How to win the first anniversary Sunday Storm

sunday-storm-thumb.jpgEditor's note: This weekend, PokerStars will host a $1 million guaranteed first anniversary Sunday Storm with $150,000 guaranteed for first place. We asked Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske to tell us how he plans to win this weekend.

First: feel lucky . Be alert and on top of it. Don't lose sight of reality. Have fun playing at all times!

Play your best game and be prepared to accept bad beats. Pick the event you can afford and see it as you being the ultimate challenger. Know even when you do have the best starting hand, you do have to lose sometimes with it. You may have started with the favourite hand to win, but that can easily change at any moment.

It could be on the flop, turn or river. It could happen even before the hand is played. Laying down hands like medium and low pairs is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. It strengthens your game-play and helps you to wait for the moment when you do have a 4-to-1 lead with the overpair!

Playing to stay out of trouble or to protect getting there is one of the secrets. When you play hands you shouldn't be in, you end up getting in a situations in which you have to make up for bad decisions. It has nothing to do with how other people play. It has to do with the decisions you make. Don't let it get that far.


Find the way to take your time at first. Make decisions that are based on the ideal situation according your hand strength, position, and size of your chip-stack. In small-stack or turbo events, play hard and aggressive.

If you have an average stack, stay away from trouble and position yourself with the lowest risks and play to get to the money if there is time enough to do so.

If you have a big stack, you can play a lot more hands and pick off people with shorter stacks. Spend the rest of the time making sure you stay above average.

Once you've made it to the comfort zone of being in the money, you have to aim for the top. Dare to take risky moves, as you will not survive till the end waiting for all solid hands. Use your button wisely. Don't be afraid to three-bet from the blinds. Dare to put your opponents to the test for the rest of their chips.

Of course, I make no guarantees, but mine is a strategy that you can use in whatever way it suits you best. If anything, it's better than going forward without any strategy or plan.

Good luck on the Sunday Storm's anniversary and ll the other events this weekend!

Last but not least, do what is best for you and makes you have fun. That's what makes you a winner.

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