Calm before the storm

I spent so much of the fall traveling through Europe for tournaments, that I guess you could say I'm on a semi-vacation right now. I thought about flying over to Macau for the APPT event, but decided to stay in Montreal instead and spend a few weeks at home before EPT Prague. This weekend I spent an entire day at a wine tasting. It's called La Grande Degustation de Montreal and features different wineries, breweries, and distilleries from all over Canada. We were there from two in the afternoon until maybe eight at night tasting wine, whiskey and some beers. I don't know much about wine but it was a lot of fun!


Assuming the 'poutine' position

I've also been playing hockey while I'm home, maybe three or four times a week. Although I used to play ice hockey, these games are played indoors with no skates on, so it's a little bit different. Since I travel so much, I can't commit to being on a team but I come in as a replacement on a bunch of different teams. I'll sub in whenever I can get a game--last week I played five games in three days. Not only is hockey a fun way for me to compete, but it also helps me stay in shape. I find that being physically fit helps me at the tables, especially when it comes to focusing intensely over many hours. I also try to eat as healthy as I can, but sometimes it's tough to say no to some poutine at 3:00 in the morning, especially after a few drinks. Poutine is a popular Quebec dish that is basically French fries topped with gravy and cheese. There are a lot of very nice poutine places in Montreal. Their rush hour is usually from two to four in the morning and some of them have like, 50 kinds of poutine available. I really like poutine, it makes me feel good to have some comfort food once in a while.

My semi-vacation ends pretty soon, though, since the World Poker Tour is coming to Montreal for the first time ever. I'll be playing that for sure, and then I'm off to Prague for the WPT and EPT tournaments. I'll be there for about two weeks and will play all the big buy-in events. Hopefully I can make a big score just in time for Christmas. For the holidays I'll be back home as I am every year. I have a big family and it's usually the only time I get to see some of my cousins since they live so far away. The holidays are always crazy--there are a lot of nice parties and I don't end up sleeping too much, but the fun is always worth it.

And right after Christmas, it's time to start the party all over again at the PCA! Can you believe it's been another year?


Those blue Atlantis coffee cups will send shivers down your spine

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