6-24-12 PokerStars weekend review

ps_news_thn.jpgJune, we hardly knew thee. While you were winding your way through a northern hemisphere summer and southern hemisphere winter, we buried our heads in the felt. We when looked up, you were gone. Fortunately we (and by that I mean lots of PokerStars players) have a lot more money to show for it.

This was, in fact, the last full weekend in June. The next Sunday majors will happen in July. That means there were tons of big stories over the past couple of days.

If you're just logging on for the week, here's what you'll need to get you caught up on the news of the weekend.

  • MicroMillions II: Satellites are here!
  • WSOP 2012: Danzer wins $140k, just misses bracelet
  • Sunday Warm-Up: U.K. leads the way as SAUS wins $88K
  • Asteisa claims Women's Sunday title for Lithuania
  • Nine-way chop in Battle of the Planets
  • Sunday Million: foldbudiao fights to the finish for $144k score
  • sunday_million_6-24-12.png

    Sunday Million final table

    For a complete look at the weekend's results, you can check in with our 6-24-12 PokerStars weekend majors final tables list.

    Now, bring on July!

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in PokerStars news