Depositor freerolls: Free money still flowing

ps_news_thn.jpgWhen PokerStars gives away free money, people show up in droves. It's science, or something. In any case, it makes a lot of sense. When PokerStars offers freerolls to people in return for their real money deposits, things started getting a little crowded around the cash register.

Nine days ago, we announced the Free Money Alert, our name for the freerolls for people who deposit with the code 100K (click the link above for full details and such). People who did that got entries into not one, but four $1,000 freerolls a DAY. That's right. Four per day for a month. What's more, all the tourneys came in a special rebuy format. Depositors get a free initial entry, but after that rebuys only cost 30 cents.

So, in the first week of that promotion, things went a little nuts. How nuts? Well, we asked the guy who normally counts beans at PokerStars to run some numbers for us. Here's what he sent back about the first seven days of the promotion:

  • Freerolls so far: 25
  • Participation: More 250,000 total players (68,000 unique)
  • Total number of rebuys: 412,000
  • Total number of add-ons: 60,000
  • PokerStars prize pool guarantees: $25,000
  • Added prize pool from rebuys and add ons: $141,000
  • Total prize pools: $166,000
  • Average first place prize: $670
  • Fortunately for everyone, the promotion continues, and you can get on the action starting today. Check out the 100K deposit page for full details, then go get that free money!


    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in PokerStars news