F-bomb blow up from Phil Hellmuth on the Big Game

Words, they're wonderful things. They can be used to describe and convey, needle and annoy. They can be spoken, written or read, and new ones develop each year. Some are adopted officially into dictionaries (Omnishambles: a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations) while others are created by a community and used internally (Donkament: a light-hearted slang term for a poker tournament).

There are many, many words that could be used to describe Phil Hellmuth, but of all the adjectives swirling about out there 'apoplectic' seems to nail Hellmuth's reaction to Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri in the following clip of 'Too Hot for TV' from The Big Game.

• informal overcome with anger; furious: Phil was apoplectic with rage at Dario


Phil 'f-bomb' Hellmuth

Now, the Poker Brat has been known to lose the plot from time to time (you know, lying on his back on the floor or crying on his wife) but this little episode is right up there. It certainly is on the number of f-bombs dropped anyway, which is the very reason that this incident didn't make it to the full broadcast episode in all its unadulterated glory. Sit back, watch, enjoy and then give this post a Tweet if it brightened your day, which you can do by clicking the Twitter icon at the top of this post or by re-Tweeting if you got here from the @PokerStarsBlog Twitter account.

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