B000000M! promotion closes with a bang

ps_news_thn.jpgThat sound you heard over the PokerStars' sky was both a bang and a BOOM!

In the span of a week, PokerStars gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars to celebrate the one millionth hand shared on its BOOM! hand replayer. Last week, Zakvcho' from Armenia won a $215 ticket to the PokerStars Sunday Million for posting the big hand on BOOM!.

Though the reason for the promotion may have passed, the party kept going through the weekend. Sunday, players who won with the 2♦3d] (so designated as a big one because Ike Haxton once made a big bluff at the PCA with the hand) won more than $25,000 in the promotion. Of those winners, "eraser2308" made hay while he sun shined and won--get this--five hands with 2♦3d] for a total in $2,500 in winnings.


Thanks for that bluff, Ike

In all, PokerStars awarded 5,663 prizes for a total of $308,312 in free money during the party.

While the promotion may be over, the BOOM! hand replayer remains open for business, so, if you haven't yet, go give it a try.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

Brad Willis
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