Double Vision returns next weekend

ps_news_thn.jpgNext weekend your chance to win has doubled. No, you won't be given two PokerStars Blog One Time Chips™, but there are twice as many Sunday Majors to win as usual. Two Kickoffs, two Warm-Ups, two Storms and two Millions make for a happy Sunday grinder. Mark the 4 November in your diary, on your phone, on the mirror and the back of your hand. The Double Vision Sunday is not to be missed.

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Seeing Double

Double Vision schedule, 4 November
(Time (ET), tournament, guarantee)
8.00: $109 Sunday Kickoff, $100,000
8.30: $109 Sunday Kickoff II, $100,000
11.00 $215 Sunday Warm-Up, $500,000
11.30: $215 Sunday Warm-Up II, $500,000
13.30: $11 Sunday Storm, $300,000
14.00: $11 Sunday Storm II, $300,000
14.30: $215 Sunday Million, $1,000,000
15.00: $215 Sunday Million II, $1,000,000

VIP Bash satellites
PokerStars is also running two VIP qualifiers where you can win one of 500 Sunday Million and Sunday Million II tickets. Those 1,000 FPP qualifiers run on Saturday, 3 November and can win your ticket into one or both of the Sunday Million tournaments (where you could win $219,504.25 like Dan Smith did just a couple of days ago).

1,000 FPP qualifiers, 3 November
14.30: VIP Bash I, win one of 250 Sunday Million tickets (worth $215)
15.00: VIP Bash II, win one of 250 Sunday Million II tickets (worth $215)

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