Double Vision returns with a bang

ps_news_thn.jpgThis Sunday, 4 November, PokerStars is bringing back its Double Vision weekend laying on twice as many Sunday majors as usual. It's a revolutionary turn of events.

Someone else with revolution on their mind was Guy Fawkes, who was arrested guarding barrels of explosives lined up beneath British Parliament (more specifically the House of Lords) way back on the 5 November, 1605. Had Fawkes not been discovered it would have made for one huge fireworks show, the thwarting of which has been celebrated in the UK as an annual day of public thanksgiving every year since. Although it started off as a pseudo-religious party it's developed into a celebration of cheap sparklers and a test of fortitude as ill-prepared teens brace themselves for winter weather at overpriced public firework displays. Now PokerStars brings you something to really strike a light for. Get your King Rocket, Star Chamber box or Mighty Mortar kit at the ready. We're going to blow a double Sunday guarantee spectacular with gazillions (okay, millions) of dollars to be won.


"What? Two of all the big Sundays?"

Double Vision schedule, 4 November
(Time (ET), tournament, guarantee)
8.00: $109 Sunday Kickoff, $100,000
8.30: $109 Sunday Kickoff II, $100,000
11.00 $215 Sunday Warm-Up, $500,000
11.30: $215 Sunday Warm-Up II, $500,000
13.30: $11 Sunday Storm, $300,000
14.00: $11 Sunday Storm II, $300,000
14.30: $215 Sunday Million, $1,000,000
15.00: $215 Sunday Million II, $1,000,000

VIP Bash satellites
Want to play for free? Marvellous, you can. Two VIP qualifiers with 500 Sunday Million and Sunday Million II tickets are taking place on Saturday, 3 November where you can win your ticket into one or both of the Sunday Million tournaments for just 1,000 FPP qualifiers.

1,000 FPP qualifiers, 3 November
14.30: VIP Bash I, win one of 250 Sunday Million tickets (worth $215)
15.00: VIP Bash II, win one of 250 Sunday Million II tickets (worth $215)

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