As the Stars Tweet: Summer Ending

teampro-thumb.JPGThe World Series of Poker has played down to the final nine and there were a few Team PokerStars Pros that made a deep run in the Main Event. Jan Heitmann was the last Team PokerStars Pro standing in the Main Event. Heitmann finished in 26th cashing out for $294,601. Other members from Team PokerStars Pro who made deep runs were Vanessa Selbst who came in 73rd, and Marcel Luske in 102nd.

"Busted in 76th. Had a great time, cards just didn't go my way at the end. We'll get em next year. Good luck to all my friends still in!" Selbst tweeted shortly after her bust out. Selbst currently sits in the top 10 for WSOP Player of the Year points.

It has been a long summer here at the WSOP and most of the members of Team PokerStars Pro have fled Vegas to head home to relax after a continuous grind since June but some are staying in Sin City to have a little fun.

What a better way to unwind after a grueling summer than here in Las Vegas with family. "Going to ride all the Vegas rollercoasters with the parents today," Liv Boeree tweeted.


Boeree is one who seems to love excitement. Earlier she tweeted a picture of fellow Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso and Vanessa Selbst decked out in racing gear.

"Us looking like badasses on the racetrack."


It seems like these girls have had quite an adventurous summer away from the felt. Earlier this month Rousso tweeted "Played the $1500 WSOP-short stacked but still in after dinner break n had a blast flying planes upside down this am!"

The men from Team PokerStars Pro seem to be having just as much fun with a fantasy draft. "25k Fantasy News @JasonMercier gloating his win a bit early. If Yuval makes top 18 @EugeneKatchalov team ties for 1st, then 9th would win." Daniel Negreanu tweeted.

Speaking of Eugene Katchalov, he can't seem to get away from poker. "I thought I'd be exhausted from playing poker nonstop all summer at the #WSOP but somehow already can't wait to play again! #LoveTheGame" Katchalov tweeted.

Other pros, like Jason Mercier have family on the mind. "Finally got to meet my 6 week old nephew!! Within the first minute he spit up on my shirt! #asexpected #proudunclejason" Mercier tweeted.


Danielle Barille
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