call. Holden: J♣J♥ Mordhorst: A♦9♥ The...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 3 level 17 - 20 updates (blinds 5,000 - 10,000 ante 1,000)

4.30pm: Recent Exits Players are now on a 20 minute break, here's the most recent exits. You'll find level 21 updates in a new post. 21st. Willian Chung, United Kingdom, £3,050 22nd. David Reed, United Kingdom, £2,400 23rd. Gary McCoy, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, £2,400 24th. Jude Ainsworth, Ireland, Team PokerStars...more

WCOOP 2012: danface dominates to win Event #19 ($320 NLHE)

Winning a final table is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, you've done all the hard yards to battle through a monstrous field to reach the final nine, but the reality is the true work is still to come. The top heavy-payout structures mean that winning is everything, and...more

8 September

WCOOP 2012: No keeping up with Kodalite in Event #18 ($109 NLHE)

Winning a tournament often comes down to playing your rush. A rush of good hands, a rush of good flops, or even a rush of confidence can be the difference between a middling finish and a win. Tonight, no one knows that better than Kodalite, who charged out to a...more

WCOOP 2012: Cleaning the table, dirty.brasil shines winning Event #20 ($215 LHE)

The day before that slice of pizza tasted like heaven. The perfect blend of cheddar, provolone, and mozzarella along with the fresh tomatoes, sliced black olives, and chunky bits of pepperoni and sausage was devoured until the stomach raised the white flag of surrender. After playing a poker tournament for...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Reed leads after late charge, McTaggart bubbles

Today UKIPT Newcastle had it all: a mass of eliminations, huge coolers, and a long bubble period to finish the day off with pure tension. Play resumed at midday with 273 players, and from the off players were flying out of the door. Day 2 is often seen as...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 2 level 13 - 16 updates (blinds 2,000 - 4,000 ante 400)

9.10pm: Play is over for the day Players have bagged and tagged their chips and have made the arduous* journey to Tiger Tiger for the players party. The chip leader overnight is David Reed who has 363,500, he more than doubled up on the very last hand. Details on that...more

UKIPT 3 Newcastle: Day 2 level 9 - 12 updates (blinds 800 - 1,600 ante 200)

4.20pm: News in brief • Last year's WSOP November niner Sam Holden is still in, he's short though having just 20,000. He's on the same table as Andrew Robson who has 155,000 • With Emmett Mullin's elimination it means Ricahrd Evans is the only former winner still in. The man...more

7 September

WCOOP 2012: (RIP)C.McRae draws a win in Event 16 ($215 NL 2-7 Single Draw)

What does it take to win a WCOOP bracelet? For (RIP)C.McRae it took a little bit of patience, and then peaking at the right time. After sitting back in the shadows for most of the final table (RIP)C.McRae quietly chipped up on the way to getting to heads-up. When heads-up...more

WCOOP 2012: Victory rings loud and clear for Umumba in Event #17 ($320 NLHE 10-minute levels)

In poker, we tell a lot of stories. The game thrives on them. We recount bad beats, detail come-from-behind victories, explain our reasoning on every street and marvel at gutsy bluffs. We watch chip leaders become short stacks, and short stacks become champions. We thirst for our own poker stories...more

WCOOP 2012: cnew27 sees a new bracelet after winning Event #15 ($215 PLO 6-max)

Is there a streak for wins by current Team PokerStars Pros and Team Online in the WCOOP? Team Pro George Danzer took down Event #10 yesterday along with Eugene Katchalov grabbing his second bracelet in Event #13 At tonight's 2012 WCOOP Event #15 Pot Limit Omaha 6-max tournament we would...more

WCOOP 2012: Ajoin21 slays Goliath in Event 13, $530 6-max NLHE

The story of David and Goliath goes back thousands of years and has been retold hundreds if not thousands of times in the intervening millennia. It's easy to understand why, too. If the overwhelming favorite fulfills his destiny, it's confirmation that things will go as they're supposed to; if the...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Angell leads those who haven't fallen on Day 1B

On a day when no one seemed to break away from the pack it's perhaps appropriate that the identity of the overnight chip leader wasn't decided until the clock had been paused and the final four hands announced. When the leader did emerge though it was a familiar face, Brett...more

Talonchick in bed

So, you saw that headline, and you thought, "Just a bunch of SEO silliness those bloggers are pulling. This is another one of those things where the headline is a bunch of bunk." My friends, I'm here to tell you, this headline delivers. Today we have a video for you...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 1B, level 5 - 8 (blinds 300-600, 75)

9.15pm: Done for the day Players have bagged and tagged. A full wrap of the day's play is on the way. -- NW 9pm: Last three hands The clock has been paused with 12 minutes remaining, each table will play three more hands before play concludes for the night. --...more

WCOOP 2012: A first-time double Team Pro win

My mom visited yesterday. She told me a story of recently cracking a full 18-pack carton of eggs and finding eight of them to have double yolks. She was astounded to the point of suggesting some sort of conspiracy was afoot--genetic modification in the chicken feed or something of the...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 1B, levels 1 - 4 (blinds 100-200)

4.27pm: Break time That's the end of level four, players are now on a 20 minute break. You'll find level five updates in a new post. -- NW 4.25pm: Jarvis gets thin value I joined the action to see a complete board of 6♦6♥[10s]8♣2♥ on the felt. The action was...more

PokerStars strategy: Pulling huge final table moves

The world's largest online poker festival is currently under way at PokerStars. It's called WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) and is a $30,000,000 guaranteed, 65 event bonanza which culminates in a $5,000,000 guaranteed - really guaranteed - tournament on 23 September that will see the winner boost their bankroll...more

6 September

WCOOP 2012: Team PokerStars Pro Katchalov is the Master of the Stud Hi/Lo Domain

At the onset of the final table of WCOOP Event #14 $215 Stud Hi/Lo, Pius Heinz held one of the bigger stacks. Heinz innocently doubled up fellow Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov in what appeared to be an innocuous hand. Short-stacked Katchalov avoided elimination, but he had no idea how...more

WCOOP 2012: Stunnaf00 stuns the world in Event #11 $215 NL Heads-Up

Heads-up poker is a peculiar beast. You don't want to waste your time with petty things like worrying about the match-up in the next round. Instead, you must focus on the task ahead -- beating the person seated in front of you. In this instance with four remaining, Stunnaf00 was...more

WCOOP 2012: mikal12345 scoops a bracelet (Event #12, $215 PL Omaha H/L 6-max 1R1A)

Let's play some split-pot Nebraska poker, shall we? The first event on the Thursday docket was the first Omaha Hi/Lo event of the 2012 WCOOP. It carried a $215 buy-in with one re-buy and one add-on -- "$215 cubed" as the kids call it these days. It was spread as...more

WCOOP 2012: Danzer Does it Again in Event #10 ($320 NLHE Ante Up)

Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer has won his second WCOOP title. After two days of constantly-increasing antes and a grueling heads-up match that lasted two-and-a-half hours, Danzer has emerged victorious. Danzer seemed to own this tournament from the beginning, gaining the lead with about 1,000 players left and keeping...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Timotheou top of the Tyne on Day 1A

It was mentioned earlier in the day that the UKIPT is the most sociable poker tour in the United Kingdom. One can delve further and say that the Newcastle leg is the most sociable of all the stops on the British Isles (The Irish stops play by different rules)....more

As the Stars Tweet: Throwback tweets and WCOOP

You probably already know that most of this piece is going to be dripping with tweets about the World Championship of Online Poker, but the members of Team PokerStars Pro have had a little bit of free time to tweet about other things - a little bit. First up are...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 1A, level 5 - 8 updates (blinds 300-600, 75)

9.10pm: Bag, tag then get out of here! Players have bagged their chips and dispersed there separate ways - although funnily enough there's a queue by the bar right now. The chip leader appears to be Tmotheos Timotheou who bagged up 135,300. We'll be bringing you a re-cap of today's...more

WCOOP 2012: Inside the PokerStars Radio studio

In my head, the PokerStars Radio scene was much different. The mental picture was of two men sitting on a ratty couch they'd requisitioned from a passed-out university student. The floor was covered in candy wrappers, beer cans, and the detritus of a four-day bender. In the middle of it...more

September weather forecast: 100% chance of WCOOP

Ask someone in Australia what they think of when September rolls around and they may say the end of winter and beginning of spring. Ask an American and they may tell you it is the end of summer and beginning of autumn (or fall, if you will). Ask an online...more

The Eureka Poker Tour touches down in Latvia next month, satellite in now

There are many reasons to go to Latvia - beautiful landscapes, fascinating history, cheap bars - but we've just come up with the best. Eureka Poker Tour Latvia, ladies and gentlemen, touches down in the capital Riga next month for seven days of poker action (1-7 October) crowned by a...more

PokerStars Women: Creativity abounded for Pinterest competition

Pinterest is the latest and greatest social media forum where people share photos, links, and videos of their favorite things. It's a way to pin your own photos and share them with the world, and re-pin others' pictures on your board. People use it to gather recipes, plan weddings and...more

Pot Limit Triple Draw action now at PokerStars

Fancy taking a short break from Hold'em and Omaha isn't giving you that certain something you were looking for? Well, how about a bit of pot-limit 2-7 Triple Draw? Triple draw has been available for some time but the pot-limit variant was launched on PokerStars this Sunday (2 September) and...more

UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 1A, level 1 - 4 updates (blinds 100-200)

4.35pm: Break time Unfortunately for them, these players will not be returning for level 4: Andreas Liljenberg, Sean Davey, D. Hutchinson, Jeff Burke, Robert Finlay, Saiful Choudhury, David Taylor, Jeff Smith, Tariq Ahmed, James Ball, Eamonn Blake. Level 5 updates will appear in a new post shortly. -- MC...more

5 September

WCOOP 2012: beardo1981 bags Event #8 bracelet ($1,050 NLHE), Team Pro de León 4th

The 2012 World Championship of Online Poker has just begun, with nearly three weeks' worth of action still left to go in the 65-tourney schedule. While the WCOOP plays out, the Super Tuesday -- that weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em tourney that always brings out online poker's best -- goes...more

WCOOP 2012: Mission accomplished: anguila wins Event 9 ($265 PLO Knockout)

The life of a professional poker player involves many near-misses and titles that are just out of reach. Event 9's final table was made up of several players who had close calls with WCOOP victory or experienced SCOOP greatness but wanted WCOOP, too. It was a true battle amongst the...more

Back on the grind (after some time with a bear)

After playing WSOP events for six weeks straight and spending so much time at The Rio I felt like I deserved a break from poker to recharge a bit. So, I spent the next three weeks with my girlfriend just hanging out around San Francisco. I attended a wedding in...more

WCOOP 2012: First Argentine champion runs $50 up to $189,000

The country of Argentina has turned out many a poker player, but until this year, no one from the nation could claim a World Championship of Online Poker bracelet. That changed in the very first event of this year's festival when Ezequiel "ezepoker90" Vazquez won the $215 NLHE Six-Max event...more

EPT Sanremo schedule: 22 trophies to be won

After the huge success of EPT Barcelona, which saw Mikalai Pobal beat Ilari Sahamies heads up for the title and €1,007,550, the next stop on the tour is EPT Sanremo. The Italian stop has thrown up some classic final tables over the last few years and some great champions too....more

Camille Van Brabander's first tournament success

Camille Van Brabander writes here about playing at EPT Barcelona in her first live tournament. Camille is the sister of Friend of PokerStars Charlotte Van Brabander, and she hoped to follow in her sister's footsteps as Charlotte won a seat in her first live tourney, a Ladies Event satellite at...more

4 September

WCOOP 2012: Falco234 fights for Event 7 win ($215 Triple Stud)

A poker tournament is never over until that last card is dealt. Falco234 had to be glad for that. Shipwish looked like the easy winner for quite a few hours, that was until the final table showed Falco234 as a true force. An eventual 1.5-hour heads-up match saw two players...more

WCOOP 2012: 7PRS wins a marathon in Event 6 ($215 NL Draw)

Some final tables are over quickly while others take time. There really is no way to know just how one is going to play out when one starts up so each player just has to dig in and focus on playing as optimal as possible, for however long they are...more

2012 WCOOP Event #2 highlights

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

WCOOP 2012: Low-balling Liv Boeree

I make it a point to study Liv Boeree's habits, styles, and semi-secret desires. It's strictly a professional exercise, I assure you. As the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker picks up steam, so, too, does Ms. Boeree. Stick with me here and don't go running off to Google Images...more

Liv Boeree on WCOOP success

By use of this code snippet, I agree to the Brightcove Publisher T and C found at --> This script tag will cause the Brightcove Players defined above it to be created as soon as the line is read by the browser. If you wish to have the...more

WCOOP 2012: Wishing you all second places!

WCOOP holds a special place in my heart. Besides being the most important online poker tournament series of the year, it is also where I have won a bracelet. Now, just like some of the live poker tournaments that I have won, I find myself chasing that same incredible feeling....more

Qualify for beach getaway BSOP Fortaleza now

Forget the clichés for a moment. Just scrub the samba drums, Carnival and world class beaches from your mind. Okay, don't. Qualify for a poker tournament taking place next week and go there instead. PokerStars is currently running satellites for the Brazilian Series of Poker Fortaleza main event, a...more

Women's Poker League: CUTIE QUEEN and LobitaHot dominate divisions

It is a feat for any woman playing the Women's Poker League to make it into the top 10. It is even more impressive to show up in that group of top players regularly. But playing multiple divisions and doing well in each of them is challenging and takes time,...more

Manlio Iemina wins IPT Campione and CHF154,000

Manlio Iemina has won IPT Campione after beating fellow Italian Stefano Terziani heads up. Iemina took home CHF154,000 ($161,234) after making a deal which saw Terziani claim a bolstered CHF126,000 ($131,919) payout for second place. 31-year-old Iemina, who is one of the most successful online players in Italy and has...more

WCOOP 2012: Raaadzio91 survives shootout in Event #4 ($320 NLHE 6-Max Shootout)

Having a one in 1,296 chance of winning a poker tournament sounds pretty daunting. Almost mission impossible in fact. But with a little creative mathematics that same equation can be made to look a lot more attractive. Forget about beating 1,295 opponents - how about you only have to win...more

3 September

WCOOP 2012: Utvekklo2 earns win in tough Event 3 ($320 PLO)

Pot Limit Omaha can test the patience of players, but it can also be rewarding in the end. The final three players navigated a tough field to get have the opportunity to chop the remainder of the prize money, and each walked away with a solid amount. But utvekklo2 was...more

WCOOP 2012: ASIAAN invasion in Event #2 ($215 NLHE)

If you're anything like the typical online poker player, you have only a vague awareness of the calendar. The weekdays tick by meaninglessly, and you barely even realize it's the weekend until the words "Sunday Million" begin to filter toward the top of the PokerStars tournament lobby. This past weekend...more

WCOOP 2012: Rad win for RenRad 01 in Event 5 ($215+R NLHE Turbo)

Rebuy tournaments can involve a range of emotions, as can any final table. This one was no different, as there were comebacks and double-ups that changed the dynamic of the table over and over. RenRad 01 was a strong opponent from the start, though, and despite players like lermonad and...more

WCOOP 2012: Easy money for ezepoker90, winner of Event #1, $184K ($215 NLHE 6-max.)

It's finally here! The 2012 version of the World Championship of Online Poker, the annual online poker tournament series that gets poker players excited all over the poker world, has at last begun. In 2011 players from 137 countries cashed in the WCOOP, dividing up prize pools that totaled over...more

PS Women in August: Fun with Pinterest, weeklies, and in Barcelona

The most fun for PokerStars Women in August was the Pinterest competition. We wanted to show how the PokerStars Mobile app made the summer more fun for a lot of our players, and we were surprised at the number of outstanding photos we received! Check out all of our Pinterest...more

WCOOP begins with guarantee-smashing fields

Did you feel all aquiver yesterday and not know why? Were you confused about the butterflies fluttering in the pit of your stomach unaware of any discernible cause for them? Don't worry, we can explain it. WCOOP 2012 kicked off yesterday on PokerStars, the high point of the annual online...more

APPT Melbourne: Sam Razavi victorious

The APPT Melbourne Main Event has been run and won with the trophy set to head to the motherland for the very first time as Britain's Sam Razavi has overcome local hope Keith Walker in a quick heads-up battle to grab the win and $326,125 in prize money. It only...more

Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome takes on WCOOP iPad style

There are a lot of slang terms in the poker world but, as far as we're aware, 'cutting strawberries for the barbecue' is not one of them. Not yet anyway. Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome is taking on WCOOP using an iPad for the first time (PokerStars Mobile recently launched in Canada)...more

APPT Melbourne: Grigg calls it off

For large period of today, and yesterday, Tom Grigg was in total control of this tournament. With a big stack in hand, he's one of the most dangerous players going around, and we felt like this was his tournament to win...or lose. The small ball tactics worked for Grigg when...more

Final table set for IPT Camione

The final table of IPT Campione begins today with Austrian Ivo Donev, an EPT regular, among the final eight. Romanian Alain Medesan, a final tablist at EPT Snowfest, is the player going into the final table with the shortest stack. His 421,000 way behind chip leader Fabrizio Ortolomo's 1,597,000 stack....more

APPT Melbourne: Stacks of chips

It's often a good indicator to see who has the most small denomination chips at a poker table. It will usually mean that player is the most aggressive as they are winning the most pots and picking up a lot of blinds and antes. If the railbirds who arrived to...more

PokerStars weekend review (9-3-12)

The biggest news from the weekend is, of course, that the incredible WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) has begun. The first two events, huge two-day tournaments, are under way with 64 players remaining in WCOOP-01 ($215 NL Hold'em, 6-max) and 133 in WCOOP-02 ($215 NL Hold'em), including a short-stacked...more

APPT Melbourne: The end for Bentley

It had to happen. Four-handed play reached a deadlock after the whirlwind that swept through the Crown Poker Room in the first hour and a half of this APPT Melbourne final table. The players were deep and they were able to play a little post-flop poker. It slowed the excitement...more

2 September

APPT Melbourne: Benson bows out

Gary Benson has one of the most decorated poker resumes in Australia. With results dating back to 1995, Benson has been playing this game longer than many of us have even been born. He's seen many things in poker, but this was the first time he's seen the bright lights...more

APPT Melbourne: Bang, bang, bang!

We're not even an hour into today's final table and already we're down to five players following the rapid eliminations of Nigel Andrews, Kristian Lunardi and James Bills. Andrews entered today very short-stacked and managed one double up to find a glimpse of hope but that was as far as...more

APPT Melbourne: Rubie in ruins

Brendon Rubie held high hopes entering today's APPT Melbourne final table. He'd played exceptionally well over the past few days, maintaining his place with the chip leaders throughout. He started today fourth in chips and would've been eyeing off the top prize. But it's all come undone in a matter...more

APPT Melbourne: The cream rises to the top

We've finally arrived at the 2012 APPT Melbourne Main Event final table. After three days of flops, turns and rivers, our field of 257 has been reduced to our final nine. We've talked about the quality of this field throughout the tournament and this final table reflects that quality. Our...more

A win for aouaou188 in September 2 Women's Sunday

August is over, and what a month it was! Our Pinterest competition was so much fun, and we loved the photos that were submitted. The creativity and effort that went into the pictures made us smile with each entry. The photos in our PokerStars Summer Pinterest album can be viewed...more

APPT Melbourne: Final Table Player Profiles

After three days of slogging it out on the tables of Melbourne's Crown Casino, our APPT Melbourne field of 257 have been reduced to the final table of nine. Throughout the entire tournament, we've been amazed by the quality of this field, and our final table certainly reflects that with...more

APPT Melbourne: Grigg sets APPT record to lead final table

Another long day in the Crown Poker Room has come to an end with the APPT Melbourne Main Event reaching the final table of nine. They are headed by Tom Grigg who went from overnight short stack to end-of-day chip leader in a remarkable display of power poker. At the...more

APPT Melbourne: Short-stacked survival

It's been slow going since the dinner break this evening as our field crawls its way towards a final table line up. For those who say that poker isn't a sport, it's moments like this where players are tested both mentality and physically that it offers a strong case for...more

APPT Melbourne: Cracks start to appear

Getting down to the final two tables of a major poker championship like the APPT Melbourne Main Event can be a little nerve-wracking. There's a big crowd on the rail, the media are watching over you like a hawk, there's life-changing money on the line, and you're expected to play...more

APPT Melbourne: Win a Jeep...or nine

For those heading down to the Crown Poker Room over the next few weeks, you have the opportunity to share in a fantastic promotion where six lucky poker players will have the opportunity to win a stunning red 2012 Jeep Wrangler. The jeep is on display in the poker room...more

1 September

APPT Melbourne: Marsland implodes; Mishel all smiles

It was a dramatic few minutes around the money bubble. It wasn't so much the length of hand-for-hand play, but the preparedness for the big stacks to go to war with pure aggression, despite several shorties on the verge of elimination. It seems that our players are here to win!...more

APPT Melbourne: Bubble blues

The bubble is always a fun time for tournament poker observers. It might not be quite so much fun for the nervous short stacks, especially the four players that are about to go home empty-handed after three days of toil here in Melbourne, but the tension that builds is certainly...more

APPT Melbourne: Grigg and Rubie together again

We've just noticed an interesting quirk in the table draw as Day 3 of the APPT Melbourne Main Event kicks off. For the third day in a row, Tom Grigg and Brendon Rubie find themselves seated side by side. For the entirety of day one and two, Brendon Rubie had...more

APPT Melbourne: A day for the dads

A beautiful Sunday afternoon greets us in Melbourne which is good news for all the dads out there as today is Father's Day here in Australia. Brekky in bed, family lunches and perhaps some footy with a few beers is the order of the day for most blokes around the...more

APPT Melbourne: Bentley leads, Boxell on track for back-to-back

The first day of spring brought great hope for the 168 players who sat down in the Crown Poker Room for Day 2 of the APPT Melbourne Main Event. Some had plenty of work to do to turn their seeds into fruit while others were looking to take advantage of...more

APPT Melbourne: Door closing on ANZ POTY

On Thursday we reported that the ANZ Player of the Year race had been blown wide open with the very early elimination of current leader Anthony Aston. Well that door is rapidly closing as we approach the money and the ANZ POTY points here in the APPT Melbourne Main Event....more

APPT Melbourne: Craving for aces dipped in chocolate

The 60-ish remaining players are currently enjoying their dinner break. For the dedicated live reporting team, that one hour entails a run to the food court to scoff something suitably unhealthy before checking the sports betting agencies to see which AFL bets we'll be placing on tonight's games. One hour...more

APPT Melbourne: A little controversy

We love a little bit of controversy. When things get a little slow around the poker room, we love to see a little verbal warfare to get the blood pumping. And it was certainly pumping over on Table 33 just a few minutes ago with two well-known Australian poker identities...more