Split pot as table shares $140,000 in PokerStars' 75 Billionth hand

ps_news_thn.jpgPeople often ask me why it is that PokerStars is the world leader in online poker. There are many factors, of course: best customer service, superior product and innovation spring to mind. I'd also add one more... PokerStars has the best players. By that I mean they are the most loyal and most educated bunch anywhere on the planet. We are very grateful for that, and we don't take it for granted; it's why we strive constantly to create exciting offers and promotions.

Sometimes, it's as simple as just give money away. Lots of it.

The Road to 100 Billion is a case in point. As you'll probably know by now, as that landmark approaches, we hand over significant piles of cash along the way. As every 5 billionth hand ticks around on the servers, hundreds of our players get free money in their accounts. One player, the one who wins the actual milestone 5 billionth hand dealt at PokerStars, wins an awful lot of free money.

Just now we dealt our 75 billionth hand. Two players split the pot with a seven-high straight. edroqui07, who started the hand with $35.92, ended it with $42,810 more, while acer2831, who started the hand with just $22.36 at the table, finished up with $34,600. Everyone else at the six-handed $1-$2 limit hold'em table won at least $16,970.

"A nice morning's work, and not bad for a 1-2 limit table," remarked HostBob.

As usual, the excitement leading up to the 75 Billionth hand had been enormous. By now most of your know the score: when a Mega Milestone Hand approaches, you simply have to be playing on PokerStars for a chance to win it. When offered free money, it's probably best to take it, right? It's why, on a Saturday lunchtime, European time, just under 200,000 people were playing on PokerStars across nearly 30,000 tables.


The winning table waits

But although so many of you were playing, only one table could have the 75 Billionth hand dealt. The PokerStars lobby sprung to life. "The milestone hand 75,000,000,000 is being at table Stroobantia V," a banner read. There, the game had been halted while the rail gathered and HostBob explained to the players at the table what was about to happen. It was a moment of pure excitement, an adrenaline rush for the players.

"That is shock," said i-268, before adding, "OK, guys. I have A-A so just fold."

ant_poker was a little slower on the uptake. "This is a milestone hand?" he asked.
"This is THE milestone hand," explained HostBob

"Vamos Colombiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa," added edroqui07, a man from Colombia who was clearly a little pleased.

Then Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden popped up in the chat box. "GL boys," he said. "Must be nice."

Once HostBob was sure everyone understood what was about to happen, and once the rail had gathered, play re-started and the cards were dealt.

Now, as most of you know, to be in with a chance of winning a milestone hand, you have to win the hand. Folding is no option. This is why players will abandon normal sensible strategy and shove all-in pre-flop in no-limit or cap out in limit, regardless of what cards they hold.

Here's what happened:

As expected, all players raised merry hell out of the 5♠3♠7♠ flop, and the 6♥ turn and [10c] river. In fact, it was pretty much capped out down every street. At the end of it, acer2831 showed 3♥4♥ for a straight, while edroqui07 had 5♦4♦ for the same straight.

And then they all waited with baited breath to find out what they had won. Each were already guaranteed $10,000 just for being in the 75 Billionth hand, then they got an extra $1,000 for every VPP they had earmed at the table in the previous 50 hands. The hand winners would get their prize doubled.

HostBob asked everyone to wait while he got out his famous calculator. After a few moments, he came back with these numbers, getting some nice reactions:

edroqui07: $42,810... "yeeeaaaaaaaaaa"
acer2831: $34,600
i-268: $19,450... "awesome, ty"
ant_poker: $19,010... "ooooh"
Sebastfrz: $16,970
pavl007: $16,970... "enough for a sandwich" (but presumably a very big one)

And then, as is the tradition, play was allowed to continue and the rail allowed to comment in the chat box at last. It exploded in the usual fashion, with messages of congratulations flooding in.

Congratulations to all our 75 Billionth hand winners, and to all who won on the previous hands leading up to the milestone.

If you'd like to learn more about our current promotions and offers, please visit the PokerStars promotions page.

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Simon Young
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