EPT winner Petersen eyes SCOOP title

teampokerstarsonlinelogo.PNGA winning poker player never sits still. Just days after bagging his first big live event win at EPT Copenhagen, Mickey Petersen headed to another tournament in his home country of Denmark. Petersen is one of that rare breed who has transferred undoubted online skills--he's a member of Team PokerStars Online--to the live stage. And that can present some timetable issues. Now he has to juggle the big live action with his online routine.

While delighted to have won his first live event in about 50 attempts, a DKK 2,515,00 score that will drive him on to get another, it's a particular online title he now wants.

"Winning a big live tournament was my biggest goal, and while I'd obviously like to win another one (especially a bracelet event), I'd really like to win a PokerStars SCOOP title. I have been close a lot of times but always stumbled right before the finish line, hopefully I can win one this year."

Petersen's EPT victory at the weekend came after a marathon heads-up battle against Team PokerStars Pro Pierre Neuville.

"It feels amazing and is still sinking in," he said. "It feels good for so many reasons: I ran good enough to pull off a ridiculous comeback after being down to two big blinds; I had to battle heads-up for over six hours before finally closing the victory; I finally cemented that I can do well in the live arena, too; and best of all I got to do it all in my home city with a bunch of fellow Danes railing me.

"The final table obviously went very well for me overall. I was very fortunate to be on the right side of two big setups, A-A vs Aage Ravn's A-K and Q-Q vs Bjarke Hansen's J-J. I made a few mistakes at the final table, especially in the long heads-up match, but overall I think I played very well, never gave up and picked my spots well."


Petersen radiating confidence

The ability to switch from online play to live tournaments is one that not too many have achieved, but Petersen says it came naturally to him. "Absolutely. Putting in so many tournaments online and seeing so many hands is a tremendous help when playing a big live tournament like an EPT, especially once the stacks gets a bit shorter.

"There are certainly some important differences between online and live poker, but at the end of the day you are still playing the same game, so hours put in online definitely pays off at the live felt as well."

Team PokerStars Blog can also claim some credit for Petersen's live form; we gave him a lift from the airport to Atlantis for the PCA, and clearly he took careful note of our expert opinions during that 30-minute ride.*

Congratulations on the win, Mickey, and SCOOP players beware.

* He clearly did not

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news