Anniversary Sunday Storm winner anonymous, wealthier

ps_news_thn.jpgSome people play poker for the fame, travel, exposure, and lifestyle. Some people simply play for the cash. Count PokerStars player Ironic13 among the latter. He won the first anniversary Sunday Storm for more than $160,000, and he doesn't care one bit about people knowing who he really is.

This was no small challenge for the man who calls Mexico home. It was also an unnecessary spotlight for a guy who doesn't care for fame at all. When asked if he wanted to sit for an interview about his win, Ironic13 demurred. The 32-year-old man likes his place in the shadows.

That's a hard sell for the poker community. This was a big tournament. It's a record-breaking event for $11 tournaments on PokerStars and the third-biggest field of all-time on PokerStars. In total 136,444 people played the first anniversary celebration tourney. And get this--nearly half of the people in the event played for free. They got free tickets to the event as a result of taking advantage of a PokerStars deposit offer.

And guess what? Ironic13 was one of those people freerolling the Storm's anniversary party.

"I deposited $50 and got a free ticket," he said.

Still, he's not going to tell you who he really is.

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This much he'll reveal:

Ironic13 works full time in Mexico, a place where he's only lived for two years.

"Poker is extremely popular, but none of the casinos have live poker games, so there are lots of private cash games everywhere," he said. "Players are really bad, so it is not hard to make money playing poker in Mexico."

That kind of statement may not make him many friends among Mexican poker players, but Ironic13 doesn't seem to care. After all, he has $160,000. He can buy a couple buddies if he needs to.

Poker hasn't always been as kind to Sunday's big winner. Before this weekend, Ironic's biggest-ever tournament wins came by way of a sixth place finish in a $9.90 tourney and first place in a $12 180-player SNG. Even he can't fully explain how well Sunday went for him.

"It was an unforgettable experience, although I still can not fully realize what has happened," he said "I am very happy about my game as I never slowed down and kept terrorizing the table the whole time. This was the strategy I chose and never thought about the money. I just played my game and it worked out."

Indeed, it worked out $160,000 in his favor, money he'll use to play some more online and live in Mexico. Meanwhile, he'll go back to his regular job and the anonymity of online poker play.

After all, who needs fame when you've got a brick of cash that big?

Congrats to Ironic3 on his big win.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news