B000000M! win 100 big blinds BOOM!ing Ramdin's 7c 5c

ps_news_thn.jpgToday is a happy ZOOMing and BOOM!ing day for the loose-aggressive player. It's day three of the B0000000M! promotion where you can win 100 big blinds by winning with the hand of the day - in this case Victor Ramdin's 7♣5♣ - at the ZOOM tables and then BOOM!ing it. Who doesn't like playing 7♣5♣? A nit, sir, a nit. Are you a nit? No? Good. Get raking in those B0000000M! bonuses! Plenty of you have already with.

Yesterday we gave out 767 prizes totalling $43,153 (making for $104,949 in B000000M! prize money awarded so far). The biggest winner was 'Dintyo' who booked $3,000 from winning with David Williams' hand: A♥4♠.

What you need to do?
You need to win at showdown with the B000000M! hand of the day. It must also be from a Zoom table and then BOOM!ed. Go to the B000000M! promotion page to find out exactly what you need to do.

What do you get?
You win 100 big blinds at the level you were playing (along with the pot you've just won, of course).

Wednesday, 24 October 7♣5♣
Why this hand? Victor Ramdin is particularly proud of a ballsy air-ball all-in bluff he made with 7♣5♣ on his way to a $500,000 tournament win over Joe Hachem. You'll have to win at showdown but who doesn't like crushing with low suited connectors?


"I've only gone and flopped the nuts with seven-five of clubs."

You can find out the hands of the day for the rest of the week by clicking through to the PokerStars Blog B000000M! preview.

Please Note: Hands of the Day must be won and shared via BOOM! between 00:00 ET and 23:59 ET on each specific day. Hands won but not shared to BOOM! between these hours on the same day will not be eligible for the promotion. Only hands won on Zoom poker tables will qualify. You can win with both combinations of each hand, for example 8h-8d on a Monday, or 4s-Ah on a Tuesday. Check the main site for full terms and conditions.

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