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When it comes to poker, it's been another quiet month. School is still in session and I've had to spend a lot of time studying and working on a few group projects for class. I did manage to get away and play one live event, though: the PokerStars Hold'em Challenge at the Casino de Namur. The Main Event had a €1,500 buy-in and drew more than five hundred players. It ended up being one of the largest tournaments ever held in Belgium. I was very happy to make the money and finished in 52nd place.

Although poker has taken somewhat of a back seat to my studies over the last few months, I still play online most Sundays. I'm in the Women's Sunday almost every week, albeit with a bounty on my head! I'm also preparing to play a week's worth of tournaments at the PCA in January. Unfortunately, I have exams as soon as I get home, so I'll have no choice but to bring my books to the beach. I plan on being in the Bahamas from 8-15 January and will play the Ladies event and a few other no-limit holdem side events. Although I mapped out a schedule for myself, I have a feeling I'll try to play as many tournaments as possible. I know myself and I'm certain I won't want to study while I'm on Paradise Island! It's just too hard to resist while I'm there. I'll just do my best and try to go as deep as I can in every event I play.

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Once my exams finish up, I'll have a lot more time to relax and play online. Outside of poker and school, I still have a few gaming obligations on my plate. I still do a lot of interviews on Eurovision and various talk shows about my successes in the Counter-Strike world. I also still write a column for a gaming magazine.

I also have a boyfriend and spend a lot of time with him. My other favourite pastime is going shopping with my poker earnings. Lately, I've been obsessed with handbags. My favourite designer is Marc Jacobs and I recently rewarded myself with one of his creations.

For now, I'm looking forward to spending a mellow Christmas with my family. It will be a welcome break from hitting the books!

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Charlotte van Brabander
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